Separation & Divorce - Parents

Separation & Divorce

You may not be married anymore, but you remain joined as parents. How do you find the right balance for your children and yourself? Can you co-parent successfully? There are many ways to handle separation and divorce successfully. Find tips and advice from experts and those with experience below.
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How to Introduce Your Child to a New Special Someone

There is no magic formula for when to introduce your children to your new partner. Every situation is unique, and with its own set of ...
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The First Father's Day

Introducing Your Child to His or Her Birth Father

It isn’t too common for a child to meet her biological father later on in her life, but it does happen. While interviewing a group of parents ...
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What Happens When Mom and Dad Aren’t Married?

The overall structure of families is changing, and more and more children are living with unmarried, cohabitating parents. The affect of single ...
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Divorce with Kids: How to Co-Parent Effectively with an Ex

Whether your divorce was amicable or contentious, whether it was mutual or not, if you share kids with your ex, your marriage might be over; but ...
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Helping Your Young Child Adjust to Divorce

Divorce is difficult for children of all ages, but it can be especially confusing for very young children. Even infants can be significantly ...
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The Impact of Divorce on Young Children

Many adults assume that children, from birth to five years of age, aren’t really affected by divorce. Because they don’t understand it, then ...
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