Growth & Development

The growth and change that you've become accustomed to with your child continue through the toddler years. Below, you will find information about your toddler’s physical, language, behavioral, social, and emotional development and milestones, as well as tips and suggestions for you to help your toddler along the way.

Milestones - Toddler
Why My Three-Year-Old Potty Trained Himself

My second son, Noah, has flaming red hair, a devious smile that will melt your heart, and ...
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5 Reasons You Need to Allow Your Children to Fail

Have you ever had to stand back, feeling completely helpless, while your child struggled ...
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4 Tips for Practicing Patience Through Tantrums

Every parent has a tipping point. It might be a certain time of day, like during that ...
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6 Household Chores Your Toddler Can Help With

When you think about the word ‘toddler’, it probably conjures up images of a ...
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Let’s Get Physical! Understanding Roughhousing

“Get me with that big pillow, Mommy!” Out of context, this frequent request ...
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When Your Little One Says “I Quit,” What Do You Do?

I once worked with a little boy who could talk himself out of almost anything. It ...
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