Once you know that you're pregnant (congratulations!) the next question it seems everyone wants the answer to is simple: Is it a boy or a girl?

Baby Gender


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Baby Gender

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Once upon a time you had to wait until delivery day to find out the answer. And while technological advances have allowed planners everywhere a chance to decorate the nursery and shop the stores before the arrival of that sweet baby boy or precious girl, it can still feel like a long wait to learn more about that little one growing inside. While you wait, why not try our Gender Predictor Tool and Gender Predictor Quiz? When the big day finally does come, let us know if it was right for you!


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  1. Profile photo of Wheng Wheng says:

    My duedate is feb.24 bday is Jan.24 a boy o a girl ty for answer

  2. Profile photo of KinkyKurlyJo KinkyKurlyJo says:

    Predicted that I would be having a boy and I am having a boy. Yay

  3. Profile photo of Hazrina Hazrina says: DOB is 6 Jan 1982. I had 3 boys. I would like to have a baby girl. I am not sure when should I try to conceive 1 girl.

  4. Profile photo of Leighanne Leighanne says:

    Im not far along enough for those yests. 🙁

  5. Profile photo of Zuha Zuha says:

    my due date is 15th March … my Date of birth is January 6 1980 .. please tell me having baby boy or girl

  6. Profile photo of Nieka Nieka says:

    I have two boys so I hope it’s a girl (fingers crossed)

  7. Profile photo of Jaskirat Jaskirat says:

    Hi I want to have a baby boy as i already have one girl. My LMP was 7 August 2016 and my DOB is 20/08/1986 my husband DOB is 03/02/1985. Can you suggest me good time to conceive baby boy . Thanks

  8. Profile photo of Sunmi Sunmi says:

    Can the Chinese gender chart work in Africa Nigeria precisely

  9. Profile photo of Conya Conya says:

    I am 43, not 45….so I do not understand why it did not work for me. It says only works for women up to 45. I will be 44 when the baby is born….There is a flaw in the math for the birthdate of the mother.

  10. Profile photo of Jaskirat Jaskirat says:

    Hi I wants to conceive a boy this time can you plz help me to tell which months are best time for having a boy? My LMP was 6/6/2016 and my DOB is 20/08/1986 and my husbands DOB is 3/2/1985. Thanks

  11. Profile photo of Nidhy Nidhy says:

    Hi My Due date is 23-Sep-2016 and my date of birth is 16-Nov-1982. Please predict my baby’s gender

  12. Profile photo of Nidhy Nidhy says:

    Hi My due date is September 23rd and my date of birth is 16-Nov-1982. pls tell me the gender of my baby.

  13. Profile photo of Mira Mira says:

    Hi, willing and interested to take the quiz but the thing is, I’m expecting twins (unidentical). Please help with more information.

  14. Profile photo of Zuha Zuha says:

    I want a baby boy.. plz help

  15. Profile photo of Safia Safia says:

    the Gender predictor quiz says its a girl and the predictor tool says its a boy dont know
    which one could be right

  16. Profile photo of Sandhu Sandhu says:

    My dob is Dec 5th 1986 and my lmp is 20th 2016 .I have two baby girls now I want a baby boy.please reply when can I conceive with a baby boy. please reply soon sir.

  17. Profile photo of pabitra pabitra says:

    hello sir ,My date of birth is March12,1982 and is already blessed by a daughter 5 years back and in this 2016 we are planning for a boy ,we appreciate your valuable suggestion ? .Looking for your immediate response.

  18. Profile photo of Jazz says:

    Hi my DOB is 20/08/1986 and my husband’s DOB is 03/02/1985. My LMP was 30/12/2015. I already have a daughter and I want to conceive a baby boy by the end of this year. Can u please advise me best months to conceive a baby boy this year. Thanks

  19. Profile photo of Gargee Gargee says:

    My BOD is 30/5/1993. I have a daughter n I want to conceive baby boy this year. Please Suggest me which month is good to conceive baby boy. I’m waiting for your reply. Please help me!

  20. Profile photo of nisha nisha says:

    how to contact Paramjit sir ? any idea

  21. Profile photo of Dips Dips says:

    Hi Paramjit…hope you are well.
    Can you please tell me the best month to conceive a baby boy this year.
    My DOB is 30/03/78 and my
    LMP was 09/01/16
    I already have 2 daughters as I have discussed with you previously and desperatley want to have a son this time. It will be my last chance as I have been told that I can only have one more C-Section as I cannot deliver naturally.
    Just for the others on this page Paramjit has predicted correct for other members of my family and I hope she can do this for me too!

  22. Profile photo of Bna Bna says:

    Hi my LMP was December 29, 2015. My DOB is June 1, 1980. I have one daughter. Pls suggest me which months are good to conceive baby boy in 2016.

  23. Profile photo of noorain noorain says:

    whn n which month to conceive