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Whether you are a brand new parent, a parent-to-be, or a parent of many, you will find loads of useful information in this section, just for you. Be sure to check out our Editor’s Picks every month for information on the latest hot topics, as well as great ideas for the current season or holiday. Check out the Recipes section for the perfect family meal, or have some fun by taking a few polls.

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Top 10 Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents

After many years of learning how to perfect this stay-at-home mom thing, I have decided that there are certain tips that must be followed in order to preserve your sanity and get y ... More

How Do I Keep My Child from Becoming Sexually Active?

As a mom, thinking about your teen being sexually active can be a very scary thing. While your teen probably thinks sex feels good, is fun, or that it may make someone love them, y ... More

Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

The term "separation anxiety" is commonly referred to when discussing toddlers and young children, but did you know adults can experience this stressful feeling, too? Adult Separat ... More

independence day food

Have a Fun 4th of July

Did the 4th of July sneak up on you like it did me? I don’t have time to head into town to go grocery shopping, so I scoured ...
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Trickle-Down Anxiety: How Your Worries Can Impact Your Child

Stress and anxiety can be contagious, and parents need to be aware of how they handle these big emotions in the face of children. Every family ...
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5 Tips to Deal with Separation from Your Child

Do you travel a lot for work? Are you in the military of facing possible deployment? Prolonged separation from your child is stressful and ...
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6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself When Caring for an Ill Child

“You’re only human, which means your body needs sufficient rest, good nutrition, hydration, and regular exercise. By making your own health ...
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One Practice that Can Change Everything

Many parents are surprised when I start out discussing something that seems very different from traditional discipline, but is one of the ...
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sleeping baby

3 Ways to Get 15 Extra Minutes of Sleep

It’s Saturday, and you have nowhere you need to be. Fifteen extra minutes of pillow time not only sounds great, it seems completely ...
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