Police on Saggy Pants Patrol – Don’t Get Caught!

Friday, October 26th, 2012 by from Buzzworthy Bulletins

saggy pantsBrevard County wants to present itself as a “family-oriented community” and improve the way the city looks. To do this, a new ordinance has been approved … banning saggy pants!

This ordinance “prohibits any person in public view from wearing pants or skirts three inches below the top of the waistline, exposing undergarments or skin.”

This isn’t just to clean up the town; this ordinance is also to prevent stereotyping, because, according to the article, saggy pants may label you as a criminal. Who knew?

If you don’t want to pay the fine, which ranges from $25 to $100 per offense, you can choose community service instead. 

Are you wondering how police officers will know which offenders deserve tickets, versus those who deserve a mere warning? Fear not – the officers are receiving pant patrol training.

Well, I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am. It’s about time police officers took the time to learn how to properly patrol saggy pants.

What do you think? Banning sagging pants: Good idea or bad?


Image via Newtown grafitti


What do you think? Police on Saggy Pants Patrol – Don’t Get Caught!

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  1. Avatar of Murray Murray says:

    "Three inches below the top of the waistline" says the city ordnance. Is that the waistline at the maximum belly bulge, or the waistline when you hang your belly over the belt? Ambiguous, for one thing. The police training will clear that up, right? I understand the councillors wanting to foster "family-oriented community", but I’d like to hear them spell out exactly by what mechanism they think that a community is undermined by how high or low to the waist someone’s pants are? I think families, and consequently their communities, would be better served knowing that the police were looking to stop someone who wants to harm people. A gunbelt can hold trousers up, y’know?

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  6. Avatar of Peter Peter says:

    Yeah, saggy pants are a drag, ban them and ticket those idiots. While we’re at it let’s ticket those folks with outrageous hairstyles too! The Donald – you’re first. Then you’ll really have something to rant about on Twitter.

  7. Avatar of chasity chasity says:

    ok I dont like seeing peoples butt cracks anymore than the next person but I agree its unconstitutional….You cant tell someone how to dress….Seriously what is happening in this country we are gonna be just like so many others all our rights taken away…I understand its about the saggy pants but what makes us any different than anybody else when we start taking away rights and telling them you cant do this you can only do this…if they want to dress like idiots than let them nobody has to look at it if they dont want to….Its RIDICULOUS were do we draw the line???

  8. Avatar of wholemkt104 wholemkt104 says:


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  9. Avatar of MurraySnudge MurraySnudge says:

    As long as everything is clean show what you like.

  10. Avatar of SPEDREX07 SPEDREX07 says:

    i believe this can teach self respect and willl improve peoples self image BUT thats unconstitutional in every way possible. all the pros stated here are the same reason that women in iraq where what they. i support it in my household with my children but honestly can we stop breaking laws of the constitution freedom for selfexpression. however i will tackle my son down if he tried walking out of my house like that

  11. Avatar of Michelle Michelle says:

    I am by NO means a fan of seeing saggy pants, people undies, or butt skin of any kind while I’m out and about….however….doesn’t this ordinance take away peoples rights to dress as they see fit for themselves? I think its a bad idea to create laws that criminalize fashion trends or articles of clothing…essentially creating a true fashion police….If you create laws that take away other peoples rights, other people are going to create and pass laws to take away other rights that you hold value in…and how long before all rights are gone?? And the local, state, and federal governments are making ALL of your life decisions for you?? How is this a good thing in any way??
    I think its a much better idea to create tougher laws to punish ACTUAL crimes, and leave peoples life decisions to themselves…and if you dont like what you see when you’re out and about, just take a moment to remember that there are many other things to look at, and you can just divert your attention to the more astetically pleasing views….

  12. Avatar of Kathi Kathi says:

    I’d ticket anyone in public for indecent exposure. No one qants to see your undies, thong, butt crack, pubic hair, or excessive cleavage out on the street, in the mall, etc. I went to dinner and this girl’s dress was so short, I could see her butt cheeks. So not whatsoever I want to see while I eat. She really needed a ticket.

  13. Avatar of Samantha Samantha says:

    I don’t like saggy pants. It annoys me to see other peoples underwear, but It is a little too far to ban them. It is their right to dress the way they want. Even if it is stupid and makes them look like a criminal.

  14. Avatar of teresa85 teresa85 says:

    I think this is great! I don’t know about other people, but it would be great not to see other underwear or thongs when out and about! I think a ticket should not be given for the first offense, but if the keep a record like they keep for speeding…then the second time or third time a $25 fine would be great! Lets hope this spreads!!!

  15. Avatar of emi285 emi285 says:

    Matter of opinion really. I think a ticket is a little far, but if it works…ehhh why not?

  16. Avatar of Leslie Leslie says:

    I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t like seeing other people’s under garments either, but seriously, a ticket? That is plain stupid. What’s next? If we see a tattoo we don’t like on you your gonna get a ticket? If you don’t buy clothes a certain style you’ll get a ticket? There is so many things that I understand why people don’t like it. I can’t stand seeing most middle and high school girls dress the way they do. To give them a ticket? Who will end up paying the ticket? The parents, which isn’t always fair because most parents don’t know how their kids dress to school. Not only that, I’ve seen kids re dress in school to another outfit and put make up on and then take it off before they head home so their parents won’t suspect a thing. I’m not looking for an argument with any bloggers reading the comment. I’m just putting my opinion out there, as everyone else is doing.

  17. Avatar of Valerie Valerie says:

    that is a great idea. saggy pants are just plain trashy.

  18. wow no way, thats all i have to say lol

  19. Avatar of ErinF ErinF says:

    I think that baggy pants look incredibly stupid (and as a massage therapist, I watch how it affects their gait–they’re headed for some hip issues later on!). That said, targeting and fining people for fashion is a waste of resources. Pant patrol training? A+ use of our taxes! Could this set a precedent for policing other stupid but harmless fashion trends?

  20. i don’t like how this guys wear their jeans way down….

  21. Avatar of Deserae Deserae says:

    I think this is great, as long as it’s not taking the police away from protecting the people.

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