Sex & Relationships

Do you have questions about the safety of sex during pregnancy? Are your mood swings putting stress on your partnership and relationship satisfaction? Do you want to have sex all the time (or never)? Below, you will find numerous articles from doctors, relationship experts, and other mothers, to help ease your mind and answer some of those questions you might have on sex and relationships.

Sex & Relationships - Pregnancy
25 (Mostly) Free Ways to Date Your Spouse *without even leaving the house!

For new parents, it’s often hard to find time for romance and your relationship. Life is busy, and the lack of sleep (and often money!) ...
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7 Relationships that Will Change Once You’re Pregnant

You're pregnant! Congratulations! You're thrilled, and you can't wait to share your awesome news with everyone! But, just as your body, ...
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We Got Pregnant! Should We Get Married?

So much has changed in the past decade or so regarding marriage and childbirth. In years past, it was frowned upon to have a baby out of ...
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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: How to Feel Intimate with Your Growing Belly

Sex – it’s what created your oversized stomach and those painful, middle-of-the-night, charley horse cramps. If you spent a few months or ...
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What to Do When You’re Single and Pregnant

Expecting a baby is, usually, a very exciting time for a family; but, if you’re single and pregnant, it can be the polar opposite of exciting ...
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Mood Swings & Relationship Swings During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women have some experience with mood swings, which are usually most intense in the first and third trimesters. Whatever their ...
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