The 5 Real Risks of a C-Section

  • Image via Kelly Sue/Flickr
    Image via Kelly Sue/Flickr

    Last week, I counseled a second-time mother on her upcoming scheduled cesarean section.

    After a very difficult previous delivery that involved a fourth-degree tear (ouch!) and a baby that was larger than average, she and her doctor had decided that the best course of action for her to take was planning a c-section at 39 weeks. 

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    Understandably, she was nervous about her first c-section and asked me many questions. I tried my hardest to calm her fears, but in reality, I completely understood. As an OB nurse, I’ve been in on countless c-sections, being the first person after the doctor to hold a baby fresh from his mother’s womb, so in a way, the surgery seems pretty routine to me–but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the risks that can accompany the procedure. 

    So, just what are the real risks involved with a c-section?


    {Continued: Scar tissue/uterine weakening}


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The 5 Real Risks of a C-Section

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  1. Profile photo of MARIA MARIA says:

    I’m scarred if I do get a infection .. For manny
    Reasons. I had an emergency c-section last month jan,18
    And the fist week I had really bad pain because
    All I did was bed rest. I have so much trouble breastfeeding
    My back hurts because I had a epidural put in 5 different times
    Because the person that did it could find the correct
    Spot. After a few hrs I was still feeling all my pain the
    Epidural didn’t work at all. So nw I get up and do my
    Daily life with out restriction and I’ve notice that my scar still
    Haven’t healed completely in the middle I have this small whole
    ? I wonder would I be able to have another baby but normal ? How long is it gonna
    Take for my scar to heal completely ? Is it normal for blood cults to come out ?
    First time mommy any advise or personal experience will help and thank you

  2. Profile photo of Kylie Kylie says:

    I have had 3 c-sections two of which we planned…. My last one was about 2 months ago…..I havent had any problems except the last time I had my tubes tied which caused increased cramping… and about 2 weeks ago I had to have my appendix removed

  3. Profile photo of Melanie Melanie says:

    So I had a c-section at 40 weeks. I quit dialating at 4. So after I was having serve abdominal pain with bad periods. After 2-3 years I had to have a hysterectomy because my uterus attached itself to my abdomen and was causing all that pain and discomfort. I only have one child and will never have anymore. Could that issue be because I had a csection?!

  4. Profile photo of Jamie25 Jamie25 says:

    I had 2 of them one was emergery and the other was one was planed so what r they saying what can go wrong? and even got my tube tied too anything on that