My Pregnancy Week 12

Pregnancy Week 12

This week, your baby is almost the size of a lime, weighs almost an ounce, and measures almost 2.5 inches!

His eyes are now positioned in the front of his face, and his ears are in position on the sides of his head. Most notably, reflexes have begun! Your little one’s mouth is making sucking movements, his eye muscles clench, his toes curl, fingers and hands open and close, and he may even begin to suck his thumb. Though he is still too little for you to feel, he can feel you. If you were to apply pressure to your abdomen, your baby would squirm in response!

Her brain has been developing rapidly too. Nerve cells are multiplying, and synapses, or the small junctions across which nerve impulses pass from one nerve cell to another, are forming at an impressive speed. A little lower, her intestines are developing and will soon be moving into her stomach cavity. It’s incredible to think how far she has come in just a few short months!

What do you think? My Pregnancy Week 12

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  1. Avatar of Jayme Jayme says:

    12 weeks today! Our first child! I’m hoping what they say about feeling better the second trimester is true!! Thankfully no morning sickness, but it has been a rough few months!

  2. Avatar of Chelsi Chelsi says:

    12 weeks 6 days! Both I and the father are wishing for a little girl! Hasn’t been easy so far. Nauseated a lot, sciatic nerve pains, cramps, and everything in-between. So many articles to read and many different opinions on everything, especially from co-workers. Have information pouring out my ears!

  3. Avatar of charity charity says:

    If your husband is a twin dose main that you will have twin?

  4. Avatar of amanda amanda says:

    Im so excited, its my firat baby today im 12 weeks and tomorow I get my first ultrasound! ♡♥♡♥♡

  5. Avatar of EbyMom EbyMom says:

    Am 12 wks today. Thank God for His mercies

  6. Avatar of Teresa Teresa says:

    12 weeks and 1 day….. im very excited for my 2nd child still dont know wat it is yet and my son is 5 and very very excited to be having a baby brother or sister i havent had too much morning sickness in this pregnancy but i know it was very bad in my first . cant wait to find out wat this baby is

  7. Avatar of Jessica Jessica says:

    12 weeks 2 days today… getting excited! Have a FTS on friday!!!

  8. Avatar of adela adela says:

    12wks 1day today and I’m very very happy. I had surgery (cervical cerclouge) last Friday and I’m hopeing and praying to God things go well. I was told I had a weak cervix after the loss of my second baby at 21wks . So I’m happy and scared at the same time

    • Avatar of charity charity says:

      I am so very sorry to hared that and it will be OK you and your baby will make it thought it believe me I have four kids and my second baby pass away and now I have one boy and two girls

  9. Avatar of NunuMAME NunuMAME says:

    My 12weeks mark today so exxited the twins made it threw the hard part thanking God feeling BLESSED

  10. Avatar of NewMommy23 NewMommy23 says:

    12 weeks tomorrow! Reading all this gives me some peace of mind. My first baby. I am hungry ALL the time, very frustrating. mild cramping here and there but I have been blessed with no morning sickness. Sometimes I get severe night sweats. I did not know that it was a pregnancy thing!!! I thought it was because of the meds. I was taking lol. Does that eventually go away or what?

  11. Avatar of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I’m pregnant with my 4th child and I’m SUPER excited. After having 3 girls I’m glad to report that we found out late yesterday that I’m having a BOY! Can’t wait to meet my little man :)

  12. Avatar of Misty Misty says:

    This is actually my fourth pregnancy . I have to admit my worse, I did not experience the nausea or anything with my other three on sleepy. But with this one I have felt it all fatigue constant bathroom trips nausea engergone and tender breast

  13. Avatar of Shawna Shawna says:

    I am on my third pregnancy which happens to be my worse im having trouble sleeping and always achy just dont know what to make of things this round…

  14. Avatar of Kristin Kristin says:

    Yes!! That’s very normal. Now that you are at 12 weeks, your hunger will subside

  15. Avatar of Whitney Whitney says:

    This is my first pregnancy and im hungry every two hours. If i dont eat I start to cramp then comes the nauseous feeling. This been going on for two months and im 12 weeks. I love that im having a little angel its just tiresome. For all mothers to be get rest. : )

    • Avatar of Squiggles Squiggles says:

      I was the same way. If I didn’t eat every couple hours I would feel sick. In the morning as soon as I woke up I had to drink a full glass of water and some crackers. Then within 30 minutes eat something more substantial like cereal or yogurt. Luckily that “morning” sickness feeling mostly went away by 16 weeks!

  16. Avatar of folahanmi folahanmi says:

    My first pregnancy .According to my perceived conception month am 12weeks n 2 days but should be going to the doctor to confirm soon. I feel nauseated sometimes n some days I feel like I can move a mountain. Feel so hungry sometimes n sometimes I need to see someone eat to feel like eating. Fun n crazy experience so far hang in there though. Hoping for twins.

  17. It really fun to see how the baby develops as the weeks progress! I love to find new tips, and to figure out the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy!!!

  18. Avatar of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I got my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and have to wait until 18 weeks to get my next. Only six more weeks!

  19. I have been taking ginger tablets and drinking cola syrup….that seems to help a bit. Cola syrup can be ordered at walmart. Basically tastes like flat coke but more concentrated.

  20. Avatar of Jami Jami says:

    Update on baby (pregnancy 13)… Dr says baby is doing fine but wants to see me again on the 26th

  21. Avatar of babymorris babymorris says:

    How dark is the line supposed to get a a boy? because the way my baby poses in ultrasounds its acting just like daddy

  22. Avatar of harry harry says:

    hey good luck and god bless for you and your baby on y’all appointment on Monday jami.

  23. Avatar of Jami Jami says:

    Very nervous with this pregnancy… Just making it to 12 weeks and go see the dr on Monday. Hoping everything is ok since it’s my 13th pregnancy with all miscarriages… Wish me luck.

    • Avatar of Lisa Lisa says:

      omg………all miscarriages. ?????? Well you’ve made it to 12 weeks so hopefully all goes well from here on out. I will say a little prayer for you! Faith, love & pixie dust all around! :)

  24. Avatar of babymorris babymorris says:

    Everytime I get to see my baby on the ultrasound screen he/she waves as if they know we’re peeking in on them…I’m so excited to meet my lil one

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