Police Used Taser on Pregnant Woman and are Now Seeking Appeal

pregnant woman in the car

Malaika Brooks was in her third trimester of pregnancy when she was pulled over by Seattle police for speeding while driving her 11-year-old son to school. She refused to sign the speeding ticket, the police asked her to get out of her car, and when she refused that as well, they tased her – three times.

The police initially showed her the taser and asked Brooks if she knew what it was. She didn’t, but she did say, “I have to go to the bathroom, I am pregnant. I’m less than 60 days from having my baby.” After the first taser shock to her thigh, she cried out and honked the horn; after the third taser shock to her neck, Brooks “fell over, and the officers dragged her into the street, laying her face down and cuffing her hands behind her back.”

Brooks was charged with refusing to obey an officer and she filed a lawsuit claiming the officers used excessive force. The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges ruled in favor of the officers, “stating the police were justified in making the arrest.”

However, that court ruling was apparently not enough for those officers. On May 24, those officers will look to the Supreme Court for further justification.

Why do they need further justification? They shocked a 7-months-pregnant woman with tasers three times, placed her on her belly, and handcuffed her; and probably all in front of her young son. Are they proud? They won! Why are they now going to the Supreme Court? Are they looking for haters? I can assure them; any woman who has felt the expansions of a third trimester is hating. Could they not think of any other way to handle this situation?

And it was a situation. What on earth was this woman thinking? All she needed to do was sign a speeding ticket, which is not an admission of guilt! Reports say she didn’t want to sign because she claims she was not speeding. You can appeal these things! Your son was in the back seat of your car, three policemen were threatening to taser your pregnant body … and this was the moment you chose to fight back?


I feel like both parties displayed a bit of stupidity. When I read news stories like this one, I hear an old song in my head. It’s by Bill Engvall (thanks Community!); it’s called “Here’s Your Sign” – perhaps you know it? Yeah… to those police officers who resorted to atrocious force against a pregnant woman and have decided that winning the original appeal wasn’t enough for them, here’s your sign.  And to the pregnant woman in her third trimester, who wasn’t speeding (but had three police officers standing in front of her, stating she was going 32 mph in a 20 mph school zone, threatening to taser her body – while her son was in the backseat), and chose to disobey, here’s your sign.

There is always a better way.

What do you think? Do you agree?

What do you think?

Police Used Taser on Pregnant Woman and are Now Seeking Appeal

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  1. Profile photo of Myrlette Myrlette says:

    i feel they shouldn’t taser that woman cause it cud have harm baby. but lady was wrong to. she can file lawsuit if sumthing cums out wrong with her baby from the laser. so they both wrong but the officers cud of found another way of handling that situation

  2. Profile photo of kelsey.spell kelsey.spell says:

    she should have sighned the stupid ticket n paid the little fine…i hope that baby is ok!!!

  3. She should have signed the ticket because she could appeal it. They could have taken a better approach. They didn’t have to use the taser on her. On top of that, they put her on her 7 month’s pregnant belly, in the street and her son was in the back seat! All that for speeding!

  4. Profile photo of adriana adriana says:

    Crazy woman who obviously does not care enough for her unborn child. She is so dumb.

  5. Profile photo of DavidAWest DavidAWest says:

    First, Jeff Foxworthy did not do "Here’s Your Sign". That’s by another great Southern comedian, Bill Engvall. So, here’s YOUR sign!

    Nevertheless, I agree with your position that both sides of the incident displayed remarkable stupidity. I think that the pregnant mother was an absolute idiot and bears the majority of the responsibility, though. She placed her fetus, her 11 year old and herself in danger as well as the school children in the area when she sped through the school zone. At any time she could have ended the situation by simply signing the ticket. By refusing to do so, the officers were left with no choice but to arrest the woman. Now, how do you arrest someone who is behind the wheel with their seatbelt on? Somehow you have to get them out of the car. If they fight back, what do you do? Walk away? I think cops rely too heavily on their Tasers these days and they ignore the potential damage the device can cause. How about immobilizing the car with the woman in it? Tow her and the car to the pokey. Or, wait it out. Maybe a little patience on the cop’s part would have been better. If he had waited while preventing her from driving off, her bladder would have eventually won the battle and she would be faced with the choice of peeing in her seat or getting out and resolving the situation. There are ways to subdue detainees without using a Taser, but they are also risky, painful and are more likely to result in injuries to the officer.

  6. Profile photo of Chrissy Chrissy says:

    first off isnt that dangerous to a baby in the womb? if he comes out with birth defects be sure to go after their butts, second did they not see the bump and wonder? or are they fearful a 7 mth prego lady will kick their butt and hurt them, yeah ok grow up and get some brains. third sign the damn thing and this could have been avoided finally after tase one was she still fighting because if she dont remember they tased her someone needs to look into that its unhealthy and should be taken out of the hands of police for everyday use…

  7. I do agree that there was ignorance on both sides. People are crazy. Oh, haha just a minor mishap, but I found it funny… Jeff Foxworthy is know for his "You might be a redneck" jokes while it is in fact Bill Engvall who is know for "Here’s your sign". Anyway, I think it would be funny if the Police lose after it’s taken to the Supreme Court. Wouldn’t that be a slap in the face?

  8. Profile photo of kitty764 kitty764 says:

    omg nothing else 2 say

  9. Profile photo of Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Wow. I don’t know why a police officer would feel the need to use a taser on a pregnant woman for something so stupid. I don’t see how they saw her as a "threat", especially because of the fact that they work in Seattle and have most likely had to deal with much much worse. This should of been avoided, period!

  10. Yes free country .. the cop could have just gave her the ticket WITHOUT SIGNING IT….The cops were WRONG 3 TIMES?!!?? LIKE SERIOUSLY OVER DOING IT!

  11. Profile photo of Sara McTigue, CLCEditor Sara McTigue, CLC says:

    Thanks for catching the error – although I’m not sure everybody distinguishes easily between the guys of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. (I can say that with a young son, Larry the Cable Guy will always be Mater for me!)

  12. Profile photo of Aftifff Aftifff says:

    Hello! This is supposed to be a FREE country. Why should not signing a slip of paper be a crime? Wake up America! The police and the judicial system are out of line! If the officers directed you to jump off a bridge, would you? Stand up for yourself and your children will learn to do so as well. This could have been solved by signing the ticket yes, but when do we say enough? Are the police not paid with OUR tax money to "serve and protect". Who were they protecting here?

  13. Profile photo of bethpacas bethpacas says:

    I think there was a better solution all around. nuff said!

  14. Profile photo of alison alison says:

    I think this mom lacks common sense, the police lack common decency, and this blogger lacks common knowledge–Jeff Foxworthy is not the "Here’s Your Sign" guy, that’s Bill Engvall.

  15. Profile photo of cescasjay cescasjay says:

    I don’t understand why especially after they showed her the taser she didn’t just sign the damn thing and be on her way. Granted I think it was very excessive for a speeding ticket. But regardless all she had to do was sign it and fight it in court. What she did was create a bigger mess. Whether what the cops did after that was excessive or not, this woman created the situation. Unfortunately her son was present when it happened.

  16. Profile photo of Jacquese Jacquese says:

    I don’t think she was stupid at all. I think it was a stupid situation. They should have just signed the ticket themselves, or mail the "warrant" "citation" to her home. "They were just doing their job" is never the right reason for doing wrong.

  17. Profile photo of Jenifer Jenifer says:

    Lets hope that there is no damage to the baby!! putting her on her belly? seriously? they need to be fired anf hung out to dry for their actions, no was no justification to taze her!!! we are allowed to refuse to sign the ticket! there is no law saying we have to sign a stupid ticket it is our right to refuse! now those cops showed a little boy that police are not the good guys when they should be,

  18. Profile photo of mrs mrs says:

    This is crazy did he not care that he was tazing a pregnant woman? I mean what damage could she do to him with her kid in the car?

  19. Profile photo of Kristin Kristin says:

    As a former MP all they would have to do is sign it themselves saying she refused to sign with the other cop as a witness and they wbring it to the court. she is given a court date anyway and all that would have been settled in court. the officers were completely in the worng in this because there was a viable alternate course of action they could have takn and it is my opinion that they were just sick and demented and wanted to see if they could cause her to go into labor. they should be locked up for assault and attemoted murder of an unborn child. She is past the 20 week mark and if they had caused her to go into labor and the baby came out still born it would hav been murder.

  20. Profile photo of Sara McTigue, CLCEditor Sara McTigue, CLC says:

    See, I can see the other side, too. Both sides have demonstrated some poor judgement here, but man – I don’t understand this woman!

    Allegedly speeding in a school zone, refusing to sign a ticket (after being told it wasn’t an admission of guilt), refusing to exit the car (after three policemen explained that her refusal to sign meant she was being arrested), and putting both her son and her unborn child through this drama.

    Simply signing the ticket would have saved a whole lot of grief, and resisting arrest while carrying a child – to me – means that YOU are endangering your baby. That’s not cool!

  21. Profile photo of mida mida says:

    the police should been more careful because during the prego our hormons make us do stupid things they she be guilty.

  22. I still feel that the police are guilty, yes she did not wanted to sign, but to tease a pregnant women, not one, two, but three times its horrible, I feel that they should understand that she is pregnant and probably her hormones do not let her think right lol, I am not saying she is not wrong for not signing, but maybe she didn’t know that she can appeal later. I mean what are the police trying to prove here, it is just a speeding ticket, she did not kill anyone, they used to much force here. Poor women.

  23. Profile photo of Keydi80 Keydi80 says:

    This all could have been avoided if she had of signed the ticket and went on about her business

  24. All I have to say to this is …wow…I think all parties involved were acting stupid…..this is the sadest and most rediculouse thing I"ve read in a long time