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As a child, I had a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I loved all the family gatherings, the gifts, and the excitement of it all, but I was an impatient child who didn't like surprises, so waiting for gift opening was hard for me.

I was the kid who would snoop -- the one who would constantly ask if it was time to open yet -- and when the time came to open gifts, it seemed to take forever. With six of us in my immediately family, we had to wait while each person opened a ...

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This week, I was planning to share this epic DIY ornament post with you. You were gonna pin it and share it with all of your friends, and then you were going to go to the craft store and head back home and make it yourself.

I'm not sure who I thought I was when I was planning to make these blog-worthy DIY ornaments. DIY-ing things is so not my forte -- everyone knows that.

I guess I lost myself in Pinterest and the long-lost idea of creating the Christmas I've always dreamed ...

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10 Stocking Stuffers for Kids Under $10

I love buying items for my kids' Christmas stockings! They diligently make out their gift list every year, so most of what is festively wrapped under the tree are items they were hoping to open.

But the gifts in the stockings? Those are usually a surprise -- something small and fun that my husband and I have thought up -- something that they didn't even think to ask for! I like to keep stocking stuffers inexpensive, so here are 10 Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids Under $10!

#1 ...

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My oldest child is turning 9 years old in a few days -- I can't even believe it! With a 1-year-old at home as well, I look at my oldest and can see so much of him in my youngest child. It's hard to remember life with only one child, but I can say the ride has been fun so far.

If you're a new parent, it can be a really strange time in life when you're learning about a new person you're completely responsible for. There are people you can lean on and websites you can go to for advice, ...

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When I helpfully tried to suggest an at-home gel manicure set for a pregnant friend as a holiday gift the other day, I was politely shot down. 

The reason?

There was some concern over the light used to cure the nail polish because it uses UV radiation (like a tanning booth). 

On one hand (no pun intended, ha!), I thought, "Are you kidding me? It's not bad enough pregnant women have to be worried about what they eat, breathe, and sleep. But now even painting their nails is ...

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sports baby gifts for the fan

Whether the favorite sport is football, baseball, bowling, or weightlifting, dedicated sports fans share a commitment to their athletes and teams that is difficult to challenge. No doubt they'll be ready to pass along their enthusiasm to their child, and we've rounded up 20perfect items to share the love of their chosen sport.

Click on through to find the perfect item for your sports fan!

Even the star quarterback has to take a break for a good sleep now and then. This ...

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7 things you need to know

One of my favorite things about newborn babies is the cute, teeny clothes we can dress them in. We had piles of puppy dog sleepers and dinosaur onesies for my sonband ladybugs, ruffles, and kitties for my daughter. Retailers know we moms like to dress our babies up in the cutest of cute; that's why the infant clothes industry brings in $11 billion a year!

Newborn clothes are the cutest, but dressing them can be incredibly challenging. They are equally delicate and strong, and are ...

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This time of year always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, but not because I am a festive person -- I'm not. The holiday season is fun for getting together with family and friends, and the food is hard to say no to, but this time of year holds a different reason for happiness.

I celebrate the birthdays of my two boys all within two weeks of Christmas, and I can't help but feel all the feels! I loved being pregnant, and the smell of the snow and all the lights and decorations everywhere ...

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When it comes to pain relief during labor, there's probably only one thought that comes to mind: Epidural or all-natural, baby. Sure, there are other options you may be familiar with, like that birthing ball they mentioned in childbirth class, but everyone really knows those things don't really work. Right? Wrong. ...

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A teary-eyed mom of an 8-year-old girl sat in my office, wringing her hands. It was a long year full of unforeseen obstacles. She tried to remain positive throughout the ups and downs. She tried to wear a brave face in front of her daughter. She tried to smile, laugh, and remain playful. But as the months wore on and the stress increased, she felt defeated. She felt like she couldn't get anything right. She felt very, very low. And she worried that her mood and low self-esteem might be the ...

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