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  1. Profile photo of ROmer ROmer says:

    so the first time i finally decided to have people over (2 peers without kids and 1 with a 3 yr old) i was walking around with my LO and suddenly i smelled poo! as i lifted him up up to check his diaper my friend with a toddler yelled that i had poop on me…then i felt it…all over my side and all over my arm! when i say all over i mean ALL OVER! i had to bathe him and myself with him screaming like a crazy baby since i was so stressed out…worst event ever haha

  2. while both kids were in diapers (but at the lets take my diaper off stage) and i found two poopy diapers all over my kids and walls…eeeee was the worst…

  3. Profile photo of meredith meredith says:

    My baby peed all over the walls in the hospital during one of his first changes. And I mean, ALL OVER! It might have been exhaustion, but it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  4. Profile photo of Annabel Annabel says:

    Pooed all over while changing…

  5. Profile photo of Jasmine Jasmine says:

    While I was changing him, he peed and pooped on me. Can u say nasty?

  6. Profile photo of Ka'myiah Ka'myiah says:

    (Right after) i change her , one day . Seconds later .. she poops again . &’d is was a lot . to the point where it rose up her backk ” / ..
    _worst everr ! <3

  7. Profile photo of klin klin says:

    i feel you me 3 week old is determined to pee on me at least once every day.

  8. Profile photo of Nan Mcgraw Nan Mcgraw says:

    The weekly golden sprays i seem to get. His first week home he peed on me 3 times. The more careful i am the more determined he is to do it.

  9. taken a dirty diaper off and my son wasnt finished

  10. Profile photo of mida mida says:

    I expect a dirty diaper

  11. Profile photo of altricia altricia says:

    when has there ever been a good moment lol

  12. How do i make myself look sexy again? because i dont like how i feel or look any more after having my son

  13. Profile photo of klin klin says:

    with my youngest so far the worst has been when a bunch of our friends were over hanging out and i was changing a slightly poopie but mostly wet diaper my son decided to grunt and he projectile pooped all over the front of my shirt. i almost cried.

  14. Profile photo of jennifier33 jennifier33 says:

    When my son had a blow out while in his carseat. I had to get him out of the seat and got it all over me. The seat had to be taken apart and cleaned.

  15. Profile photo of jessy61686 jessy61686 says:

    Changing a poopy diaper wipe area and then my son peeded on me change that diaper when to lift his bottom up he squrted poop at me lol that was the worst diaper change ever

  16. Gagging from the smell…

  17. Profile photo of madams1990 madams1990 says:

    I went to change a poopie diaper, cleaned her up, turned to get another diaper, and when i turned back she had pooped again all over the couch!

  18. Profile photo of rocio rocio says:

    when i was canging my oldest kid and i had to turn around to get the wipes when i turn back around he had his poop all over his face and hands:)

  19. Profile photo of shellie shellie says:

    my youngest loves to pee on me in the middle of the night. even better the first two weeks… he switched up and was projectile pooping on me.. and himself… awesome…

  20. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    no not have any yet.did not have my baby yet

  21. Profile photo of ShippA ShippA says:

    everytime it decides to come out of the diaper im not at home

  22. yes that happened to me all the time, the worse is when it happens at midnight when we are sooo tired.

  23. wow I am sorry, did you had any extra clothes lol