Children & Pets

Is your child afraid of pets, or allergic to them? How do you decide if your family is ready for a pet, and what kind of pet it should be? What do you tell your children when the family pet passes away? Looking for the best way to keep the people - and pets - in your house happy? The answers to these questions, and many more, are below!

Children & Pets - Parents
10 Tips for Introducing Your Dog to Your Baby

A crowded, co-slept slumber jolted to a halt as the whimpers of hunger suspended dreams of my fictitious bikini body sipping something ...
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Does Your Kid Like the Pet’s Food?

Most parents of toddlers know they get into anything and everything within their reach. Families with pets have likely experienced the ...
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5 Tips for Choosing a Family Pet

Infants and toddlers can't distinguish between animals and inanimate objects. They view animals as moving stuffed toys. They can't understand ...
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Toddlers and Pets

A pet can be a toddler’s best friend. Whether your pet was a member of the family before your child arrived, or maybe you are considering ...
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Preparing Your Dog for Your New Baby

Preparing your dog for baby’s arrival is a great way to make the transition smoother for everyone. Below are some simple guidelines to ...
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Preparing Your Cat for Your New Baby

It is important to prepare your cat for baby’s arrival in order to make the transition smoother for everyone. Below are some simple ...
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