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  1. Profile photo of athomemommy athomemommy says:

    DAD! they will say "aww Luke looks just like his daddy such a cutie!" then daddy looks at me and says "the ladies love me" lol No hunny they love Luke! hahaha

  2. Profile photo of Deysi Deysi says:

    Everyone says all 3 of my kids look like dad just my skin tone.

  3. Profile photo of maliaeli88 maliaeli88 says:

    Everyone says she looks nothing like me:(

  4. Profile photo of SweetLatinA SweetLatinA says:

    everybody says he look like his dad…. so DAD

  5. Profile photo of Sara Sarles Sara Sarles says:

    Ha, exactly the same with us. From the day our son was born, he was a carbon copy of my husband.

  6. He looks just like my husband and thats what everyone says when we’re out as a family and I respond "yep the only reason I know he’s mine is because I was there"

  7. Profile photo of Ayo Ayo says:

    I will know when baby comes.

  8. Profile photo of TheSaneMom TheSaneMom says:

    It depends on who is with the kids. Some people have said all I did was carry our daughter because she looks exactly like my husband.

  9. Profile photo of Expecting Expecting says:

    Still pretty early in my pregnancy, so too soon to know…

  10. Profile photo of Crystal Crystal says:

    my baby is not born yet but i still think that he looks just like his dad….

  11. Profile photo of verochka31 verochka31 says:

    don’t know yet. will let you knoe soon…………………….not soon enough! LOL!!

  12. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    My 7 year old looks like his dad and my 3 month old looks like me

  13. Profile photo of MCWills258 MCWills258 says:

    Everyone says he looks like Dada! Occasionally he looks a little bit like my family.

  14. Profile photo of Mother Mother says:

    My two week old twins; Skylar and Jesse (Both Boys) are just doing perfect! They look just like me and their father… My favorite thing to do with my partner is point out what the twins got from us <3 I have never been so happy in my life!

  15. Profile photo of Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    my girl looks just like me some ppl say she looks like daddy even though hes not even biologically her father lol and im not sure about the baby in my belly yet

  16. Profile photo of Monica Monica says:

    He looks just like daddy.

  17. Profile photo of Csalas118 Csalas118 says:

    only a couple more weeks till we find out :)

  18. Profile photo of Hannah21762 Hannah21762 says:

    Because they usually have a facial feature that looks similar to mom or dad.

  19. Profile photo of Member says:

    Our little bundle isn’t here yet.

  20. Profile photo of Zaiynab Zaiynab says:

    baby ain’t here yet

  21. Profile photo of renee200823 renee200823 says:

    my baby is not born yet but everyone that has seen my 3D-4D ultra sound say she has a big nose like me and fat cheeks like her daddy :)