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  1. Profile photo of jennifier33 jennifier33 says:

    When my son had a blow out while in his carseat. I had to get him out of the seat and got it all over me. The seat had to be taken apart and cleaned.

  2. Profile photo of jessy61686 jessy61686 says:

    Changing a poopy diaper wipe area and then my son peeded on me change that diaper when to lift his bottom up he squrted poop at me lol that was the worst diaper change ever

  3. Gagging from the smell…

  4. Profile photo of madams1990 madams1990 says:

    I went to change a poopie diaper, cleaned her up, turned to get another diaper, and when i turned back she had pooped again all over the couch!

  5. Profile photo of rocio rocio says:

    when i was canging my oldest kid and i had to turn around to get the wipes when i turn back around he had his poop all over his face and hands:)

  6. Profile photo of shellie shellie says:

    my youngest loves to pee on me in the middle of the night. even better the first two weeks… he switched up and was projectile pooping on me.. and himself… awesome…

  7. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    no not have any yet.did not have my baby yet

  8. Profile photo of ShippA ShippA says:

    everytime it decides to come out of the diaper im not at home

  9. yes that happened to me all the time, the worse is when it happens at midnight when we are sooo tired.

  10. wow I am sorry, did you had any extra clothes lol

  11. Profile photo of Lyndsi Greim Lyndsi Greim says:

    On my way to daycare, I could here him grunting, then of course I could smell it. Pulled into the daycare parking lot and it is all over his legs, up his back, and covering the carseat. I cried.

  12. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    its been awhile (2 years, but it’ll be soon again july) diaper explosions were the worst

  13. Profile photo of Habiba Habiba says:

    mine was almost the same he pee and poop both in the middle of the night and then rolled over on it. it was so messy and he was crying inconsolably

  14. well the worse is when he both pee and poop on me in the middle of the night. I was so sleepy it was the worse diaper moment. He was crying and I had to dress him and I was also wet and dirty, it was a messy experience.

  15. Profile photo of Bella8791 Bella8791 says:

    When my daughter rolled over on her tummy all poop. It was everywhere!

  16. Profile photo of tonjatjmom tonjatjmom says:

    Gotta agree the explosive diaper is the worst, especially if the have the PJ’s that are all one piece on, then it’s really a mess, right down to their toes!

  17. Profile photo of Bristol Bristol says:

    when i went to slide a new diaper under my baby girl and she pooped all over my hand. She was about 2 weeks old.

  18. Profile photo of krsy001 krsy001 says:

    The explosive diaper has by far been the worst. It doesn’t stay contained in the diaper and it goes everywhere.

  19. Profile photo of Tinkie78 Tinkie78 says:

    the first week when i brought my son home from the hospital i was changing his diaper and he decided to pee all over the couch and the wall:)

  20. Profile photo of kayla kayla says:

    when my son was about a month old i was in the middle of changing his diaper and he threw up… i mean full on excorsist (sp?) throw up and it came out of his nose. i freaked out and quickly rolled him over to his side and cleaned and suctioned him…. while i was rolling him back over he started peeing and by the time i got the diaper i was soaked with puke and pee lol

  21. Profile photo of Lyndsi Greim Lyndsi Greim says:

    Yes thank goodness! They even let me use their outside hose to clean the carseat while his teacher cleaned him up, and then they just kept the carseat all day soaking in some soapy water and had it dried and ready for me when I picked him up after work. Obviously they are used to messes.

  22. Profile photo of Ksm831 Ksm831 says:

    Changing my daughter when she was 2 weeks old. Being tired I wasn’t very fast at diaper changes so when I went to remove her diaper she started peeing. Then I would have to get a new diaper and change the whole bed. It happened more than once even after my husband & I started trying to change her before she peed or pooped the bed together as a team.

  23. Profile photo of Mrs.Ochoa Mrs.Ochoa says:

    Changing my godson and not having a good enough grip on the wipe and going full fingers into the poo… 🙁

  24. Profile photo of Amber Amber says:

    When we first brought him home i laid him on the couch to change him and ended up getting peed on AND he soaked the couch cushion