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Whether you are a brand new parent, a parent-to-be, or a parent of many, you will find loads of useful information in this section, just for you. Be sure to check out our Editor’s Picks every month for information on the latest hot topics, as well as great ideas for the current season or holiday. Check out the Recipes section for the perfect family meal, or have some fun by taking a few polls.

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A Bank Account for Your Child

I confess that my young-self would rather have spent the money; knowing I could not run out and buy the latest Barbie doll was a disappointment. My older-self, however, remembers ... More

What to Include in Parenting Plans

With such high divorce and single parent rates, the term “parenting plan” is becoming commonplace. Technically a parenting plan is a document from a court that details legal an ... More

The Benefits of Being an Older (Over 40) Parent

Despite the stereotype that older parents (those who have their first child at age 40 or older) are frumpy sticks in the mud, many older parents are as active and involved as their ... More

10 Free Printables to Decorate Your Home for St Patrick's Day

10 Free Printables to Decorate Your Home for St. Patrick’s Day!

Making your home feel festive for the season or a specific holiday doesn’t have to involve a run out to the local party goods or craft ...
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10 DIY Cleaning Products You'll Love

10 DIY Cleaning Products You’ll Love!

Rather than spending tons of money at the store stocking up on ten different cleaning products for every area of your home, why not create your ...
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10 Great Things About Sharing a Room With My Brother

My two youngest Dudes share a room out of necessity. We have three bedrooms upstairs, and three kids, so we jam two of them in a room together, ...
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10 Ideas for Celebrating Chinese New Year with Your Family!

Three of our children were born in China, so celebrating Chinese New Year is something that we like to do as a family. But since it was not a ...
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valentine's day recipes

Valentine’s Day Treats You Can Eat

Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge deal in my neck of the woods. DudeDad has never been a fan, and The Dudes don’t enjoy pink or ...
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DIY Valentine's Gifts Collage

8 Cheap and Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Spouse and Kids!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. (Yikes!) Doesn’t it feel like we just came out of gift-gifting season — like ...
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