Pregnancy Fitness & Exercise

Pregnancy Fitness

Exercising throughout your pregnancy can help your body handle the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth, controlling your weight gain, and lowering your chances of having a difficult pregnancy and delivery. However, there are limitation and precautions to be aware of when exercising during pregnancy. Read the articles below, and learn more about the benefits of prenatal fitness, as well as the precautions and risks that go along with a growing belly.
A pregnant woman doing cardiovascular exercise on a crosstrainer in a gym

Pregnancy and Exercise: Can You Continue?

Learning what types and levels of exercise are still appropriate during pregnancy can be a stressful experience. Some women become overwhelmed ...
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How Much Pregnancy Weight Should You Gain?

By Julianne Deveraux forBaby + You While gaining some extra pregnancy weight is essential to your pregnancy wellness and your unborn baby’s ...
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pregnant mom running

Running While Pregnant: Momma Needs a New Pair of Running Shoes

You’ve been pounding the pavement, logging mile after mile on your Sauconys, while sweating out toxins and clearing your mind. You love the ...
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Monitoring Weight Gain During Pregnancy

You’ve heard the jokes about pregnant women “eating for two,” and now that you’re the one who’s pregnant, you may be wondering just ...
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Safe Exercise for Each Trimester

Exercise is a safe and important activity for expectant mothers. It can help relieve low back pain, decrease your fatigue, shorten your labor, ...
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pregnant fitness

Exercise During Pregnancy

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are numerous! Not only will it help you maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy, but it will ...
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