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Twins & Multiples

Every pregnancy is unique, with its own surprises and joys. But certain circumstances can bring extra challenges and worries. Whether you are facing health complications for yourself or your little one, or carrying an extra baby (or two), we've got resources and information to help ease your concerns and allow you to plan for what is to come.

Vanishing Twin Phenomenon: What Is It?

  No, the baby that was originally seen on the ultrasound doesn’t just vanish. Unfortunately, what actually happens is a miscarriage ...
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Having Multiples? Five Ways to Save

Many of us have seen the TV ad by now: the husband comes home from work, and his eyes pop when he finds three new baby carriages waiting. It’s ...
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Eating Well When You’re Carrying Multiples

Being pregnant with multiples is a marvelous miracle. When pregnant with twins, triplets, or more, getting the proper nutrition does not have to ...
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Twin Pregnancy & Bed Rest

Those are two words that often go together! From a personal standpoint, I know this because I was put on bed rest at 28 weeks when I began ...
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Oh Baby, Baby – Boy and a Girl? Maybe!

As soon as you dare to spread the news that you are pregnant with twins, you will begin to hear the social ignorance of everyone, from the check ...
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Does a Multiple Pregnancy Have to Mean Multiple Mayhem?

There is no telling how you found out you were having twins, but once you did, there is a good chance that your prenatal care took a dive to the ...
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I was almost 6 months pregnant when I found out I was pregnant with my son.Then I had to wait another month before I could see my doctor to confirm the test I took at home was positive.By then I was ...
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