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  1. Profile photo of Fabiola Fabiola says:

    Greatest thing in the whole world.

  2. Like my mom says every labor is different, so if someone had an easy first pregnancy ( like me) the second might not be that easy lol…so i am preper.

  3. Profile photo of NandaZ NandaZ says:

    I had a c-section. it was planned, but just the thought of surgery scared me. It was scary and I was extremely nervous.

  4. Profile photo of OddRose OddRose says:

    1st – Exciting, scary and unexpected
    2nd – Long, painful and overwhelming
    3rd – Wow, that was quick and easy
    4th – Is she ever going to come out!

  5. me too!!! the best!!

  6. My best and most paintful experience ever.

  7. Profile photo of cstokes cstokes says:

    I had an unplanned c-section so nerve racking and scary

  8. Profile photo of Misty Misty says:

    I cant yet.do not have my baby yet

  9. Profile photo of Clo2 Clo2 says:

    It’s all worth it…

  10. Profile photo of Gypsy_Momma Gypsy_Momma says:

    Extremely tiring, but wonderful.

  11. Profile photo of Jazmom Jazmom says:

    A mixture of emotions, inexplainable but amazing.

  12. Profile photo of tabby101 tabby101 says:

    Painful but wonderful to see that little person come from inside me l.o.l

  13. Could not have been any easier, 3 pushes and i was done whoo

  14. Profile photo of vee.Nicole vee.Nicole says:

    Three pushes and done <3

  15. Painful and long but the best day of my life(:

  16. Profile photo of christina christina says:

    I HAd C-Sections So.. Yea….

  17. Profile photo of elaina elaina says:

    Painful But WORTH EVERY SECOND 🙂

  18. Profile photo of Nan Mcgraw Nan Mcgraw says:

    I slept through all but 3 hours of the 33 hour labor.

  19. Profile photo of Chany Chany says:

    Long, painful, terrifying & also one of the happiest moments of my life!!!

  20. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    I have not delivered yet!