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  1. Profile photo of Brandi Brandi says:

    you are my sunshine

  2. I DON’T HAVE A SONG YET!!!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of babybrown12 babybrown12 says:

    no not yet she will be her on oct 30 but my boyfriend loves the song boy or girl by bow wow

  4. Profile photo of Samantha Samantha says:

    barney’s theme song happy family.when i sing it to her she gets the biggest smile on her face and starts dancing

  5. Profile photo of Alyssa Alyssa says:

    You are my sunshine. My grandma sang it to me and I know I sing it t her

  6. Profile photo of Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Rascal Flatts I will stand by you

  7. Profile photo of Jenifer Jenifer says:

    you are my sunshine, I sing this to her all the time

  8. Profile photo of jimnregina+8 jimnregina+8 says:

    All of my children sing "Hey Jude" they love the Beatles!

  9. Capri by Colbie Calliat

  10. Profile photo of krsy001 krsy001 says:

    "You’re a Grand Old Flag"… my daughter learned how to sing it this year in school. She goes around singing it when ever she can. Everytime that I hear that song, she comes to mind!

  11. Profile photo of Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    yes!! HEY JUDE….i love the beatles…my baby always heard them when she was in my belly and now i sing it to her like a lullaby…Im hoping this song will help her outlook on life….to take the situation your in and even though its misrable find a way to make it better and to let your heart just love

  12. Profile photo of Keiara08 Keiara08 says:

    You are my sunshine. My grandmother used to sing it to me when I was little and I carried on the tradition with my daughter.

  13. I can’t wait for our next visit, we will finding out the baby’s gender. We are so excited. =) Hope everyone is a having a good day.

  14. Profile photo of Teresa Teresa says:

    When I gave birth to my DS Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love was playing constantly. I don’t hear the song as much now 4 years later but when I do I remember those first few days in the hospital.

  15. How do you accept a friend request? I forgot.

  16. No not at this moment, bc our lil one is not here yet.

  17. Profile photo of Diandra Diandra says:

    Any reggae song. The reason for this is because I had reggae music playing as I was in labor.

  18. Profile photo of shi shi says:

    No still trying to fine one.

  19. Profile photo of Vicky Vicky says:

    "Ma Belle Evangeline" – Ray in Disney’s Princess and the Frog

  20. With Arms wide open by creed

  21. Profile photo of marichinno marichinno says:

    I loved her 1st reminds me of my daughter and my husband.

  22. Profile photo of helena helena says:

    its a Spanish song by Camilla called Todo Cambio.