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  1. I’m blessed, my husband works then comes homes and watches the baby so I can take a nap and sometimes cooks dinner to πŸ™‚

  2. Profile photo of michelle michelle says:

    oh yes, i am lucky this time around. he cleans when he is not working and cant stand for there to be dishes in the sink….how did i get so lucky.

  3. Profile photo of Nada Nada says:

    may god be with u…

  4. Not Really as much as I would like for him to.!!!!! H-E-L-P!!!!!!

  5. Profile photo of Nada Nada says:

    yes, he does… i love u ramadan

  6. Yes He Is The Best And I am Very Grateful For Him !!!

  7. Yes, he’s the greatest! He does almost all of the household daily chores. I’m so tired lately, I just don’t have the energy or ambition right now. It’s awesome that he helps and never complains!

  8. Profile photo of marlene marlene says:

    yes… when he is at home he help me a lot…

  9. Profile photo of ariana ariana says:

    my husband is great! He helps out with everything. From making sure I get my rest, to getting a shower, to eating and helping with meals. The babies are starting to cling to him more. I think its great….He’s a good dad to our 1yr and 2mo old babies.=)

  10. Profile photo of Jalise Jalise says:

    yes when he’s well rested πŸ˜‰

  11. Profile photo of scooby scooby says:

    nope, not even i have to make him help out and when he works he sleeps all day since he has 12 hour shifts

  12. Profile photo of jodi pipkins jodi pipkins says:

    yes he does. takes out the trash, washes dishes, carries the heavy baskets of laundry, mops, sweeps. i couldn’t ask for ANYONE better.

  13. nope… i’m alone in everything but i don’t need none of his help a single mom can be a father too

  14. Profile photo of Elliott4 Elliott4 says:

    Of course! On the weekends lol

  15. Profile photo of Kate Miller Kate Miller says:

    Definitely πŸ™‚ I don’t even have to ask him to help.

  16. Profile photo of Tori Tori says:

    Yes, hes a great help around the house. I’m thankful he’s around to help at the house.

  17. Profile photo of LadyRoze LadyRoze says:

    Absolutely!! He’s such a blessing<3

  18. Yes helps out a lot with cleaning