Baby Shower

Whether you are planning a shower for another expectant friend or helping with suggestions for your own celebration, we've got you covered. From games and party favors, to themes and etiquette, you will find inspiration to help you prepare and pull off the perfect baby shower, below.

Baby Shower - Pregnancy
5 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Baby Shower

1 of 6Next An EverydayFamily member recently turned to our community in search of inspiration for hosting a baby shower. She wrote, I’m ...
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5 Unique Themes Perfect for Your Spring Baby Shower

Spring is one of my favorite seasons for a few reasons. I love that it’s the “goodbye” to winter and we get more favorable ...
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6 Ways to Use Confetti Push Pops For Your Gender Reveal Party

It seems like gender reveal parties are a relatively new fad, and when I was planning a gender reveal party for our fourth baby, I got mixed ...
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5 Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

I have never really been someone who loves games at parties–it’s a feat to get me to go to a party, so the idea of engaging with ...
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32 Spectacular Baby Shower Games

Selecting which perfect games to play at a baby shower can feel intimidating! But the fun and excitement that everyone will experience, due to ...
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Co-ed Baby Showers for the Mom- and Dad-to-Be

Baby showers are a fun time to celebrate the pending arrival of your bundle of joy. While traditional baby showers are typically only for the ...
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