My Pregnancy Week 10

Pregnancy Week 10

Your baby continues to grow steadily, gaining around half-an-inch in the last week! Now, about the size of a prune, your baby has reached an important developmental milestone. Week 10 is the beginning of the fetal period, in which your baby’s organs rapidly mature.

This week, his kidneys, liver, heart, and intestines are forming tissue. Toenails and hair begin to grow and add detail to your baby’s body. Your baby’s limbs are now able to flex. His wrists can bend and his hands can meet over his heart. His legs may be long enough for his feet to meet in front of his body. He will even start swallowing and kicking this week, but don’t expect to feel anything yet, those movements are still too little.

Your baby is also less susceptible to certain birth defects and congenital malformations by the time she has reached the fetal period. It is important to remember, however, that certain toxins, such as second-hand smoke, are never good for your developing baby and should always be avoided!

Another fact: Her heart is beating approximately 160-170 beats per minute!

What do you think? My Pregnancy Week 10

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  1. Avatar of Debbie Debbie says:

    Any info on what to expect with twins and horrible morning sickness that never goes away.

  2. Avatar of dolly dolly says:

    10 weeks now nd I’ve never been this tired I can’t get evrything done and I’m having strange cravings

  3. Avatar of LaTasha LaTasha says:

    10 weeks today… And I have been vomitting and sick as a dog since week one!!

  4. Avatar of iesha iesha says:

    I am 10weeks and 6days pregnant with my first child i have morning sickness like crazy what should i do???

  5. Avatar of cassie cassie says:

    I need to vent a little. I was put on bedrest, knowing I dont have reliable family members or close friends that live in the same city as me, so I was already dreading the thought of having to be stuck in bed with two young kids at home already. Considering my husband is the type to follow doctors orders to the T, I figured it would be easy this weekend while he is home from work….WELL, I was accused of exaggerating doctors orders of bedrest and that it would be fine for me to get up and “fix breakfast” & that I’m “just being lazy!” WOW! That really hurt my feelings. I got on the defense and got mad but I felt like crying, even though I didnt. So, now I sit here in bed, looking out the window, watching him switch things on his cars, knowing the entire sink (both sides) is full of dirty dishes that can easily be rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher, as well as other chores that could be done. I mean, he did bring me and the kids tacos for breakfast before all this nonsense started, but still. Does Anybody really want to be stuck in bed for an entire week, when there are better things to do? So much for take it easy and keep the stress down. At least my kids are behaving :)

    • Avatar of cassie cassie says:

      Since this wont allow me to delete this post, I just wanted to clarify some things. One, I was emotional and found out he was only joking with me and had actually hand washed ALL the dishes Before he had gone to work on his cars, I just didnt know because I hadn’t gotten up. I feel horrible making him out to be a bad guy. He actaully has been very helpful and did I ever mention he kisses the kids and me Every morning before he goes to work? Yes, he is a good man. I’m just a hormonal mess lol

  6. I the most beutiful thin be pregnac

  7. Avatar of Amy Amy says:

    I am 10 weeks today with my third child. I have only gotten sick once my whole pregnancy. The only symptom I have is extreme tiredness. Can’t wait to find out what I am having I really hope its a girl I already have two boys.

  8. Avatar of kellie kellie says:

    I am 9 weeks and 6 days pregnant with my first child and I have been nauseated all throughout the day and night since week 3! I haven’t actually thrown up but so nauseous that it is very hard to eat or function! I have started using sea-bands accupressure bands . They are awesome for nausea and contain no medication!!! Although I have been kind of miserable, seeing my baby for the first time during my first US this past Tuesday has made it all worth it! The way I think about it the sicker I am the healthier my little peanut is!

    • Avatar of Kassi Kassi says:

      I found b-natals or preggie pops work great. They can be found at babies r us, and some Walgreens. Im facing the same issue, but those have worked wonders for me.

  9. Avatar of Christine Christine says:

    9 weeks 6 days. So sick. Vommiting all the time everything I eat comes right back up. Hopefully it goes away soon

  10. Avatar of treeann treeann says:

    Im 10 week’s and im still sick like every day:(

    • Avatar of Ana Ana says:

      Im 10 Weeks Also & I Eat Oranges A Lot And It Does Help With My Sickness A Bit, But Hey It Helps A Little Through Out A Whole Day Other Then Mornings. :)

  11. Avatar of Bethany Bethany says:

    I’m 10 weeks 3 days today. I have severe nausea and vomiting. It’s like having the stomach flu 24/7 for the last 5 weeks!! :P Yuck! Sometimes I literally feel like I’m going crazy! I’ve lost 3 pounds already. I’ve tried all the home remedies, including high doses of B6 (with Dr.’s approval) and prescription Zofran with no luck. :( This is my 3rd pregnancy and I was really sick like this with them as well, so I expected it, but it doesn’t make it any easier to go through! I didn’t feel better with the previous pregnancies till 15 or 16 weeks, which seems very far off still right now! :/ But I’m hanging in there as best I can! I know it will all be worth it in the end! ;)

    • Avatar of Bethany Bethany says:

      there wasn’t supposed to be a smile face before the “yuck” don’t know how that got in there. Makes it look like I’m happy about feeling sick or something. Lol!

  12. Avatar of Sim Sim says:

    I am sooooo jealous from all the mom’s who’ve been saying they haven’t been sick at all!! I am 10 weeks and 2 days and have been extremely sick and nauseated from past 4 weeks! I can’t hold a thing inside me! :(

  13. Avatar of Jessica Jessica says:

    I’m 10 weeks 2 days pregnant. Havnt been sick at all. Its been awesome! Been wicked hungry all the time!!! Totally going for a hot pocket and sweet pickles…lol

  14. Avatar of ashley ashley says:

    10 weeks and 5 days, with my first child i was soo sick my whole pregnancy, i had medication that worked amazing, and had an amazing fast and easy delivery! so it made up for being sick. this pregnancy Im having twins so double the baby double the sickness haha, but i have my meds again! so maybe ill have another amazing delivery again! wish me luck!

    • Avatar of CheyButter CheyButter says:

      What kind of meds did they give you to help with your morning sickness?? I’m sick all of the time..

      • Avatar of Amanda Amanda says:

        A lot of OBs will prescribe B6 tablets and sometimes Zofran. Also, just try snacking more often; like some crackers etc. Oh, and make sure you drink plenty of water. I always feel more nauseous if I’m not drinking enough water. Hope this helps!

  15. Avatar of Lacy Lacy says:

    10 weeks tomorrow and I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant if it wasn’t for my bloating. I haven’t experienced anything and can’t wait to feel my baby moving inside so it feels real.. 2 more weeks till I get another US :-) I feel terrible for all the moms who are experiencing morning sickness. Hang in there!

  16. 10 weeks and 3 days. I have been blessed with no morning sickness at all. This is my first pregnancy. I am sorry for all of you going through morning sickness, from what I keep hearing and reading it is no fun. Hang in there!

  17. Avatar of Laura Laura says:

    10 weeks and 4 days. I cant hold a thing down. I have been pregnant 3 times before this. And none of my other pregnancies were as rough as this one. I wish it was my due date already!

  18. Avatar of Lindsay Lindsay says:

    10 weeks, 3 days and feeling tired. I can’t seem to get enough sleep! When will the energy come back?

    • Avatar of April April says:

      I am so exhausted too and this is my third pregnancy. I am 10 weeks, 4 days and I have fibromyalgia. My doctor took away all my meds so I am in a lot of pain and I did get to see the baby at 9 weeks, 4 days. The little heart was just a beating like a butterfly but he didn’t let me hear the heart beat yet. I am due for another appt. April 7th so I hope to hear the baby then. TIREDDDDD…..but can’t sleep at night. Sorry, my thoughts are all over the place with this little one.

  19. Avatar of tierra tierra says:

    i am ten weeks and 1 day and i stay sick ughhhh

  20. Avatar of merissa merissa says:

    10 weeks 2 days no symptoms :)

  21. Avatar of Andrea Andrea says:

    This is my 5th – the tie-breaker!

  22. Avatar of Kayla says:

    i am 10 weeks and 4 days today :)

  23. Avatar of MarcelosWife MarcelosWife says:

    10 weeks yesturday and so excited even though this is my fourth child! It never gets old and each pregnancy is exciting and new! Happy Thanksgiving! <,( •)

  24. Avatar of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    Im one day behind you Stacey!

  25. Avatar of Stacey Stacey says:

    I am 10 weeks 4 days today. I am so ready to be done with my first trimester!

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