How To Survive The Last Month of Pregnancy

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 Well, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news? There is no easy to way to survive those last few weeks of pregnancy.

And the good news? You’re not crazy. The last few weeks really are just that hard.

So what’s so hard about the last few weeks of pregnancy?

Well, for starters, there’s the fact that just when you think that you can’t possibly get any bigger, your belly will still grow. You know you’re getting close when even your maternity shirts are feeling snug and fail to keep the bottom of your belly contained.

Or the sheer difficulty of doing small things, oh, such as say, walking? With my second daughter, I literally felt like I was about to deliver her every time I stood up. The pressure when the baby drops can just make every moment uncomfortable.

And then there’s the insomnia and the sheer torture of trying to get comfortable enough to actually go to sleep. I can remember dreading nighttime, just because I knew I would be so exhausted and yet unable to fall asleep because I simply couldn’t get comfy with my giant belly. Ugh.

But the hardest part?

The waiting.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, a pregnant woman is considered “full-term,” meaning that it is deemed “safe” in the medical community for her to deliver her baby at any time, with the good chance that her baby will be safe. And if you’re anything like me, when 37 weeks hits, you will be anxiously analyzing every little twinge in your belly, hoping and waiting for labor to start.

And hoping.

And waiting.

And waiting some more.

Because I know how excruciating the waiting game is, especially when you are as large of a pregnant woman as I tend to be, here are three tips to make preparing for your baby a little bit more bearable:

Get pampered. I know it’s hard to feel pretty in those last few weeks. So why not treat yourself a little? Budget permitting, spend an afternoon in the salon getting a new hairstyle or a blow-out just because. Or, try my personal favorites and get a spa pedicure or a pregnancy massage. Who knows? You might just have the added bonus of hitting those pressure points on your feet to put you into labor!

Schedule Quality Time. If you have older children, schedule a “date” with each of them to get some special one-on-one time before the new baby arrives. A newborn is a big transition time for a family and in between preparing and feeling exhausted, it can be hard to get that quality time with the older children. So, use those last few weeks to try to let them know how special they are—and they must be more likely to fetch you a diaper once baby arrives!

If this is your first child, get in a few dates in with your significant other. Go to the movies, a nice restaraunt, take a babymoon to somewhere within close proximity (early deliveries do happen with first babies!).  Do a few things that you may not be able to do for a while once baby arrives. 

Give yourself a break. Sometimes, it’s ok to just let yourself be miserable. I feel like we can get so caught up in focusing on what we need to do to get ready and running around trying to fit everything in “before the baby comes,” when really, we need to just listen to our bodies and rest up. Those last few weeks may just be nature’s way of making sure you get some downtime before the craziness of life with a newborn begins, so try to take advantage!

What do you find hardest about the last month of pregnancy?

Photo credit: Chaunie Brusie (two weeks before she delivered!)/J & J Brusie Photography

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How To Survive The Last Month of Pregnancy

Chaunie Brusie is a writer, speaker, and labor and delivery nurse. She began serving as an advocate for young mothers after discovering her own two tiny blue lines during her senior year of college. She blogs about her journey as a young mom of four at and her first book, Tiny Blue Lines, is now available. Find Chaunie on < ... More

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  1. Avatar of laura laura says:

    38 weeks and 1 day. I’m all belly and pretty much just want him out now. He’s still super active too… if my back doesn’t ache, he’s making something else ache. Thank goodness for the hubby’s back rubs that he gives me. <3

  2. Oh how I wish it were this simple. I really wish All these steps worked and I’m sure they will. But it’s just not enough! I’m down to a week and a few days and its terrible!! I slept and awoke for three and a half hours! Ugh!!! Still, it’s oh so great to know I’m not alone.