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  1. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    I had to be induced with my son, I was pretty laid back, just a little impatient. Induction SUCKS. I hope I go into labor naturally with my daughter!!!

  2. I was laid back at the beginning with my 1st child and then after my c-setion I was stressed out and SO depressed because they wouldn’t let me see or hold my baby girl and starved her till 2 days after she was born for when she went to the NICU and really she had no business of being their…

    With my 2nd child I was stressed out and nervous because I knew what was to expect and of what happend the last time. I went to a better doctor and hospital this time around and it was wonderful! I didn’t really want to leave the hospital. Lol…

  3. Profile photo of twins twins says:

    i was more nervous bc they are my 1st babys and they were twin girls and i didnt know what to expect lol

  4. Profile photo of salsashark88 salsashark88 says:

    I was pretty laid back. But from what I’ve heard I had a very very easy labor.

  5. Profile photo of momtrix momtrix says:

    Fist one, epedural never kicked in intime, second one, smooth as butter, hoping for the same with number three

  6. Profile photo of kawaiibby kawaiibby says:

    amazingly it was laid back more than stressed out… but either or…It was an amazing life changing experience!

  7. i haven’t have my baby girl yet…. i hope everything goes well…

  8. Profile photo of karrahbear karrahbear says:

    Labor with my first was pretty laid back, I had an epidural and relaxed and tried to sleep while I waited to dilate enough to have her. Once I was to that point though, it took 3 hours of pushing before she was born! I hope this one goes smoother 🙂

  9. Profile photo of alleysjer alleysjer says:

    i wasnt planning on how i had my second. we found out that i had prancititios at 36 weeks and had to be indused, but then she decided to flip as i was pushing which sent me to an emergency c-section.

  10. Profile photo of Jarod Jarod says:

    I didnt go through labor mine was planned

  11. Profile photo of alisha alisha says:

    I was stressed out bc i ended up having my daughter in a different city at a hospital I wasnt sure of. I had all my records with me but I didnt know their procedures, who my doctor was gonna be anything. Nurses kept coming asking me questions even though I gave them my records that was worrying me then they kept telling me they had to call a doctor and she was on her way from another city 30 miles away. When she arrived the baby was crowning, i pushed 20 mins and she was here. Im so nervous for my second delivery in Dec. bc of the hecticness of the first.

  12. Profile photo of PurseMama PurseMama says:

    I was very laid back it only took 3 pushes and my son was here 🙂

  13. Profile photo of Lulu2028 Lulu2028 says:

    I was more stressed out with my second child because I knew what was coming. However once it started I was very laid back and just took it all in stride. I was lucky to only be at the hospital for 69 minutes before my first was born and 3 hours with my second.

  14. Profile photo of marlene marlene says:

    I’m still pregnant but i hope that my labor with my baby don’t be that painful or stressed.

  15. Profile photo of ketta ketta says:

    my labor with my first child was really painful, but with my son i was laid back

  16. Profile photo of sabrina sabrina says:

    my labor was fine not much pain or anything

  17. I was induced at 3cm and 80% effaced only took 4 hours and 6 pushes! No pain during and no soreness after.

  18. Profile photo of KysMommy KysMommy says:

    very nervous at first, then everything was great!

  19. Profile photo of Honeylove Honeylove says:

    Pain full but worth it!!!

  20. Profile photo of brycesma brycesma says:

    After 29 hours of labor I was STRESSED!! My fiance had a panic attack and spent hours in the ER lol

  21. Profile photo of Hipmom808 Hipmom808 says:

    I was super laid back! The nurses and doctors were a big part of that! =)

  22. Profile photo of Michelle Michelle says:

    I was very laid back…although the back labor pain made it very difficult to do anything but lay back…lol

  23. i didnt know i was in labor

  24. Profile photo of BrensMommy BrensMommy says:

    I am very laid back , I can be emotional but still very laid back .

  25. Profile photo of Deserae Deserae says:

    I was laid back, but very excited!!