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The added expenses that come with a child don't wait until they are actually born. There are additional expenses that are difficult, if not impossible, for you to avoid during pregnancy. If you are looking to save money wherever you can, you can find tips and suggestions for reducing these extra maternity costs, below.

Do You Want a Financially Happy Marriage?

According to the National Marriage Project, marriages are more likely to experience troubled waters during a time of financial unease. This is ...
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7 Ways to Reduce Expenses

Let’s face it. Most of us could afford to cut back on our expenses. Whether you’re trying to get out of debt or just trying to save some ...
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10 Warning Signs of Financial Crisis

Most personal financial crises take years to overcome. Watch out for these warning signs to stop your financial problems from becoming too ...
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Why Every Parent Needs a Will

Amidst the joy of celebrating new life, your own mortality is the last thing you want to think about. Although it is incredibly uncomfortable ...
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How to Use: Coupons and Free Stuff

It’s no secret that having a family can be expensive. We haven’t found a secret stash of money anywhere (we’re still looking!), but we ...
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Having Multiples? Five Ways to Save

Many of us have seen the TV ad by now: the husband comes home from work, and his eyes pop when he finds three new baby carriages waiting. It’s ...
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i had to get a RHOgam shot because my blood type is negative and it could have harmful affects on my pregnancy and baby. has anyone had an bad effects of your blood ...
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