What did you wear during childbirth?

What did you wear during childbirth?

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What did you wear during childbirth?

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  1. Profile photo of 1stTimeMom 1stTimeMom says:

    The ugly hospital gown.

  2. Profile photo of HMomOf4 HMomOf4 says:

    Hospital gown! They wouldn’t even let me wear a bracelet haha

  3. Profile photo of mamadee2x mamadee2x says:

    Plain ugly hospital gown.

  4. I had on a gown, but before that my prison uniform but god made so that we went home together. My baby waited to come out so the day I got discharged from the hospital was my release date from prison. I have been truly blessed!!!

  5. Profile photo of taytay taytay says:

    My mom bought me this silk sleep wear so when I gave birth to my son I got to wear that.

  6. hospital gown and houseshoes

  7. Profile photo of alisha alisha says:

    hospital gown with a pair of socks to try and keep a little warmer it was so cold.

  8. Profile photo of Baby2Smiles Baby2Smiles says:

    I wore the hospital gown and my own socks

  9. Profile photo of c2008pratt c2008pratt says:

    havent given birth yet.

  10. Profile photo of gmalave18 gmalave18 says:

    i was wearing a gown but still had my clothes under it … wierd right lol

  11. gown but a before they put him on me i was able to take it off to be skin to skin

  12. Profile photo of mamabear91 mamabear91 says:

    a hospital gown. Next time, I will be in my bra!

  13. Profile photo of Ericka Ericka says:

    o_O Hospital gown…

  14. Profile photo of Mandlyn Mandlyn says:

    The hospital gown…I brought my own but they wanted me to use theirs.

  15. Profile photo of SimplyAZ SimplyAZ says:

    most likely a hospital gown.

  16. Profile photo of Lorena Lorena says:

    hospital gown had csection

  17. Profile photo of naterhead123 naterhead123 says:

    I only had on the hospital gown.

  18. i wore my regular clothes leggings dresses and sweats