Emotional Health

From tears and worries, to excitement and anticipation, you might find that pregnancy has you on an emotional ride. Find numerous ways to deal with the emotional ups and downs due to pregnancy, below!

Emotional Health - Pregnancy
What I’m Loving Right Now: Pregnancy Edition

As I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I thought it would be fun to look back on ...
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Teen Moms Shouldn’t Be Ashamed

When one of my family friends announced her teen daughter’s pregnancy this spring, ...
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Pregnancy Is The Only Time I’ve Felt Comfortable in My Body

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the latest celebrity to talk about how great she feels being ...
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The Reality of Miscarriage: Pain and Healing

It’s been two months since my husband and I had our dreams shattered when we found ...
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5 Best Things about Summer-Born Babies

When I was trying to conceive my fourth child, my husband and I planned on having a baby ...
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6 Ways to Feel Sexy While Pregnant

I feel most beautiful when I am pregnant. Weird, right? I love the new curves, the weekly ...
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