Choosing Natural Childbirth

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Women choose natural childbirth for many reasons. Both the advantages and disadvantages of natural childbirth are outlined below to help you decide if natural childbirth is the best choice for you.


  • Natural childbirth techniques are not invasive and are un-medicated. There is little potential for harm or side effects.
  • Empowerment. Many women feel a strong sense of empowerment after giving birth naturally.
  • You are in control. There is no loss of sensation or alertness since you are un-medicated. You will be awake and alert, therefore you can move around during labor and select the position you would like to be in during delivery.
  • Partnership. It will build the bond between you and your partner as you work together to get through the pain.
  • Mobility. You will not be hooked up to a monitor or IV, which means you can get up and walk around, shower, and use the restroom.
  • Reduction in need for vacuum extraction or forceps delivery, bladder catherization, or use of Pitocin.
  • Relaxation techniques can be useful in other life events. Breathing, visualization, and self-hypnosis can be practiced and used again later, for example, in the early days of breast-feeding, coping with postpartum discomfort, or stress.



  • These techniques do not fully eliminate pain. If you do not deal well with pain, or if you have a complicated delivery, an epidural might be the answer for you.

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Remember, no matter what you decide, the best choice is the childbirth method both you and partner feel most comfortable with!



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Choosing Natural Childbirth

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  1. Profile photo of HorrorQueen HorrorQueen says:

    The plan is to go natural… Fingers crossed everything happens the way I want it to!

  2. Profile photo of Reva Reva says:

    I have done it 3 times about to be four all natural , one at home

  3. I dont think I could do it. Especially when you see moms change their mind at the last minute.

  4. I went all natural! And only pushed for 18 minutes. definitely one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced, but it was worth it to find out I had a baby boy!

  5. Yes agreee with MoMMyLuV, that is what I was thinking, I did have a natural childbirth (vagina) but I did use epidural….and I did fine, awesome I will say, I felt good after and I feel good today =)…

  6. Profile photo of MoMMyLuV MoMMyLuV says:

    Emily, You will still be going natural even if you do get something for pain. Why? Because that’s just natural everyones tolerance level for pain differs. As long as your baby is delivered vaginally, then guess what?, You delivered your baby the natural way.

  7. Profile photo of MoMMyLuV MoMMyLuV says:

    In all in fairness, The true meaning of Natural Birth means: To have your baby out of your vagina. Most Women think that getting an Epidural is not natural, when in fact getting an Epidural only means that You, as an individual, cannot deal with the pain, Therefore, in reality, making it very understandable, as well as, Natural. An un-natural birth to me, is when you start dealing with C-Sections, Pitocin, Forceps and what not. But to get something For Pain management is not and will not be considered un-natural Labor. That is in my Opinion, and I will forever stick with it.

  8. Profile photo of Yelena Yelena says:

    Sorry…..I am not that brave. This is my third pregnancy.

  9. Profile photo of Sasoo Sasoo says:

    I’ve witnessed my sisiter’s agony with over 18hrs of labor. Don’t beat yourself up if u can’t manage the pain and the possible vomiting and dizziness that may come with it. Just try and make an informed decision.

  10. Profile photo of mida mida says:

    I want to go natural, but I had a breach baby so I had to have sergury.

  11. Profile photo of Sharee Sharee says:

    Natural birth isn’t even that bad. Well depending on what you mean by natural. what i mean by natural is no epidoral. I had the little pain medicine that puts you to sleep up until the time to push. i pushed my baby 7lbs 8oz body right out. and barely felt it without epidoral. Prelabor is the worse part of the whole labor thing. Those contractions is no joke. Glad that medicine knock you out up into that time to push. thats going to be my method

  12. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    i just focused on breathing with my 1st two children, everything went so fast… i had to wait for the doctors both times and if i have to wait this, my 3rd time I’m going to be vivid…. every pregnancy is different, just like every delivery is different….

  13. Profile photo of Iva Iva says:

    i wanted to go natural as well but ended up in a c-section. It is always better to let your mind open. I was so scared that I have to go through c-section.. Hope you have a great experience with a natural birth. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

  14. Profile photo of Ashley Ashley says:

    It makes me alittle scared to go natural

  15. Profile photo of NikkiC12 NikkiC12 says:

    My Dr. said that 90 % of women end up getting an epidural and that there is nothing to be ashamed about. Would I rather have my sanity and try to enjoy the situation or be going crazy from pain? I know everyone says that the second the baby is born you forget the pain..but how much of what was going on do you remember when you were only focused on the pain before.

  16. Profile photo of Audrey Audrey says:

    This is my first pregnancy (I’m 22 weeks!) and I am just starting to get really nervous and excited, too, about delivery. Any second time moms who have done natural birth(s) wanna give some tips for staying relaxed and calm through labor?

  17. Profile photo of lynn lynn says:

    i like this article its very informative

  18. Profile photo of Sabrina Sabrina says:

    This is my first and I want to do it naturally. What I’ve read so far when narcotics are involved do not make me feel comfortable. I’m crossing my fingers.

  19. Profile photo of brandy brandy says:

    this is my second pregnancy i had an epidural with my son didnt really do anything im gona try to go natural this time and use the jacusi this go around

  20. Profile photo of xurai xurai says:

    its going natural all the way for me hopefully there will be no complications that will require a c-section

  21. Profile photo of NikkiC12 NikkiC12 says:

    Want to try going natural…we shall see…

  22. Profile photo of emily emily says:

    More power to every woman who can go natural!! I need to be completely drugged I do not deal well with physical pain 🙁

  23. Profile photo of cvalle81 cvalle81 says:

    natural all the way!! 🙂

  24. I think that I am going to try to go natural. I sure hope that I can handle it. Fingers crossed.

  25. Profile photo of dorisea dorisea says:

    I am having this baby natural just as I had my first born natural