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  1. Avatar of Diana Diana says:

    OH YES!! He does ALL the laundry and MOST of the dishes and cleaning :)

  2. Avatar of Keri Keri says:

    I am so sorry for this! This is awful!

  3. Avatar of Keri Keri says:

    Nope. My husband practically never helps with the house unless I ask him to and even then he usually "forgets". The most "help" he does is when he is finished eating something, he will put his plate in the kitchen. Not his cups, but just the plates. But he won’t rinse them off or wash them or even put them into the dishwasher, he will just carry them to the kitchen.

  4. Avatar of bethj0413 bethj0413 says:

    He does most of his work, at work. At home is more relaxing time for him unless I ask for help. Otherwise it is my job. Which is our agreement since I stay at home. But he does help when I need it.

  5. Avatar of Misty Misty says:

    Oh sorry in advance I thoughtbi was posting this to rrply to company & again sorry about my post.

  6. Avatar of Misty Misty says:

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  7. Avatar of Faleshia Faleshia says:

    he does now that it is the end. and he does a lot when im in pain!! Hes awesome!

  8. Avatar of rj rj says:

    yes everyday, he cooks for me

  9. Avatar of flynmunkiez flynmunkiez says:

    not really but he tries

  10. Avatar of alisha alisha says:

    Yes, he loves to cook so a couple times a week he will cook and on his off days ill be up cleaning an he usually jumps in an helps. Hes also very good and helpful with our daughter. He will even brush her hair and pull it back in a ponytail sometimes. Mostly bc he wants me to hurry up an get out the door. lol

  11. Avatar of Cat_G Cat_G says:

    My husband is the breadwinner. His job is working to bring home the money. My job is taking care of our home and our child. His only responsibility is to take out the trash since I cannot leave the baby alone so I can take it out.

  12. Avatar of BlessedMom32 BlessedMom32 says:

    My Husband Dennis helps me out a lot. Sometimes it is hard for him to help out because of his job but, that is very rare.

  13. Yes he helps out , he’s wonderful.

  14. Avatar of Lovingio Lovingio says:

    I agree. He could at least do that for you! That’s not nice of him to leave you to do all the work by yourself!!

  15. Avatar of Lovingio Lovingio says:

    Before I was pregnant he helped out …but very little. Now that I’m pregnant he does the work evenly with me. I wash laundry and he carries the basket up and down the stairs. I cook, he washes dishes or vice versa… I clean the downstairs he cleans the upstairs.. Etc. I’m very greatful! I have a wonderful husband!

  16. Avatar of Christy Christy says:

    Yes he helps so much with everything!

  17. Nope cause he is not apart of our life! But my father is there completely! and I love him for that cause he shouldn’t have to.

  18. yes…alot…& i love it because he does everything 4 me now & he helps remind me of things i sometimes 4get.

  19. Avatar of mamadee2x mamadee2x says:

    Yes!! Sometimes with friendly reminders… And encouragement :(

  20. Avatar of ravenmoon ravenmoon says:

    girl you are not the only one and im still pregnant

  21. Avatar of Wendiecc Wendiecc says:

    Nope he has nothing to do with the baby an wont talk to me anymore.