3 Quick & Easy Steps to an Organized Playroom

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    Since the day I brought my first baby home from the hospital, I’ve had visions of grandiose.

    I’ll be the best mom ever, I thought.

    My child will never throw a tantrum, embarrass me in public, or accuse me of doing so to him.

    I will lose my baby weight within weeks of delivery, maintain a clean house, cook dinner nightly, cloth diaper, and nurse like a boss. My son would be bilingual and I would probably go ahead and homeschool.

    Also, I’d have the most stimulating, sanitary, and organized playroom known to man woman.

    Santa is real, just like the Easter Bunny.

    Clearly I was delusional.

    I’m not the best mom ever. That baby never threw a single tantrum, but his two brothers surely made up for it. And, while I’m happy to say they’ve never once called me embarrassing, I know it’s coming as sure as I know that I’ve said those exact words to them on more than one occasion.

    I cloth diapered when I had to, my house is a wreck, I cook when I can’t get my mom to do it for me, nursing was a beast, my son barely knows English, I wouldn’t homeschool if my life depended on it (okay, maybe if my LIFE depended on it, but I’d be pretty cranky about it), and I am literally still trying to lose the baby weight 5 years post partum.

    Also, until recently, my playroom looked like a hoarder was living in it.

    Here’s how I changed all of that!

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3 Quick & Easy Steps to an Organized Playroom

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  1. great post!!! thanks for the advice!

  2. Profile photo of Mariah Adams Mariah Adams says:

    I’m so glad you posted practical advice (or at least it looks like practical advice. Our first is on the way so we don’t have a play room yet). I look through magazines and get so mad at their stupid organization and decorating "advice." I think most magazine articles and tips are there solely to make you feel bad about how un-fancy you are and to make you think everyone else has it together.

  3. Profile photo of jlm2200 jlm2200 says:

    Great post! I love the Lego table idea! Thank you!