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Are you wondering how tall your little one may grow up to be? Let our Height Predictor help you. By entering just a few variables below, you can find out your baby's predicted height using the Gray Method.

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  1. Profile photo of Jine Jine says:

    My only daughter is 11 years old and she is already at 5’3” tall. I’m not trying to say that the predictor is wrong. However, her growth is faster than the other kids. Also, there are tall people in my family. My great great grandpa was from the middle east and the other was from Indonesia.
    My father is short like his mother, so did my mother (deceased). My brothers are tall (ranges from 5’8” to 5’9”) with no milk or dairy products available in their diet. However, my daughter gets plenty of dairy products, meat, fish, and many other nutrients.

    So, I am definitely sure that our genetics play a big role in our height. I wish I was taller than 5’1” so I don’t have to use ladders to install my curtain, etc. lol.

  2. Profile photo of Teressa Teressa says:

    Very close it guessed 64 inches and I am 63 inches hmmmm

  3. Profile photo of Wendy Wendy says:

    my mom is 5 foot 8 and my dad is 5 foot 10. I am 5 foot 7 1/2 but I am only supposed to be 5’6 lol. Must be a grandparent thing. My grandpa is 6’3. I also have brown eyes whereas neither of my parents do but my grandma does. Genetics are bonkers.

    • Profile photo of Jine Jine says:

      You’re unlucky then. Lol. JK. You’re tall. :-) My biological mother and father were both short people (5’1” and 5’4”), but they managed to make two tall sons. They inherited me their shortness. Lol.

      I was made of short genes. Lol.

  4. Profile photo of Shalonda Shalonda says:

    Wrong my prediction was 5’7 lol I’m 5’5

  5. Profile photo of Jjsjs Jjsjs says:

    Inaccurate. It predicted that I would be 5’0 but I’m 5’4.5 as of right now…

  6. Profile photo of camara camara says:

    im 5’7 right now and mine predicted 5’6

  7. Profile photo of Victor Victor says:

    This was right on for me.

  8. Profile photo of Michael Michael says:

    This is very inaccurate. According to the height predictor, it says that I will be 5’8 as an adult. It was pretty accurate when it guessed my 20 year old sister’s height at 5’2. My parents are 5’10 and 5 feet and I’m actually 5’11 at 16 years old.

  9. Profile photo of Andrew Andrew says:

    I’m 14, and 5’7″, and it says i’ll be about 5’10”. I find that unlikely because for the CDC charts, and other (from feedback) more accurate calculators is says I should be about 6’0″.

  10. Profile photo of sara sara says:

    I don’t think this is accurate at all it says my son will be 6’1″ but honestly I think he’s going to be way taller he’s already almost 2 1/2 feet tall and he’s only 4 months old his dad is 6’8″ but I’m 5’4″ honestly I think he might be a little taller then what his dad is

  11. Profile photo of April Isaacs April Isaacs says:

    Fun tool, but not very accurate….
    I put in my parents’ height and it says I should be 5’7….I’m 5’11. I think, for it to be more accurate, it should have your grandparents’ info as well.
    I put in mine and my husband’s info, and it says our daughter will be 5’6. I doubt this is true. I’m 5’11, and he’s 6’1…we both have very tall on both sides of our families. Our little one has been wearing 12 mo clothes since she was 6 months old, she’s been off of the charts for height since her 2 week appt. I think she’ll be the 6’2 that I always wanted to be. :)

  12. Profile photo of Meredith Meredith says:

    My oldest two daughters have the same two parents. One daughter is 5’6″ and the other is 6′!! Same gender, same parents, same upbringing, same overall health, vastly different heights. Obviously these tools are just for fun and can’t really tell you anything trustworthy. Doubling their heights at 18 months proved to be far more accurate in my case.

  13. Profile photo of Tatum Tatum says:

    I put in my parents info. It was right for my height!

  14. Profile photo of Shayna Shayna says:

    Right in some cases but wrong on mine. My dad is 6’3 and my mom is 5’7. It says i should be around 5’8. Well im first born and only 5’3, my sister is 7 years younger than me and is 5’6. I am the shortest in both sides of my family. Why am iso didifferent?!? Oh its also ironic that my husband is the tallest in his family at 6’0. So no clue on how tall our daughter will be… she is 5 months old and can barely squeeze into 1yr old shoes. So she might be tall like dad with big feet cause dad wears a 13.

  15. Profile photo of Karen Karen says:

    Just out of curiosity I entered my parents info, it came up with 5’5″, my sister is 5’6″, like mom and I’m 5’8″.

  16. Profile photo of Karen Karen says:

    My 14 month old is wearing 18 mos, he’s almost 2.5’tall already, his predicted height is 5’10” but I won’t be surprised if he grows taller.

  17. Profile photo of Karen Karen says:

    My 15 year old is 5’10”, I won’t be surprised if they both grow past 6′. My dad was the short one @ 5’11″so even though hubby is only 5’6″ & I’m 5’8″ I expect our sons to take after our relatives who are all tall.

  18. Profile photo of Whitney Whitney says:

    Way off. My son is already over 2 feet tall at 11 months old and they are predicting him to be 6’1″ to 6’4″ even though his daddy is only 5’5″. I am 5’9″ and all of the men in my family are over 6’0″. My husband’s relatives range from extremely short 4’8″ to very tall 6’5″! This predicted my son to be 5’10”. My son wears 18 months bottoms for the length right now. He is taller than my twin sister’s 3 year old son.

    • Profile photo of Kerrilee Kerrilee says:

      Notice this is just to predict your childs height, its not set in stone or anything. Its for fun. Everyones child grows at different rates, so there is no telling how tall your child is really going to be until they reach that point. Just FYI.

  19. Profile photo of Reg Reg says:

    I put in my parents heights (mom is 6’1″ and dad is 6’4″) and it was surprisingly accurate. I have a sister three inches shorter than I am (5’10”), this method guessed the height of my parents theoretical daughter to be 5’11”, or one inch taller than my sister and two inches shorter than me.

  20. Profile photo of Cassandra Cassandra says:

    I put my parents’ height in the chart to see if it would guess my height…it was way off…my mother is 5’6″ and my father is 5’8″…the generator guess my height to be 5’4″ and I am actually 5’9″. Can’t wait to see what my child will be like. Her daddy is 6’3″…the generator said she would be 5’9″.

  21. Profile photo of nancy nancy says:

    Ok, now I did my daughter prediction…I am 5’7 & my husband was 6″2…predicted 5’7 for my daughter. She turned out to be 5’8…Pretty close! I agree with another reviewer…” not real accurate but fun to do ” :) Thanks :)

  22. Profile photo of nancy nancy says:

    Height predictor not true….my mother was 5’4 & my father was 5’8….the prediction was 5’5″” for me….I turned out to be 5’7″

  23. Profile photo of octoberday octoberday says:

    welp!- my shorty self will have DD and DS looking down on me! hehe

  24. Profile photo of freda freda says:

    What’s the average height for a baby at four months? My son is already 26 inches is that considered short or tall for his age?

  25. Profile photo of Marie Marie says:

    My mom was 4’11” and my dad was 6’1″ im 5’9″ but my sister is only 4’9″. No dwarfism, just small people. She and I look exactly alike despite a 17 year age difference all the way down to the direction the curls in our hair grow. There’s no predicting height. Some people are going to have the grass tickling their butts when they run like my sister and im destine to smack my head on chandeliers.