Mood Swings & Relationship Swings During Pregnancy

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Most pregnant women have some experience with mood swings, which are usually most intense in the first and third trimesters. Whatever their cause (e.g., hormonal shifts), mood swings can stress your partnership and relationship satisfaction.

While mood swings are, by all means, a normal part of pregnancy, it’s sometimes wise to seek professional help.

If mood swings are extreme, last more than a couple of weeks without relief, and/or have a significant negative impact on your ability to function, or on your partnership, consider speaking with a counselor, or ask your doctor for a referral.

In most instances, however, you and your spouse can work together to limit the impact of mood swings on your partnership. What follows are some ways to do so; as with anything, one size does not fit all. If one of these approaches doesn’t work for you or your spouse, move on or devise strategies of your own:

Educate & Normalize: Together, confirm how normal mood swings are during pregnancy. If you’re not familiar with the physical changes that contribute to them, read up on the topic, and encourage your spouse to do the same. In other words, educate yourselves about pregnancy mood swings, so you can normalize their occurrence. Doing so doesn’t negate their impact, but encourages you to perceive them as regular parts of the pregnancy process, instead of unwelcome intruders.

Make a Patience Pact: Like other pregnancy symptoms, mood swings ebb and flow. Agree to be patient with this part of the process, while reminding yourselves, and each other, of the endgame: your new baby. Of course, your moods might sometimes preclude you, or your spouse, from being tolerant. The idea isn’t to always be patient, but to recognize that, just as this is a waiting game for your bundle of joy to arrive, so too must you wait for challenging symptoms, like mood swings, to subside.


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Mood Swings & Relationship Swings During Pregnancy

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  1. Profile photo of cassy cassy says:

    i get mean when im hungry… really mean

  2. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    i had no mood swings whatsoever in my pregnancy. I was alone most of my pregnancy, but luckily i had my family to support me and provide me with the help i needed. My mood swings mostly happened after pregnancy when i cried over everything

  3. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    Mine were not bad in the beginning either but then now since I am 20 weeks it has gotten worse I don’t know why I am very happy with my pregnancy but I don’t know sometimes it just comes and goes and I feel bad for my fiance cause he works hard and when he comes home I’m sure he does not want to hear it.

  4. Profile photo of megan megan says:

    Mine weren’t too bad in the beginning. I could usually shake them before they were bad. Now though, i have had some days where i’ve broken down crying over something small that i wouldn’t have thought twice about before i was pregnant.

  5. Profile photo of mommy;hearts mommy;hearts says:

    i was very moody when i wanted food

  6. Profile photo of mommy;hearts mommy;hearts says:

    really mine were really bad i was a B****!!!!!

  7. The patient pact sounds like such a great idea!!

  8. Profile photo of Sasoo Sasoo says:

    I haven’t had severe mood swings but I do find that if my husband sounds remotely like he’s whining, I have no patience to listen to the story. I’m carrying this extra weight but carrying so well I can’t always get a seat on the subway without pushing my belly out. What’s he complaining about??!! So I just nod and look at him and ask him to lmk when I should start crying for him and he laughs – every time.

  9. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    When your not in a swing talk to him about it. Let him know that they may get better and the could get worse you don’t know. Just ask him to be patient with you and be patient with yourself. One thing my husband started doing when he realized that I was in one of my moods sometimes he would say something silly to try and make me laugh or something really sweet and sometimes if I was crying he would just hold me and tell me how much he loved me. The mood swings in the beinning of my pregnancy almost destroyed my marriage(we didn’t know I was pregnant). If you or him get mad try and take a walk or take a break and get some quiet time. I used to go for a walk around the block or sit on the porch. You can also try a bath to try and relax until the mood passes. I’ve always went to my husband after one of the moods and apologized and thanked him for being patient with me and told him how much I love and appreciate him throughout this process and in general. I hope this helps and good luck 🙂

  10. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    In the beginning of my pregnancy my mood swings were so bad that it almost destroyed our relationship (granted we didn’t know at the time that I was pregnant). Now that I’m in my third trimester I’ve noticed that they have come back but not as severe. Thank goodness!! Now my husband talks me through them and just holds me. Seems to help 🙂

  11. Im in the beginning of my pregnancy and noticing some mood swings.. not very often though.

  12. Profile photo of Haltertop Haltertop says:

    I dont have "swings." It is all negative 🙁 I love the idea of naming how I feel though. I have a hard time opening up to my husband about how I am feeling. Maybe making light of it will help

  13. Profile photo of Mary Mullard Mary Mullard says:

    i was having mood swings but mostly in the begining

  14. Profile photo of dorisea dorisea says:

    i am more moody than ever

  15. Profile photo of Lacey Lacey says:

    I’m more moody when I need water

  16. I have really bad mood swing in my 3rd trimester..

  17. Profile photo of Debra Debra says:

    I felt so bad my 1st trimester, I was a moody mess. My man and my friends had to deal with me 1 having mood swings cuz I was prego plus I had to stop taking my anti-depressants because I was prego. I was a mess for over 4 months. I felt so bad for everyone around me.

  18. I can relate to some but I must say I didn’t have many mood swings

  19. Profile photo of Jenifer Jenifer says:

    i had a friend that basically scared me about mood swings so when i got pregnant i paid attention to mine alot and usually caught mine in mid swing and apologized to my husband… ho loved it that he didnt need to say anything to me

  20. Profile photo of FatzMommy FatzMommy says:

    he should understand that its something you cant control and just to brush it off…

  21. Profile photo of FatzMommy FatzMommy says:

    my mood swings were only bad when my baby daddy did sumthin stupid to make me mad lol

  22. Profile photo of shanita shanita says:

    im in my first trimester and get mood swings all the time. I hate it.

  23. Profile photo of brandy brandy says:

    i am in my second trimester and am just now getting the mood swings and its causing problems for my husband what can we do?