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Are you wondering how tall your little one may grow up to be? Let our Height Predictor help you. By entering just a few variables below, you can find out your baby's predicted height using the Gray Method.

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  1. Avatar of Wendy Wendy says:

    Don’t forget the importance of diet and nutrition – those things affect height. Another thing to think about would be if your parents started smoking in their tweens and early teens – if they did, they would have been taller if they had never smoked!

  2. It says I’m supposed to be 5’8″ and my brother 6’2″. In reality, I’m 6’2″ and he’s 6’6″… was waaaayyy off in our cases. Lol. Still fun tho! :)

  3. Avatar of Erika Erika says:

    My mum is 4’10 and my real dad is 5’5 and it said I would be 4’10. I’m actually 5’1. My younger sisters (I’m the oldest) are taller than me. Well except for the second oldest oldest she’s 4’11 my other 2 sisters are 5’3 and 5’6. So this tool isn’t very accurate.

  4. Avatar of Eva20 Eva20 says:

    My mom is 5’6″ and my dad was 5″10 predicted me at 5’5″ im 5’8′ predicted my daughter to be 5’6″ im 5’8″ is 5’10″

  5. Avatar of tovahjs tovahjs says:

    This is not very accurate. My mom is 5’7″ and my bio dad is 5’9″ this predictor said I would be 5’5″, I am 5’8″. My baby brother whose father is 6’5″ is 6’8″ it said he would be only 6’3″. My son who is just fifteen is about 5’9″ his dad is 5’6″ and it claims he only has 1 inch to go. My other son, we will see about. My older daughter I know will be petite but I hope she will be taller than 5’4″. Not so she will make it taller than that though with all her food allergies. My newest daughter is only 15 wks today, she is the shortest of all 4 at this age but the chunkiest, so we will see how tall she turns out. :)

  6. Avatar of layla layla says:

    This is pretty accurate for me. My mom is 5’9, dad’s 6’7. Said I should be 5’11 and I am actually 5’11 and maybe a few extra cm. So my brother will be 6’5, he’s around 6 ft now as a freshman. Great calculator! Drs say he’ll be 6’7 so let’s see where he will be after this summer lol c’mon grow so you can be a even better hooper!Lol

  7. Avatar of Tristintran Tristintran says:

    Hopefully, my baby is taller than both of us.

  8. Avatar of Marina Marina says:

    I quess our son will be taller than both of us … interesting to see.

  9. Avatar of ashley ashley says:

    This is showing A Lot shorter than what the pediatrician told me for my daughters! It came out a lot shorter for myself as well! If both parents are five feet nine inches, why would the child end up five feet four inches? Most of the time, the child ends up somewhere inbetween the middle of both parents heights, so that’d be about five feet nine inches give or take an inch or two in my child’s case, probably not five inches! There is nobody that short in my family! LOL. I did it a number of times thinking I just messed up the numbers, but it kept saying the same results. I think it is just invalid.

  10. 5’3″ if a girl 5’9″ if a boy

  11. Avatar of ChelseaA1991 ChelseaA1991 says:

    I really hope my son is at least average height when he’s older. I am so short and his dad is a little above average. I just don’t want him to be made fun of and picked on like I was from kindergarten all the way through high school.

  12. Avatar of Christine Christine says:

    We shall see if this is correct. My first son is definitely looking like he maybe able to live up to the results.

  13. Avatar of Kathi Kathi says:

    Not 100% accurate. My oldest is 5’7″. Middle is 5’3″. Youngest is still growing. Said my girls would be 5’5″. I guess if you average, its correct.

  14. Avatar of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    hmm.. her dad said at least my height but predicted to be shorter… grow taller baby!

  15. Avatar of Edith Edith says:

    My mom at 4’9 and dad at 5’6 it said I’d be 4’10:) and males 5’4. We’re three girls three boys. 1st M 5’3 2nd F 5’3 3rd Female (me) 5’2 4th F 5’0 5th M 5’8 and finally the baby who is male 5’6 at 20

  16. Avatar of Luna Luna says:

    I don’t think this is very accurate. It saysy baby will be 5’2, when she is 90% taller than most babies her age. Also I did my hight with my parents info it said I should be 5’6 totally wrong I’m 5.

  17. Avatar of Melissa Melissa says:

    Our doctor says our son will actually be 4 inches taller than the estimated 6’2″ this says! Thats quite a difference.

  18. Avatar of Arlene Rolle Arlene Rolle says:

    Lol seems like she will be short just like me

  19. Avatar of Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I think it’s guessing a little tall. However, I will be more than happy to have my son out grow me.

  20. Avatar of Ashley Ashley says:

    The prediction may be on the short side, but he could take after his paternal grandfather and be very very tall! We will see!!!

  21. Avatar of Charavon Charavon says:

    She is going to be short like us. lol oh well.

  22. Avatar of Erica Erica says:

    if this is right i’ll be pretty content.

  23. Avatar of TROY TROY says:

    Can’t wait to see if this really works,……… only time will tell, lol.

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