Trouble Getting Pregnant - Preconception

Suspecting a Problem

Movies and television often make getting pregnant seem like the simplest thing in the world, but that isn't always the case. Are you having a more difficult time conceiving than you had originally anticipated? Use the articles below to help you decide when it is appropriate to schedule a visit with your doctor.

How Do You Tell Your Partner He/She is the Infertile One?

For those with fertility issues, trying to conceive can feel overwhelming. The pressure to "produce" eventually takes the fun out of the ...
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Infertility: Taking the First Steps

One of the most unexpected, and increasing, problems many couples are facing today is infertility. According to the Mayo Clinic, 10 to 15 ...
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Common Infertility Issues Explained

Did you know that one in five couples encounter fertility issues when they try to conceive? Don’t be scared by those numbers; just be aware. ...
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Treatment of Infertility: General

Treatment of infertility can range from very simple suggestions to medications, surgeries, and procedures like in vitro fertilization, or IVF. ...
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Evaluation of Female Infertility

An infertility evaluation can be started by whichever doctor you see for pap smears and other female issues. Ultimately, you will probably need ...
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Evaluation of Male Infertility

When couples are evaluated for infertility, the cause is considered to be a “male factor” in about a quarter of the cases. Men need to be ...
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I’ve been trying to get pregnant but my husband has a very low sperm count is there any way he can raise them up we have been trying for 3 months and no luck any ideas would be ...
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