Planning Birth

Are you dreaming of an unmedicated home birth, or have you already spoken to your medical provider about an epidural? Every mother-to-be has hopes and fears about the birthing process. Creating a plan can help to express those hopes and ease those fears. Here, you will find articles and information to prepare and to help you create your own, personal birth plan.

Planning Childbirth
Should You Try a Walking Epidural?

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I chose a nurse-midwife for my healthcare ...
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When Are The Most Babies Born?

When I was a labor and delivery nurse, there were two times of the day that I swear the ...
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Should You Delay Clamping Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord?

When I had my kids, I admit that I never even gave a second thought to my baby’s ...
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C-Section Secrets: 5 Things No One Tells You About Cesarean Sections

I have three sons, two of which were born via planned cesarean section following the ...
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Oh No, I’ve Got to Go! A Guide to the Bathroom (and More) After Birth

At some point during pregnancy, it starts to really sink in that the baby will have to ...
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5 Surprising Benefits of Laughing Gas For Labor

When it comes to options for pain relief during labor, women in the United States have ...
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