Emotional Health

From tears and worries, to excitement and anticipation, you might find that pregnancy has you on an emotional ride. Find numerous ways to deal with the emotional ups and downs due to pregnancy, below!

Emotional Health - Pregnancy
5 Conversations To Have With Your Partner Before You Have Your Baby

Communication is key to any relationship, and if you are anything like me, all your ...
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She Thought She Had Prepared for Everything, But You Can’t Prepare for This: Oliver’s Story

We beat around the bush for a while, neither one of us bringing up the very topic we were ...
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Waterworks Warning! 10 Things That Can Make an Expectant or New Mom Cry

This is meant as a public service announcement of sorts, to help you avoid sending ...
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5 Reasons It Rocks To Be Pregnant In The Fall

I endured the first trimester of my pregnancy in the summer. Aside from the heat ...
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Yes, I Was Disappointed When I Found Out the Gender

At 18-weeks pregnant, I went with my husband to one of those 3D ultrasound clinics ...
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6 Reasons Your Second Pregnancy Isn’t As Much Fun

When you think about it, pregnancy is kind of amazing. Our bodies grow and change in ...
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