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  1. Profile photo of taylor taylor says:

    I would suggest the epidural. the iv drugs may affect the baby whereas the epidural doesn’t. plus, think about the major pain meds in the iv. the epidural is a bit scary at first then when you can fall asleep, if you fall alseep, the fear goes away. It only affects your body below the needle. no head change or feelings of drunkeness. worked for me. was going to go all natural but wasn’t dialating, either epi or c-section. went for the epi and am glad i did so.

  2. Profile photo of Courtney Courtney says:

    I’m 35 weeks today and I have decided I don’t want the epidural…I’m planning on using iv pain meds but I would like to have some advice bout epidurals or iv pain meds…I have a pretty high tolerance for pain bc I have endometriosis and a history of kidney stones

  3. Profile photo of Wendy1981 Wendy1981 says:

    I didn’t get normal contractions so they ended up giving me pitocine, I sat in my room cross stiching a wall hanging, like nothing was happening.

  4. Profile photo of vicki vicki says:

    I had the epidural with my first two pregnancies so I was pretty laid back…I have a feeling this one is going to be much different as I am planning to go with no epidural, just meds due to my back problems.

  5. Profile photo of dmeb330 dmeb330 says:

    Most recent was under two hours start to finish. Twin boys the old fashion way, no meds at all. Barely made it to the hospital in time. I’d say intense but short.

  6. Profile photo of CookJay CookJay says:

    14 hrs of labor and pushed for 15 mins!!! laid back!

  7. Profile photo of Alicia Alicia says:

    I have not had my baby yet, I hope everything will go great!!

  8. 10 more week for me i can wait

  9. Profile photo of samyantis23 samyantis23 says:

    I was butt naked and ready to push by the time I had my son no stress just pain

  10. Profile photo of daniela22 daniela22 says:

    i havent had my baby yet 8 more weeks to go! i hope everything will be fine

  11. I am a new grandmother! She is only one week old! I have six other grandchildren!!!

  12. Profile photo of Nadia Nadia says:

    I went into labor naturally and was stressed out because of the painful contractions, but after they gave me the epidural I became very laid back lol

  13. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    I had to be induced with my son, I was pretty laid back, just a little impatient. Induction SUCKS. I hope I go into labor naturally with my daughter!!!

  14. I was laid back at the beginning with my 1st child and then after my c-setion I was stressed out and SO depressed because they wouldn’t let me see or hold my baby girl and starved her till 2 days after she was born for when she went to the NICU and really she had no business of being their…

    With my 2nd child I was stressed out and nervous because I knew what was to expect and of what happend the last time. I went to a better doctor and hospital this time around and it was wonderful! I didn’t really want to leave the hospital. Lol…

  15. Profile photo of twins twins says:

    i was more nervous bc they are my 1st babys and they were twin girls and i didnt know what to expect lol

  16. Profile photo of salsashark88 salsashark88 says:

    I was pretty laid back. But from what I’ve heard I had a very very easy labor.

  17. Profile photo of momtrix momtrix says:

    Fist one, epedural never kicked in intime, second one, smooth as butter, hoping for the same with number three

  18. Profile photo of kawaiibby kawaiibby says:

    amazingly it was laid back more than stressed out… but either or…It was an amazing life changing experience!

  19. i haven’t have my baby girl yet…. i hope everything goes well…

  20. Profile photo of karrahbear karrahbear says:

    Labor with my first was pretty laid back, I had an epidural and relaxed and tried to sleep while I waited to dilate enough to have her. Once I was to that point though, it took 3 hours of pushing before she was born! I hope this one goes smoother :)

  21. Profile photo of alleysjer alleysjer says:

    i wasnt planning on how i had my second. we found out that i had prancititios at 36 weeks and had to be indused, but then she decided to flip as i was pushing which sent me to an emergency c-section.

  22. Profile photo of Jarod Jarod says:

    I didnt go through labor mine was planned

  23. Profile photo of alisha alisha says:

    I was stressed out bc i ended up having my daughter in a different city at a hospital I wasnt sure of. I had all my records with me but I didnt know their procedures, who my doctor was gonna be anything. Nurses kept coming asking me questions even though I gave them my records that was worrying me then they kept telling me they had to call a doctor and she was on her way from another city 30 miles away. When she arrived the baby was crowning, i pushed 20 mins and she was here. Im so nervous for my second delivery in Dec. bc of the hecticness of the first.

  24. Profile photo of PurseMama PurseMama says:

    I was very laid back it only took 3 pushes and my son was here :)

  25. Profile photo of Lulu2028 Lulu2028 says:

    I was more stressed out with my second child because I knew what was coming. However once it started I was very laid back and just took it all in stride. I was lucky to only be at the hospital for 69 minutes before my first was born and 3 hours with my second.