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  1. Sorry to hear that, it will get better for u as time comes. Its very awesome that even after the father being selfish that u are still trying to get him to come around, which is a great thing because that’s what u should do, It’s a great choice that you decided to keep your baby, yea you’re going to have it rough at times but don’t let anything get in the way of your future and goals for you and your baby to better both of your lives and fill it with happiness and enrichment, It will get better for you, no one has anything perfect.. not even when they have their baby’s daddy around nor when they are married…we all have it rough at times. It doesn’t matter what age you’re when you become a mother it’s all about what you are willing to do and sacrifice to give your child/flesh and blood the best life possible. For example there could be a 25 year old mother that is the most horrible selfish irresponsible mother and the 16 year old is 100% the opposite. So cheer up. it will get better for you hun.

  2. In my early twenties

  3. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    I always knew I wanted a family in my early 20s. I was on birth control when I became pregnant with our first. he was definitely a surprise but my husband and I had already been married for 2 years when he came. I was 20

  4. After my husband and I got married, we both knew that we wanted children. I was 23 when we got married and we got pregnant a year later. We were like if it happens it happens (if we became pregnant). We have a beautiful daughter that will soon be 3 and this Thursday I will be having our son. :) But I had always wanted a family at a very young age when I was a kid.

  5. Profile photo of lela alyafei lela alyafei says:

    i had my first son when i was 16 and i was a child the father left when i was 2 months pregnant it hurt but after having him it never stopped me from achieving my goals and i would not have it any other way i know how u feel and no matter what for the rest of your life you well never be alone u have your son cheer up things well get better soon. :)

  6. It happened unexpectedly at a young age . But I am happy with that <3 I love my little family. NO REGRETS(:

  7. Profile photo of SPEDREX07 SPEDREX07 says:

    when i was 8 i decided i wanted a family at the age of 23. However when i was 16 i decided i was old enough and more responsible than the parents i’ve seen running around so i decided i was ready to get my life on the road and start a family. To this day i still have followed through with my school and maintained a great job. I guess i was lucky

  8. Profile photo of stylist2021 stylist2021 says:

    i didn’t plan it but 24 seems like a good age

  9. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    wow you are so young!

  10. Profile photo of cherrimom cherrimom says:

    When I was 21, my husband 26.

  11. Profile photo of amy wright amy wright says:

    I had a unplanned pregnancy, I thought about giving my baby up for adopation, but me and my bd were still together, and he said he wanted to start a family with me, but two months after our son was born we broke up and now i havent talk to him in three weeks or he hasnt trieid to get in contact with us, and ive been trying to get ahold of him, so unfortunley im too young to be trying to have a family i guess : (

  12. Profile photo of lacy lacy says:

    we decided to have one when i was 21 after we got married but seems it didnt work out like we planned i ended up pregnant at 20 before we got married because they cut the funding for planned parent hood so i couldnt get my shot and condoms suck so we had a baby but i am happy to be a mommy and i wouldnt give it up for anything :) and idk if i really want another one cuz the world is going to crap and they r so expensive and time consuming so i got the mirena!!! after 5 years tubes tied wooooot!!! lol

  13. Profile photo of Faleshia Faleshia says:

    i was a little different than most i decided that when i was on my own and mature enough to handle it i would try to start my family. so i was 18. now that i look back i wish i would have waited till i was at least 24, however i would not change having my children for the world!

  14. Profile photo of Katie Katie says:

    I’m 22 and pregnant with my first. This was an oopps but im not complaining. I feel it is a few years earlier then I planned but I’m excited and happy it happened when it did

  15. Profile photo of yazmin yazmin says:

    at 18 pregnant w my first…..and i use to be w babys ao is realy easy for me !!

  16. Profile photo of heylauren heylauren says:

    I’m 19 and pregnant with my first..didn’t plan on kids until my mid 20’s at least.

  17. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    Well our first was a surprise, got pregnant at 23 had him just after I turned 24… I didn’t really want kids till I turned 22…

  18. Profile photo of atothedbly atothedbly says:

    I had wanted a baby of my own my whole life.. I was wierd I would dream all through high school that I was pregnant and wake up and be sad when it wasnt true… I always wanted to have kids young, but also knew that I wasnt going to settle for the first guy to come around and wanted to provide a good life for my children… But i met my husband our first year in college, we got engaged and got pregnant a few months after, and I couldnt imagine my life any other way! We are at the end of a pregnancy with baby number two and couldnt be happier! I was 19 when I got pregnant with our first :)

  19. Profile photo of shannon shannon says:

    i was 26 and my husband was 54. and we decided that it was at the right time in our lives. we now have a 3 yr old and one on the way

  20. Profile photo of says:

    I didn’t have decide what age but I know one day I wann family of my own, now I have two beautiful kids a boy and a girl, I thank God for the beautiful gift he give me!

  21. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    When I was 21 Mt husband and I had been together for 3 years and we were both ready!!!!

  22. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    at 21 i had my first child. i always wanted to have children and although we didn’t plan it i was ready :)

  23. Profile photo of Kim Kim says:

    When I was 19, and had my son at 20. Now I have 4 beautiful children. 1 boy and 3 girls!