Managing Time & Housework - Parents

Managing Time & Housework

There is a lot to do in one day, and it can be hard to manage your time with little ones running around the house! There are, however, certain essential things you can do to manage your home and life. Below, you will find articles to help you out.
How to Clean Out and Organize Your Junk Drawer

How to Clean Out and Organize Your Junk Drawer

Ah … the good ‘ole junk drawer. Admit it. You have at least one–we all do. But should we? A junk drawer by its very name ...
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organize grocery list

How to Organize Your Grocery Shopping {Plus a Free Printable Shopping List!}

Grocery shopping is a necessary chore that every family needs to do. But if you take the time to get yourself organized before you head out to ...
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Age-Appropriate Chores for Your Child

As moms, our time is precious. So allow me to let you in on a secret that has helped me gain a little more peace of mind, and some ...
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Don’t Call the Handy Man, Be the Handy (Wo)man!

I’m just going to throw it out there; slander me if you desire, but I feel that this is a pretty common sentiment. There is a stereotype that ...
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emergency preparation

Emergency Preparation: The Best Foods to Stockpile

Are you prepared for an emergency? As you prepare, these tips will help you build your stockpile. You never know what your family may ...
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pippy longstocking girl

5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During Summer Break

It’s finally here! The day we’ve all been waiting for: SUMMER VACATION! Now what, Mom? Now that the big kids are home all day, how do you ...
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