Do you sing lullabies to your baby? If so, which are his or her faves?

Do you sing lullabies to your baby? If so, which are his or her faves?

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Do you sing lullabies to your baby? If so, which are his or her faves?

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  1. Profile photo of Tece Tece says:

    Mostly twinkle twikle little star, he loves that :)

  2. Profile photo of Kay Kay says:

    Yes I do.. Oh my sunshine is my favorite.. But I sing bunches of songs to my son

  3. Profile photo of Bella8791 Bella8791 says:

    Yes, I do, and I make up my own to sing to my daughter.

  4. Profile photo of youngmom92 youngmom92 says:

    Babies can hear you in the womb and benefit from the singing even before they are born.

  5. Profile photo of Leah Leah says:

    not yet, since baby is still tucked away in my belly and hasn’t developed ear drums yet… but when baby comes into the world, I’m sure I will sing to him/her just like my parents sang to me! and judging from the fact that my husband makes up silly songs to sing to our dog, I can’t wait to hear the sweet and silly things he sings to our child!

  6. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    I sang to both my boys and I will again this time.. Rock A By Baby and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

  7. Profile photo of mamadee2x mamadee2x says:

    Yes. Most of the classics, but I would also recite many other mother goose rhymes and put my own melody to them… Example Hickory Dock

  8. Profile photo of Lyndsi Greim Lyndsi Greim says:

    No lullabies, just You Are my Sunshine :)

  9. Profile photo of Jeanetta Jeanetta says:

    After my daughter is born I think I’ll sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

  10. Profile photo of Sarah Sarah says:

    i still sing to my 2 year old daughter, i sing rock a by baby and when she is tired or feels bad she wants me to rock her and she says "rock baby tree top". i plan on singing to baby number 2 when i have him or her too!

  11. Profile photo of HMomOf4 HMomOf4 says:

    I make up songs for each kids using their name. they are usually corny and short but they are catchy! My mom did it for me so I passed it on!

  12. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    Yes I love to sing lullabies to my kids. There are too many to choose just one. Some I made up. But the one that always puts them to sleep is Homeward bound

  13. Profile photo of RubyRae RubyRae says:

    Yes! My son loves Amazing Grace. It has calmed him down since before he was born. I would sing or hum it when he was in the womb and he would stop going crazy in there lol!! And now it helps him fall asleep. I love my guy :)

  14. Profile photo of SimplyAZ SimplyAZ says:

    once my sons are born i will

  15. Profile photo of Lauren2012 Lauren2012 says:

    I sing The Little Drummer Boy and Five Little Duckies when my son is really upset

  16. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    row row row your boat

  17. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    twinkle twinkle little star

  18. Profile photo of Laudie Laudie says:

    Hush little baby <3

  19. Profile photo of amy wright amy wright says:

    PAtty Cake Bakers MAn Song <3
    thats wht my son likes : )

  20. twinkle twinkle little stars.

  21. Profile photo of nicole nicole says:

    yes, rock-a-by baby:)

  22. the "rock a bye and good night, go to sleep little baby" one….she is really enjoys that one the best

  23. he hasn’t showed me any sign on what he likes