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Parenting Styles

Just like there are different kinds of children, there are different kinds of parents. They can be strict, traditional, adventurous, natural, attached, democratic - the list goes on and on. Let us help you steer through the perplexity to find your own parenting style with the following articles, written by experts and mothers like you.

Agile Parenting: Let Your Kids Pick the Punishments!

Basically, the agile programming method works on the principle that if you give children more control, you’ll be more in control when it comes ...
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Current Parenting Trends

  TV Babysitting I think most parents will agree that the TV can be an enticing babysitter. With the channels dedicated to baby programs or ...
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Girls will be Girls

Your little girl … ever since she was two years old, she has had so much to say! She’s probably been following you around, chatting your ...
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How Does My Addiction Affect My Child?

If you give a man a hammer, some nails, and any other materials he needs to build a home, and instruct him how to do it, in time, he could ...
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The Middle Child Syndrome

hen planning your family, it is important to consider how the birth order will impact your children’s emotions and personality, as well as ...
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Sick Day TLC

By Dana Rousmaniere for Sniffle Solutions Feed a Cold Sick kids don’t always want to eat, but it’s important to make sure they get enough ...
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