Learning to Love Your Pregnant Body

learning-to-love-your-pregnant-bodyYou have to face it. During the initial phases of pregnancy, when you feel little more than queasiness and excitement that mimics a kid on Christmas, it is easy to fall in love with your body. Even if you have never had that perfect relationship with your curves, suddenly pregnancy makes you acutely aware of exactly how wonderful your body is. Then, fast forward a few months and pregnancy can make you feel handicapped. Your toe nails need polished, certain areas of your body have not been shaved in far too long, and your favorite shoes likely don’t fit. Not to mention the fact that along with your hips spreading…your nose does as well.

Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on your body and your moods. And up until the point you feel the baby move inside you for the first time, you are probably in a state of glee. From that point on, things start to become cumbersome and difficult, to put it nicely. However, you should try to spend as much time dwelling on the amazing adventure you are on rather than the fact that you have no clothes that fit. You should also, for perhaps the first time in your female life, realize that there is much more to you than what you look like and what size jeans you wear. And to make you feel better, know that you aren’t the first woman to look at herself in the mirror around the 7-8 month mark and break into tears from seeing itchy stretch marks, a poked out belly button, and swollen arms, ankles, and cheeks. This doesn’t mean you are a bad mother, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are being selfish. The thing about pregnancy is that it happens so fast; it is hard to emotionally keep up with all the changes as they come.

This brings me to the next point. Pregnancy is fast. It doesn’t feel that way when you are in the middle of it and the third trimester seems to drag on for eons. But the end is near, and you will find that once you deliver there will be times when you will want to go back. Feeling your child move inside you, noticing their hiccups, hearing their heartbeat, and knowing that you are keeping a human life – your very own flesh and blood – healthy, safe, and warm is an amazing feat. Saved only for women, I might add!


You also should take good care of yourself while you are pregnant. Never under estimate the benefit of eating healthy foods that nourish your body. The premeditated assumption that you will be consuming gallons of ice cream, pickles, chips, and chocolate are not necessarily true. You might crave things like tomato sandwiches, tuna fish, and water. The better you care for your body while you are pregnant, the less ‘extra’ weight you will gain, and the better you will feel body, mind, and soul. Another thing is to ignore the scale. When the doctor weighs you, refuse to look. As long as they don’t see a problem with your weight and the baby is healthy, the number on the scale will do nothing but depress you. Throw all that thinking aside!

The easiest way to learn to love your pregnant body is to exercise. Rather than capitalize on taking it easy, enjoy walks and use the awesome power of your mind to imagine life with baby. Keep yourself moving, which is extremely healthy for a pregnant woman, helps to eliminate stress. This will make your delivery much easier as well, and you will find that staying active during pregnancy makes the post partum days better too.

Along with that, admire all the new curves. Your hands will naturally gravitate toward your stomach. Talk to your baby, and remember that you are already a mother. In these months you are establishing a relationship with your unborn child, and it is proven that a fetus can sense maternal stress. When it all becomes too much to handle and you think you cannot go one more day…know that you can and you will. That is what mothers do; they persevere and roll with the punches. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and staying in tuned with the fact that it is only temporary can help you learn to love all the stages and phases of your pregnancy.

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Learning to Love Your Pregnant Body

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  1. Profile photo of rukunitl rukunitl says:

    I am starting to embrace my pregnancy body, I think wen you wear lots of colors and have a proper manicure and pedicure it really helps the process move forward!

  2. Profile photo of verochka31 verochka31 says:

    i love being pregnant……………………………and i dont have to feel guilty or hate myself for gaining weight. i love to watch my belly grow.

  3. Profile photo of Janice Janice says:

    The pregnant me, Happy, Sad, excited, anxious, and for both relief and for the baby. I did not think about myself in the process, except that, I will be involved no matter what.

  4. Profile photo of thinkobu thinkobu says:

    Very inspiring, specially when all the world is so fussy with me gaining so much weight…

  5. Profile photo of Courtney Courtney says:

    I loved my body until I wasn’t only getting stretch marks on my boobs, but also my legs. Now I put lotion on constantly!!! And I can’t wait to be back into a size 2… Hopefully 🙂 lol my mom had six kids no stretch marks and she still fits into a size 2. I swear she is supermom.

  6. I hate being pregnant and being told I am huge. I just can’t wait until he is here and things can get into a new state of normal.

  7. Profile photo of maddy maddy says:

    I have had alot of problems with my pregnancy. I can’t wait for his beautiful face so I can just hold him and look in his eyes. I loved the bonding with his movements and me being able to know exactly when a big one was coming. I loved the bonding in his nursery, going in there everyday makes me so happy. I go in everyday and do sometimes the same thing over and over. Clean the same place, fold the clothes over and over, and make sure everything is ready for his arrival!

  8. The best thing I’ve experienced with my body in this pregnancy is the increase in breast size. Boyfriend loves them! Also my butt looks great.

  9. Profile photo of Mayra Mayra says:

    I personally don’t like it, however I’m trying my best to embrace the "extras"

  10. Profile photo of Valerie Valerie says:

    I think I look better pregnant! haha

  11. Profile photo of emi285 emi285 says:

    I love my pregnant body…it’s the only time I get to have boobs hahaha! But seriously, I have always loved being pregnant and how I look, it’s the after baby body I have issues with!

  12. Profile photo of sej518 sej518 says:

    I miss my body! I’ve only got a month left and I have to keep myself from looking at pictures from before I was pregnant because it just makes me depressed. I am sooo ready to be done and meet my baby and get back to being a singular person haha.

  13. Profile photo of ChrisS ChrisS says:

    I always love my body specially when I got pregnant. I was really skinny. All my clothes are xs and double "0". I was worried when I got pregnant that my baby won’t get any good nutrients. Throughout my pregnancy I gain a good weight, more than I expect. I was really happy. Then after my son was born, I got my body back. People where surprise that I was pregnant. So I’m happy in both ends.

  14. i dont think its that bad.. i mean i have lost weight being pregnant so i look better now then befor!!!!

  15. Profile photo of Anna Anna says:

    that’s what i keep saying to myself – it’s only temporary…

  16. Profile photo of Sarah Sarah says:

    Things have been pretty easy so far. Makes me a little nervous for the delivery….

  17. So far I haven’t had any major complications with my pregnancy. *fingers crossed* I love being pregnant!

  18. Profile photo of Victoria Victoria says:

    omg… your so funny but I totally feel you. lol

  19. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    I can’t see to shave any areas that I used to so I give it my best blind try and hope for the best. It’s also difficult to reach my legs now in month 8 so I am hoping my doctor will forgive me for looking like a gorilla when I go in.

  20. Profile photo of allie_cat allie_cat says:

    I love every moment that i am pregnant i wouldnt change it for the world.

  21. Profile photo of MommaCC25 MommaCC25 says:

    I am enjoying being pregnant i just keep thinking about holding my baby girl

  22. Profile photo of JPlumley26 JPlumley26 says:

    I love the idea, but both of my pregnancies have been incredibly difficult…

  23. Profile photo of MommaCC25 MommaCC25 says:

    I am happy that i have been feeling great being pregnant. I love being pregnant

  24. Profile photo of marichinno marichinno says:

    I have always enjoyed being pregnant cause I knew I was creating a lil miracle.