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  1. Profile photo of Nicole Nicole says:

    Yes I have this is my third so i know what im going to do

  2. Profile photo of lhunter lhunter says:

    i got an epidural with my first pregnacy its good when ya have it in you but when giving birth is over the pain starts in your back and you start thinking it wasnt worth it. i’ve very bad back pais in the areas the needles were in from my epidural for 6 months and it sucked. with this pregnancy im going natural….

  3. Profile photo of lhunter lhunter says:

    no i havent and i am due in 5 weeks

  4. Profile photo of Mama Mama says:

    i have not written out my birth plan yet, knowing what i should do and should not will be the best way for me to wait to see the doctor again and discuss it.

  5. Profile photo of LilysMommy LilysMommy says:

    I haven’t gotten to writing my birth plan out yet. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it at my next doctor’s appointment. One thing that I’m unsure about is whether I wanna have an epidural or not. I’ve heard a few pros and cons but not much. Anyone know anything about it? I’d love to hear people’s opinions:)

  6. Yes. We have dicussed and written out our birth plan with our doula and midwife.

  7. Profile photo of tracy tracy says:

    Not yet, but I hope that it will be followed.

  8. Profile photo of melissa melissa says:

    i had my little boy in april with no birth plan everything moved along just fine and i didnt have to worry about getting let down if things had to change the nurse helped me threw how everything was gonna go step by step and what would happen if things changed

  9. Profile photo of Makayla Makayla says:

    The purpose of having a birth plan is to express your wishes and desires for YOUR labor and delivery experience. Having it in writing is an excellent idea. Turn it in to your OB or CNM and the hospital you will be admitting to when you are about 34-36 weeks along so they can look over it and discuss with you what may or may not be possible according to their policies. Baby Center has a wonderful template that you just print and checkmark all that would apply to your wishes. If you have a question about one of the points, spend some time researching it and then make your final decision. If there are any amendments you wish to include, just make a mark on the page somewhere. That’s how I did mine and my midwife was thrilled! Just be sure that after your OB or CNM gives you the okay on it that you and your partner are strong in your decisions and that the hospital personnel are notified that it’s what you want. Don’t let them sway you unless it is completely necessary. This is YOUR labor and delivery, not theirs. By having it on paper there is proof of what you want. Should you be in the throws of pain you don’t want to have to answer many questions in detail. They can simply say, "Your birthplan says this… Is that still what you wish?" And you can answer "Mmmhmm" or "uhh-uhh." Also make sure your partner is on board with everything, this is a shared experience with him/her and that needs to be acknowledged too. Also, don’t be too disappointed if things don’t go as expected, sometimes medical emergencies happen and we have to make decisions against our birth plan that is better for the baby. Hope this helped!!!

  10. Profile photo of amy amy says:

    I don’t really see the point. Nothing goes according to plan as far as other mothers have told me.

    So as far as my birth plan goes. No epidural, healthy baby. thats it ^^

  11. Profile photo of Nella3137 Nella3137 says:

    No, but everything went just as I wanted

  12. This is my first pregnancy and I prefer everything to be all natural.

  13. This is my first pregnancy, and I was wondering what is the purpose of having a birth plan?

  14. What is your opinion on having an Epidural with a first time pregnancy?

  15. Profile photo of MommaCC25 MommaCC25 says:

    I havnt written it out but they know my plan

  16. Profile photo of Marcie Marcie says:

    i’m 11 1/2 weeks along and i haven’t had a plan for anything since this whole thing fell on me. I admit i’m exited, but this will be my first, and right now i’m just tryign to survive and make it to next week.

  17. Profile photo of lenka78 lenka78 says:

    Hello everybody, my name is Lenka 34 and im "brand" new here 🙂 i have 3 kids 14, 6, 3 months girl , boy and a baby girl.
    Right now we living in El Paso TX

  18. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    i feel the same way! Clean is good.

  19. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    No but it is verbal and my whole family an doctors know the plan!

  20. Profile photo of brandy brandy says:

    yes I did and it went the right out the window

  21. Profile photo of jennifer jennifer says:

    No I am just now 11 weeks feel its a jinx to do much of anything except take care of myself and grow this baby lol

  22. When I had my baby I had a birth plan I made in Centering and the nurses followed by it. I wanted to have my baby cleaned before I held him, and they did just that and more.