Preconception Checkup

Maximize your chance of a healthy start for your pregnancy by getting advice from your doctor! A preconception checkup can answer your questions and provide important information to help you prepare yourself, body and mind, for pregnancy. Below you will find information on what to expect, questions to ask, and medical problems you should bring up at this visit.

Preconception Checkup & Preparing for Pregnancy
Is a Preconception Checkup Really Necessary?

By Michele Meyer for Baby + You Is it really important to schedule a preconception checkup as soon as you’re thinking about getting pregnant? ...
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Knowing Your Family History

Are you trying to get pregnant, or thinking about planning for a new addition to your family in the not-so-distant future? Aside from ...
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Pre-Pregnancy Vaccinations

So, you thought you were done with all those needles and shots when you left grade school. Now, you find yourself pregnant, and all of the ...
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The Preconception Checkup

Many women wanting to get pregnant start by seeing if nature will take its course. Others, however, chose to maximize their chances of a healthy ...
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