Home Daycare Costs

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    Spend as much on childcare as you can afford. After all, you are paying someone to protected, feed, educate, entertain, and socialize your child. It is well worth the investment.

    Today, childcare is a major household expense. It is also an important investment worthy of careful consideration. As you are considering childcare options, you will need to consider the costs as well as the environment you would like your child to be in.

    Family daycare, or home daycare, is childcare provided by individual caregivers in their own homes. Usually taking in small groups of children, family daycare is licensed by local authorities. Family daycare providers provide care for groups of 6 or 8 children in smaller home daycares and up to 14 children for larger home daycares.

    Family daycare is usually less expensive than daycare centers, preschools, and in-home childcare options like nannies and au pairs. Parents choosing to utilize family daycare can expect to pay on average $300 to $800 per month per child. However, these figures can be higher or lower depending on a combination of factors.

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    Continue reading to learn the factors that influence the price of family daycare.

    {Continued: Age and Number of Children Enrolled}


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Home Daycare Costs

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