‘Pregnant Man’ Wants Fourth Child???

pregnant manI still maintain my opinion that a man could never handle being pregnant. I’ve seen what a seasonal cold can do to my husband (it knocks him flat on his manly butt). I’m really curious to see how many of you agree – so, if you’ve ever said the words, “You can complain to me after you’ve pushed a baby out of your crotch,” or something similar, this blog.

We have all heard of Thomas Beatie, known as the world’s first “Pregnant Man.” According to this article, Beatie wants to add a fourth child to his family.

“Beatie is a transgender male who preserved his female reproductive organs and gained media attention after publicly announcing his pregnancy in 2007.”

He is in the middle of a divorce from his previous partner and wife, Nancy; but this time, he is hoping the pregnancy will occur within his new girlfriend, Amber Nicholas.

“I think it would be amazing to experience pregnancy as the father … It’s even possible we could both be pregnant at the same time,” said Beatie. “Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and whoever gets there first goes through with it.”

The amazing “pregnant man” said he is willing to go through a c-section for another “bundle of joy.”

I am confused. Have we all forgotten that the only reason he can carry a pregnancy to term, or even conceive in the first place, is because he was born a she, and he decided to keep a few she inward-accessories? Have you ever heard a man say that he’d be willing to get his stomach sliced wide open to bring another “bundle of joy” into the world? Well, this man said it!

I am female. I was born female, was raised female, and have remained – and thoroughly enjoy – being female. I am not a transgender-hater. To each his own – and I mean that quite literally. It takes a lot of cojones to decide to make an inner decision, or inner truth (depending on how you look at it), an outward fact. In this world, I can imagine it is still quite difficult to outwardly live a LGBT lifestyle.


The Arizona judge assigned to Beatie’s divorce isn’t sure what to do, or think, either. “The judge has reportedly deemed the couple’s union a same-sex marriage, which is not legal in Arizona. Although Beatie was legally a male before the wedding, the judge has argued that there is no legal precedent that defines a man as someone who can get pregnant and give birth,” according to TMZ.

I understand that it is anatomically correct to call him male; he is male, with male body parts, male hormones, and male attributes. I understand it is politically correct to call him male. I get it; and I can be mature enough – human enough – to honor and respect his wishes. But, if you were to physically look inside of him, you would find his ovaries.

I know a “man being pregnant,” or a man “choosing to become pregnant” again, is pretty big news. But is it really news??

Of course he can handle being pregnant! Of course it’s enjoyable and fun, and a journey that he loves being a part of, too.

What woman doesn’t love feeling connected to her child, feeling those little legs kick out in protest, hearing the heart beat inside her belly, and watching the monitor showing her little “bundle of joy” who is full of personality before even leaving her womb. So … I just don’t know what to think about this.

What do you think? What’s your opinion on the topic? Please share!


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What do you think?

‘Pregnant Man’ Wants Fourth Child???

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  1. Profile photo of elizabeth elizabeth says:

    ‘He’ is not truly a he and not quite a she…mentally and physically a mix of both…

  2. Profile photo of Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    If I were to start sitting out in my front yard eating grass all day, painting myself black and white and INSISTING that I was born a cow, God just put me in the wrong form, would any doctor in the world attempt to ‘transform’ me into a cow? No! I would, justifiably, be placed in a padded room! How is this any different?

  3. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    My biggest issue with this is the "man" is using hormonal therapy to stay a "man"… that level of testosterone can’t be produced by OVARIES. So, what will that amount of testosterone do to the baby? And can any man with that much testosterone even conceive? Is it possible? I know "he" obviously has the equipment, but "he" will have to stop being a "man" for 10+ months in order to conceive and have the child. Essentially "he" will have to become a "she" again to do so. Am I right or am I missing something here?

  4. I don’t mean to be offensive but that’s DISGUSTING! ! I agree with the other lady. Should have kept it to themselves. Though its how they wanna be I don’t think its fascinating though.

  5. Profile photo of Juliann Juliann says:

    Ok so to the original question. I think we should put women parts in a man born as a man and then see if he really can handle being pregnant. I mean more power to this person, but he was born a women, so he has the tolerance and compassion as a women.

  6. Profile photo of ThisIsMe ThisIsMe says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate comment, Erin.

  7. Profile photo of rebecca rebecca says:

    Like I stated in my prior post I have no problem with shim (proper way to refer to trans) wanting to be a parent but what was the point in saying I wish to be a man!… but let me keep this very womanly part inside of me just incase. Let me be a man to the world but a woman on the inside… uh if I felt I was a man I would not want to continue to ovilate and menstrate I would be like cool no more nasty mess let’s get rid of this extra stuff it isn’t a true part of me. If I was concerned with having children with my genes I would have had eggs frozen you would still be the parent and this confusion and controvercy wouldn’t have happened this "man" went out of his way with surgeries to be a man to the do the most womanly act on the planet I mean seriously wtf

  8. Profile photo of Holly Holly says:

    if one were to identify themselves as a "Male" though, wouldn’t you think they would take pregnancy out of the picture? If you wanted to live as a man and be a man, then don’t get pregnant. you can’t have your cake and eat it too, so they say. Besides I’m sure the hormone replacements can’t be good for a growing fetus

  9. Profile photo of alisha alisha says:

    I agree this picture is disturbing to me. I feel this world is getting too crazy. Guess my christianity just wont let me see it any other way.

  10. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    I don’t see where they indicated that it was a competition. Also, I didn’t interpret the statement that "Whoever conceives first will continue with the pregnancy" as an indication that a second child would be terminated, just that whoever conceived first would be the one to gestate.

  11. “I think it would be amazing to experience pregnancy as the father … It’s even possible we could both be pregnant at the same time,” said Beatie. “Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and whoever gets there first goes through with it.” This is troubling…they would conceive a child in some sort of competition and be willing to take the life of one of the baby’s if it was unlucky enough to be conceived second…

  12. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    I really hope that some of you can develop a little more compassion if your child turns comes out to you as transgender. Statements like "He was born a woman and will always be a woman" and "Hes (sic) just a WOMAN dressed up as a man" are extremely hurtful to someone who feels that they were born into the wrong body. Living with body parts that feel wrong, and then going through the transition process (when possible–not everyone has the resources) to correct that is difficult enough, and compounded when their family is unsupportive. A lot of transgender youth (as well as LGB, of course) face violence at home from parents who don’t understand what it means. Mr. Beatie, as well as any trans man who identifies as such, is a man. He presents as a man, identifies as a man, and uses male pronouns. To insist otherwise when it’s not your body or your family unit is rude and hurtful at best, oppressive at worst.

  13. That photo just creeps me out. Pregant woman are beautiful but this is disturbing to me. Hes just a WOMAN dressed up as a man. He was born a woman can carry a child like a woman therefore he is a SHE.

  14. I think they should have kept their life to themselves, unless they just wanted fame and publicity. But look at the ignorance brought out by it, on this site and everywhere else. I certainly wouldn’t come out like that to the world, I don’t have the courage. I am not trans, but I know people who are and now the women that I knew are gone and there are men in their places. They completely change – their attitudes, their emotions, not just their appearance.

  15. Profile photo of Tishaaeb Tishaaeb says:

    I don’t believe it,.

  16. Profile photo of emi285 emi285 says:

    More power to him…not news if you ask me. I’m sorry but it seems like a publicity scheme, and if they don’t do it for attention, then don’t broadcast it to the world.

  17. Profile photo of veronica veronica says:

    He is a woman that turned into a man which means hes still a her and women can handle childbirth so HES NOT THE FIRST MAN PREGNANT

  18. Profile photo of Andrea Andrea says:

    He was born a woman and will always be a woman even if he changes his looks and adds a penis, so techinically this isnt a story about a man going the stages of pregnancy, its a story of a woman who looks like a man going through pregnancy

  19. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    It’s inappropriate and disrespectful to call him a (s)he because he is legally male and does not identify as female. Using pronouns opposing a person’s gender minimizes a transgender person’s identity. He may have female reproductive organs, but sex is not equivalent to gender. I’ve heard plenty of men express that they would have their baby if they could, especially after watching their partners developing that special bond with their children. In Beatie’s case, he carried their previous children because his wife was unable to, and they wanted to be parents.

  20. Profile photo of Vfgfaithtmt Vfgfaithtmt says:

    Yeah they probably would be both extremely moody if they both got pregnant at the same time.

    Abbigail Also I so agree with you 100% of all you said. I was basically going to comment the same thing. To me (s)he does not count as the first male pregnant either.

    ErinF why not call him/her a (s)he? (S)he has both female and male parts so would be considered (s)he. Also (S)he seems to be acting like a female and a male. A male wouldn’t truly want to get pregnant. Just my opinion.

    But yeah more power to them if (s)he wants to be pregnant and have another child again.

  21. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    More power to him. I think the AZ judge is showing a bit of ignorance here–Beatie was and is male, and precedent or not, having been pregnant doesn’t change his identity or legal status. I don’t fully understand the motivation behind the publicity at this point, unless it’s to spark awareness and discussion of transgender issues. I think it’s newsworthy not in that it involves a man being pregnant, but that it involves a family unit that falls outside the parameters of many people’s experience. I’d hope that increased awareness leads to increased acceptance and decreased violence and discrimination, though the sensationalizing of the situation by media hasn’t really helped that. We have a lot of ignorance to slog through as a society.

  22. Profile photo of KALofachevy KALofachevy says:

    I honestly could care less… He’s not a natural born man, so in my opinion it doesn’t count.

  23. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    He is a he, not a (s)he or him/her.

  24. Profile photo of abbigail abbigail says:

    “Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and whoever gets there first goes through with it.”
    -So what happens if they both get pregnant?!

    Anyway, due to the fact that he is a MAN MADE "man".. it doesn’t count. Now before anyone gets offended I mean that (s)he does not count as an actual male going through a pregnancy. Deep down on the inside (s)he is still basically female. (S)he still has a the emotions and instincts that any normal woman would. His/her body was created to bear a child, giving him/her a penis does not change that. (S)he is genetically predisposed for child birth. A natural born man is not and I don’t think I know of any man that could go through that for 9 months.
    Now, I don’t see anything wrong with him/her having a child as long as (s)he can afford them emotionally and financially.