Shiloh Jolie Pitt Cuts Her Hair

shiloh jolie-pittIn celebrity news lately has been the fact that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has debuted an even shorter hairstyle. For the past few years, Shiloh has been photographed almost exclusively in boy’s clothes, with boy hair styles. In the August issue of Vanity Fair, Shiloh’s mother Angelina Jolie says this about Shiloh’s personal style, “She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.”

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So this brought a thought to my mind, should we follow our child’s lead in the way they want to dress/act? Or should we instill in them the “classic” gender roles that society has deemed appropriate? I know many people in the internet world have gone as far as calling Jolie and Pitt bad parents for catering to their child’s wishes to look and act like a boy. However, I am not so sure that they are doing any “damage” to their daughter by allowing her to choose her own personal direction regarding her style and manner. In fact, I would argue that forbidding her from dressing like a boy would do far more emotional damage than going with the flow. Maybe she will grow out of it, or perhaps she will grow up and continue to emulate “boy” characteristics.

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What do you think about it? Would you allow your child to dress and act opposite of their gender? 


What do you think?

Shiloh Jolie Pitt Cuts Her Hair

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  1. being a tom boy is one thing but cutting her hair so she looks like a boy … daughter who is 22 now was a tom boy did everything her brothers did but she knew she was a girl it took forever for her to wear pink for me ,

  2. Profile photo of Sunflower Sunflower says:

    The Pitts are not bad parents.its Ok,let the child be free.she’ll have different choices/stages as she grows up.

  3. Profile photo of hypocrit hypocrit says:

    As a past extreme tomboy I can assure you she will grow out of it once the nefarious teenage years hit . . . . regardless of what so called experts say.

  4. Profile photo of Luisa Luisa says:

    I believe parents should insist their children wear appropriate clothing for their gender boy/boy clothes, girl/girl clothes until they are old enough to pick their own clothes. They should also be told that girls wear girls clothing and boys wear boys clothing. This is appropriate. I believe children and adults want to be the opposite sex sometimes because they are confused. For this reason they should get psychiatric counseling.

  5. Profile photo of Menja Menja says:

    I have the opposite case! My son, now close to three, likes to dress and behave like a girl. Somehow it’s acceptable to have a girl dress in boy clothes but not acceptable to see a boy in girl clothing. But he insists and so I let him. My in-laws think I am a crazy to allow this, but I feel I’d be letting him down in some way if I resist. He gets very upset when his ‘girl stuff’ is taken away from him. My husband forcibly removes the clothes whenever he sees the kid in them. I am worried that we’re sending confusing messages to the child. I feel bad for my baby. If I had my way, I would let him wear the clothes. At this age he knows nothing about sexuality. He knows he’s a boy, but doesn’t really comprehend what being a boy means. And in any case, he is my child – I won’t love him any less just because he wears a dress.That’s what my heart says is right.

  6. Profile photo of LimerickKaye LimerickKaye says:

    And what if your child is a lesbian made by God? Who like to wear pants?

  7. Profile photo of LimerickKaye LimerickKaye says:

    What a completely ridiculous question! Each child has a mind and opinion. Those who try to force a dress code on a child especially when it comes to gender – become part of the overwheming problem we now face with lack of acceptance, tolerance, curiosity and delight in each other as human beings. Where are the positive articles on TRUE and important issues regarding the raising of strong, confident, happy in their own skin children?

  8. What does it matter and whose business is it anyway, how a child prefers to dress? I grew up with 3 brothers, 1 older and 2 younger than me, and a sister a lot younger. I preferred to dress in boys clothes simply because I was an outdoors kid, climbed trees, played trucks in the dirt and helped my parents on the farm. I hate wearing dresses, always have, always found they got in the way of doing practical things like riding bikes, digging gardens, farm work, chopping firewood and looking after orphaned animals….and I grew up just fine….no media and no-one else poking their noses into how I dressed. I’m 60 and STILL wear jeans and pants.

  9. I disagree with everything you said, respectfully. I know I would never change your mind, so I will offer no rebuttal (to save energy wasted).

  10. I agree with the author that it would do more damage to force her to dress like a girl. She may outgrow it, or may not, but making it a big deal and a big fight will cause resentment in the children that may carry out into adulthood.

  11. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    She is a tomboy. I dont think its any big deal. My mom was a tomboy when she was younger and she still grew up to get married and have 2 kids. Children go through phases. She will most likely grow out of it. hair grows back.

  12. Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    It doesn’t matter what I think about how another mom parents her child. As long as the said child is being loved and cared for, not abused, who am I to judge her? If she is doing something wrong, which I don’t feel that she is. She has to answer to God, not any of us. I’m sure if someone were to take a microscopic view of how each of us parents our children, something could be found that one might consider "bad parenting". Society doesn’t make the rules for an individuals family, barring things that are illegal of course. We have the RIGHT and PRIVILEGE to decided how our families will "be".

  13. Profile photo of PaulaMoon PaulaMoon says:

    ps there is no such thing as "dress and act opposite of their gender". How we dress is completely made up; (straight) men in some countries wear what look like dresses and skirts and even hug and kiss each other regularly. Women didn’t stop getting married and having babies when women were finally "allowed" to wear pants. and people act how they’re going to, influenced to some degree by their parents and how they’re raised. but a lot of it is already there in the genes/personality.

  14. Profile photo of PaulaMoon PaulaMoon says:

    My youngest daughter insisted she was a boy and I let her wear "boy" clothes and have her hair short. Her dad (we were divorced) insisted in dressing her in fancy "girly" outifts. She was also super crazy about baby dolls. At age 13 she changed overnight into a very girl girl who is super stylish. She has lots of guy and girl friends and is very successful in her studies and extracurricular activities.

  15. Profile photo of Chelsea Chelsea says:

    So shes a tomboy… She grew up with brothers mostly, you cant blame her for wanting to fit in, but that can change. When she starts going to school, or her sisters get older. Shit maybe she will be a tomboy her entire life, if shes happy and healthy, let her be.

  16. Profile photo of SusanShaffer SusanShaffer says:

    From my memory chastity bono was dressed p in very frilly clothes. She found her. Own path

  17. Profile photo of DougMagee DougMagee says:

    Stop the presses, one of the Pitt brood cut their hair!

  18. Profile photo of Mocha Mocha says:

    Or, maybe she tried to do her best according to her judgement. It might not be our way but most parents would think of the best for their child. Not all parents that thought they’re "clever" parents are not guaranteed a clever child. It’s difficult to judge other parents sometimes. Also difficult to know if other parents are better than us. Media sometimes delivers wrong words and oftentimes for the purpose of getting reaction from readers.

  19. Profile photo of NaraKing NaraKing says:

    I’m very impressed with them. I’m glad they are letting her express herself as she wants.

  20. Profile photo of LuciaMai LuciaMai says:

    A child is a blank slate in the beginning. All they know of the world you teach them for awhile. If she thinks she’s a tomato plant, would you let her continue thinking that, knowing she will have a difficult time getting along in the world as a person thinking she’s a tomato plant? Allowing a child to choose their clothes and style has nothing to do with allowing the child to continue to think she’s one of the boys, one of the brothers, when clearly, we assume, she is a girl. Women dress in a variety of styles. Not so many are "girly" these days. However, women in pants can be extremely female. The problem here isn’t that Angelina allows her to dress in boy clothes, it’s that, from what we can see in the media, she pushes her to be a boy and delights that she thinks she is. Angelina sees herself as a great free spirit when in reality she’s just a messed up girl herself. She’s only a few hours removed from the blood drinking vials around her neck and other absurdities. The real question remains what is fair to the child? What does a parent owe a child? Do you think the parent should indulge every whim or should the parent guide the child to the truth? Angelina’s just an out-of-place wannabe hippie. Somehow she’s been raised to the level of Mother Teresa. I think she got there by keeping her mouth shut and letting the media do the talking. They needed a heroine and she was available. I’m not deceived.

  21. Profile photo of FYBV FYBV says:

    oh my god ! what an existencial question !!

  22. Sometimes it has nothing to do with sexuality at all. My younger sister dressed like a boy, played sports, had extremely short hair and basically looked like a boy from the time she was a toddler until highschool. When she entered her late teens she got all girly and she likes men. A phase can last more than a few months or years. It can just be easier and more comfortable to have short hair and wear t-shirts and jeans.

  23. Profile photo of frosso frosso says:

    i am aparent of a 10 year old girl who is similar to shiloh . the problem here is not about sexuality its about how a child sees its sex which can be devastating for a parent to see its child not embrace what it is born .what i have chosen to do is show me who she is influenced by what impresses her and it turned out she likes strong rolemodels and women out there that dont sell there sex like kardashians for example but katy perry athletes and people with special talents and she started to see girls as being just as cool and strong as boys and can be pretty at the same time

  24. I agree they need to let the child express themselves. Wtg Angelina and Brad for supporting their child.

  25. Profile photo of PuiAraya PuiAraya says:

    I agree with how Brangelina. If you talk to all the transgender or gay/lesbian people out there they all have at least 1 comment of what their parents did wrong or what they wished their parents had done differently to make their childhood more enjoyable. If a child knows who and what he/ she wants to be then why should you go against it? They are only going to be under your care until they are 18 and your not going to be spending the rest of your life with them anyways so why not let them do what makes them happy? It’s more damaging to the child both mentally and emotionally if you tell them that they are ‘wrong’. Going with the flow would be the least damaging to the child. You don’t have to like it, but just accept it and be there for them when they need it.