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Pregnancy parody videos are having a heyday right now.

If you're hip, you will make a pregnancy video, and because I'm definitely not hip (or pregnant at the moment!) instead of making any kind of cool video, I will simply present this round-up of the best of the best pregnancy parody videos.

What do you do when you're having ...

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After experiencing three pregnancies in the past four years, I have something to confess:

I don’t really like being pregnant.

Ok, ok, so maybe there is maybe a month or two in the second trimester when I feel halfway decent. I can sport the cute little baby belly and feel like I am actually the glowing pregnant woman that ...

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There may be no better reason to celebrate than the imminent arrival of a new baby. Baby showers are a special time to spend with the mother-to-be and to give her your best mommy advice along with a gift.

Although most moms have a baby registry, sometimes nothing on the registry seems quite right or sometimes all that's left is out of ...

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The summer isn't my favorite season. and when I was pregnant, I disliked it even more. The heat and humidity, paired with a growing, uncomfortable body were just not my cup of tea. I tried to keep up an exercise routine that my doctor had OK'd, but the heat just killed all my drive.

If you're trying to keep up your activities in the ...

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Remember what going to the movies was like pre-kids? Just two simple steps: pick a movie time and show up. Well, going to the movies with a toddler is the complete opposite of that. Fortunately, I have been able to break the process down into 36 simple steps.

You're welcome.

Tell yourself, 'This will be fun,' over and over in your ...

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Developing a consistent routine for children can be a challenge even under the best circumstances. When you account for age, various activities, homework, and maybe even a baby – it’s hard to get the stars to align each day and night.

But add on a hard working mama with a busy work schedule and keeping the family on a consistent ...

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Happy Worldwide Breastfeeding Week! As a mom of three, I have had my ups and downs with breastfeeding. Through severe engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis, I continued to push through and make it work.

My youngest child, now 27 months old, continues to happily nurse at bedtime, naps, and when he needs comfort. I love how he feels ...

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Here's an interesting fact for you:

Did you know that Zofran is actually not approved by the FDA for use as an anti-nausea medication during pregnancy?

Zofran for morning sickness is an "off-label" use for the drug, which goes by the name ondansetron. 

Yup. I had no idea either. I, myself, have given Zofran on a doctor's ...

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Confession: I have never been on birth control.

And I know that fact may come as shocking to you, especially when you also hear that I have had three children in four years. But hey - that's the way we wanted our family and we couldn't be happier. But with my lack of knowledge on what it takes to, you know, try to conceive, I was ...

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Do you have a tendency to walk into the gym and go right to the treadmill? Do you do it because you really want to run, or are you just wary of some of the other gym equipment? I know I've walked away from a machine or two simply because I didn't know exactly how to use it, but was too embarrassed to admit it! Here are five pieces of equipment ...

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