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  1. Profile photo of Kay Kay says:

    I am due the week after and have the same fear. However, I know people who are on their 3rd child, and they still don’t know exactly why their baby is crying. Sometimes babies just cry. They do it to get attention, or soothing, or there may be more than one thing going on that needs attending to. Babies are very mysterious. I think you will do the absolute best possible job in trying to attend to your babies needs. Apparently baby’s cries trigger some innate motherly reaction and we will eventually be able to discern the "dirty diaper" cry, from the "hungry" cry, from the "please pick me up" cry. Just don’t be afraid when your baby cries. It’s just what they do!

  2. Profile photo of Kay Kay says:

    Being stuck in a house with a screaming baby…forever!
    And finding the time to take care of the house, my job, etc through sleepless nights and trying to take care of my baby.

  3. Profile photo of lena lena says:

    the mommy instinct should kick in i am going to be a mother soon but i have baby sat more infants then most ppl i was worried about the same then when i first watched them but im sure you will be fine

  4. Profile photo of brandy brandy says:

    How will I know what to do? What if I dont do it right? What if I dont hear her cry at night?

  5. Profile photo of brittany brittany says:

    Am I going to know what all to do? Am I going to be a good mommy?

  6. Profile photo of jennifier33 jennifier33 says:

    Having an accident…we live 30 miles away from the hospital which is in downtown Atlanta

  7. Profile photo of tylisha tylisha says:

    Am i ready to be a parent….

  8. Profile photo of Steffy Steffy says:

    It was pouring rain so afraid of getting to an accident

  9. Profile photo of RosieM RosieM says:

    My baby was very premature and he was in the NICU for 4 months, so I was scared that he was going to have a brady cardiac event. He came home on a heart monitor and it was pretty scary the 1st month!

  10. Profile photo of SammysMOMMY SammysMOMMY says:

    get a childrens book about bringing home baby!

  11. Profile photo of Kate Kate says:

    With my first it was getting into an accident…idk with this one what it will be

  12. Profile photo of Brenda Brenda says:

    Getting into an accident

  13. Profile photo of Leeana Leeana says:

    Hello, It could be a jealousy issue. I had only one and when I found I was pregnant again, I tried to get my first born to realize how special he is and how much of a role model he will be and how fun it will be to be a big brother.

    I would have him help me with little things that he could do regarding preparation for the baby. I would tell him that mommy appreciates his help, what a great big helper he was and I would need his special help when the baby comes. I would tell him that he is special, he was mommys first precious gift. Talk to him how he would now have someone else to play with and teach the baby what he knows.

    When the baby came, I would have him help me and tell him he was a great big helper for mommy and his little sister, I appreciate his help and he was now a big boy.

    She, the baby, is now 5 months and there is no problem of jealousy or him trying to hurt her. I also have created one day a week that is MOMMY AND ME time. Daddy babysits and I take him out the whole day just us two, park movies ice cream artistic activites ect.

  14. Profile photo of Leeana Leeana says:

    Dont be scared, you can do it. When the baby cries she/he needs you. I usually do a mental check off list, is she hungry is it her feeding time, is her diaper soiled, does she need to burp, is she tired. Usually after going through everyhting I have usually covered it, if she still cries I think she just wants my hugs so I hold and hug her and sing it works. Good luck & hope this helps

  15. Profile photo of Leeana Leeana says:

    I dont think I had much to fear, this was my 2nd baby so I was familiar with everything, diaper changing, sleep, crying, care.

  16. Profile photo of Leeana Leeana says:

    I asked my honey and he said "getting into an accident when bringing her home." I, on the other hand, was afraid that I wouldnt produce enough breast milk

  17. Profile photo of jaquala jaquala says:

    that i wouldnt know what to do

  18. Profile photo of ashmobug ashmobug says:

    same here, were due around the same date, im a first time mommy and im so scared

  19. i am most scared of childbirth this is my first child and the doctor says labor can last up to 9 hours.

  20. Profile photo of babybrown12 babybrown12 says:

    My dog is like that she’s a lab chow mix and im pregnant with my first one my friends have babies and when they are over she just comes and sits be sides me she dont bother the babies at all

  21. Profile photo of babybrown12 babybrown12 says:

    im due oct 30 and this is my first one but what im most scared of is that my baby will start crying and i wont know what to do

  22. Profile photo of anne anne says:

    ummmmmm pretty much everything, how my boyfriend was going to be what our life was going to be like. i had had no idea what to prepare for.

  23. Profile photo of JENNY JENNY says:

    i am only 12 weeks and my 3 year old is already talking about fighting with the baby!what should i say or do,or what should i be thinking of what to say??please someone help

  24. Profile photo of AuntieMommy AuntieMommy says:

    What am I going to do with 2 babies!!! Ahh :)