It’s that time of year! When do your children start school?

It’s that time of year! When do your children start school?

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It’s that time of year! When do your children start school?

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  1. Avatar of Barbara Barbara says:

    After labor Day!

  2. Avatar of mama_#4 mama_#4 says:

    well my kids started school last week so glad they are both going all day and some alone time with the hubby on days I dont work πŸ˜€

  3. My 5yr old starts school on Monday. My 1yr old starts in 2 more years. I can’t believe how time flys.

  4. My 6 year old starts kindergarten in 6 days, and my current "bun" will start in 6 years!

  5. Mine too, and my 6 year old starts Kindergarten in 6 days!

  6. this baby will start in 6 years!

  7. my kids are too small!!!

  8. Avatar of Leslie Leslie says:

    Mine is still too young. Another 3-4 years

  9. Avatar of newmomma newmomma says:

    I cant stop eating. Omg

  10. Avatar of Momma_Breezy Momma_Breezy says:

    next year for my oldest!

  11. my oldest starts pre-school next year :(

  12. Avatar of marissa marissa says:

    I’m pregnant again and now my 4 year old little girl is going to preschool next month yay

  13. Avatar of Anita Anita says:

    Well i am pregnant with my first child so it will be a long while before my baby goes to school ….

  14. Avatar of TiffAndHarry TiffAndHarry says:

    Already started! School started May 31st around here :)

  15. Avatar of Cherri Cherri says:

    My son started school on Aug. 15th this year. It seems to get earlier and earlier every year although I have to say I counted it up and they got exactly 12 weeks off from school

  16. myh daughter was 3 months early and is doing amazing she will be 1 in october

  17. Just recently had a little girl, I also have a 4 yr old and 3, my recent one is 4 months…. My little girl is getting ready to go into preschool, I am so excited.

  18. Avatar of jessyca jessyca says:


  19. Avatar of jennifier33 jennifier33 says:

    He’s only 10 months old. I work in a school, we have been back for three weeks already.

  20. Avatar of Jenifer Jenifer says:

    not yet my baby girl is only 6 months old, blah i will probably be a sobbing mess when she goes to school

  21. i can’t wait for my baby!