Once you know that you're pregnant (congratulations!) the next question it seems everyone wants the answer to is simple: Is it a boy or a girl?

Baby Gender


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Baby Gender

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Once upon a time you had to wait until delivery day to find out the answer. And while technological advances have allowed planners everywhere a chance to decorate the nursery and shop the stores before the arrival of that sweet baby boy or precious girl, it can still feel like a long wait to learn more about that little one growing inside. While you wait, why not try our Gender Predictor Tool and Gender Predictor Quiz? When the big day finally does come, let us know if it was right for you!


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  1. Profile photo of yomairy yomairy says:

    i predicted that i would have another girl and she is on the way.

  2. I want it to be a suprise because I already have 4 girls

  3. Profile photo of SHINA KEEL SHINA KEEL says:


  4. Profile photo of mznita27 mznita27 says:

    I know Im having a girl N it said a boy

  5. Profile photo of tiffy tiffy says:

    i said i was having a boy but i got a girl lol

  6. Profile photo of kimberly kimberly says:

    All of the ones i have done so far are saying girl!!!!! I really hope so i have two boys but my stepmother says boys because of how i am carring and she is almost never wrong… I just want a healthy baby…

  7. it says im having a boy which is funny cuz my chines calender says im having a girl ………. booooooo i want a girl but i guess if its a healthy baby its all good

  8. well it says im having a boy and so do everybody else but i hope its not the case

  9. Profile photo of ravenmoon ravenmoon says:

    every time i ask this it says im having a girl! i hope so because in my generation we have 7 boys for grandchildren and i already have a son. i sure hope im having a girl. but i just want a healthy baby and will be blessed with whatever God intends me to have.

  10. Profile photo of Meganitox3 Meganitox3 says:

    I’ve felt like I’m having a girl since I found out, and according to this, I am. I guess we’ll see in a couple months. (;

  11. Profile photo of <3MyBoys<3 <3MyBoys<3 says:

    Well This Gender Predictor Was So Out of Left Field. Its Said I was Having a Girl. But Im Having a Boy.

  12. Profile photo of mama_#4 mama_#4 says:

    well i disagree with this tool i feel like its a boy i had one boy already and a girl this dont feel like that but who only God know right at this point it was fun to try it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. According to this, I am having a girl. For some reason I feel like I am having a girl. I’ve never been pregnant before, but something is just saying girl. I don’t care if I’m right or wrong, I just want a healthy baby <3

  14. Profile photo of paiges paiges says:

    said i was havn a girl. so most of everone elses is backwards then im going to have a boy! yea already have 3 girls and 1 one boy and he needs help!

  15. Mine wasn’t true…it says I’m having a boy and it’s definitely a girl! It’s fun to do though…

  16. Profile photo of AnnaRomero AnnaRomero says:

    mine wasn’t right either…said i was having a girl….im already 33 weeks and two ultrasound techs said 100% boy. lol
    fun though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    I know this is just for fun and not an actual predictor, but I’m curious as to how the site calculates these results. The predictor told me that I’d have a girl, and based on conception vs. ovulation timing I agree, even though it has nothing to do with my birth date, and we won’t find out for sure for a few months. Still a fun game!

  18. Profile photo of Loved Loved says:

    Soo not true I better have a girl….I already went shopping for her.

  19. this says im having a boy which im not im having a little girl

  20. Profile photo of DoughSicc DoughSicc says:

    This site says that im having a girl, but thats only because it dosn’t have the year i was bor which is 1995 nor the year my baby will be bor which is in 2013.. therefore this baby gender test is inccorect, but on the bump it asks the age ill be when i conceive and the year my baby is born and that one says that im having a boy, but even tho this one is incorrect due to the dates soo far it looks like im having a boy!! Yaay

  21. hi, i vote. he can good brother for her sister .

  22. hi, it was only a Predictor.

  23. Every time i do this it says im going to have a girl! and since im around 4 months and not even showing yet im tending to agree. At least i hope it’s right cause i want a little girl so bad. I Love the name we’ve chosen for her.. (Rayne Leigh) but the boys name is awesome too. (Rowan d’addario) Either way ill be happy.

  24. well it has told me both girl and boy… but I hope I have a boy I want one soooooo bad… I have my two little girls this momma is ready for a rough and tough little baby boy.

  25. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    Everyone who saw me pre-ultrasound said I was having a boy. This predictor said I was having a girl. The site was right!!