Seven Ways Parenting is Like Spring Break

Parenting Like Spring Break

Back in the day, spring break meant a week to hit the beach, get a little silly, and take a break from reality. In contrast, parenting is more likely to mean hitting the pediatrician, getting a lot silly, and no escape from reality. Surprisingly, the two have quite a few similarities beyond the fact that everyone seems to be half-dressed half the time.



Way #1

You look like you’re ready to enter a wet t-shirt contest – only this time it’s breastmilk providing the moisture. Enjoy those breastfeeding boobs. Just like the version from your teen years, they won’t last forever.

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Way #2

Cruising is a big deal. All the cute kids do it. And even covering the same ground over and over can seem pretty exciting.


sleep is for chumps2 (1)

Way #3

No matter how much you did today, someone wants to stay up all night. Most of the time, it isn’t you.



Way #4

It’s hot. Really, really hot. Like sitting on the beach in the middle of the day. But you’re inside, with the a/c on blast. Hello hot flash.

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Seven Ways Parenting is Like Spring Break

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