Conditions Affecting Pregnancy - Preconception

Conditions Affecting Pregnancy

There are many conditions that may affect your conception or pregnancy. If you want to learn more about these conditions, and any precautions to take to encourage a fast conception, as well as a happy and healthy pregnancy, check out the articles below. Want to see what others are saying about this topic? Check out our Conditions Affecting Pregnancy forum!


Pregnancy Complications When You’re Over 40

Many women are now waiting until their thirties and forties to get married or have children. Some decide to wait so that they can focus on their ...
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Are You Prepared For a Cord Prolapse?

When my OB told me that I had a pregnancy condition known as polyhydramnios, I really didn’t know what to think of it.  Sure, it means my ...
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The Role Irritable Bowel Syndrome Plays in Conception and Pregnancy

Bloated belly, painful gas, and either too many or too few trips to the bathroom – IBS; it’s not a subject most women want to sit around and ...
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Why Being Underweight Affects Conception

Weight in relation to fertility is a curious thing; too much or too little can contribute to fertility problems. Having a low Body Mass Index ...
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Why Being Overweight Affects Conception

Just like being underweight poses problems with fertility, being overweight has its fertility damaging affects too. The body stores sex hormones ...
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What Can Be Done to Prevent Infertility After Cancer Treatment?

Women can be diagnosed with cancer during their child-bearing years. It is estimated that about 8% of women with cancer are less than 40 years ...
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I’ve had a stuffy nose and constant headaches.. I’ve tried sleeping for hours under a hot blanket sweating it out, hot showers and hot drinks and taking some medications approved by my ...
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