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exercise during pregnancy

During my first pregnancy I was terrified to do any type of exercise. I wanted to run. I had been running for years. The doctor gave me the okay to run, but visions of a jostled baby scared me, and so I did little more than walk a few blocks here and there. I gained quite a bit of weight and had a tough time taking it off once I delivered.

My second pregnancy, though, went a bit differently. I ran until just a few weeks before delivery. I ran three days a week, three miles at a ...

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how-becoming-a mother-taught-me-kindness-main
There are so many things that happen when you become a mother. Your sleep schedule becomes ... disrupted. Eating at the sink becomes ... normal. Changing a diaper becomes ... hourly. Seemingly overnight you learn how to feed one child while reading to another; pass a ball to one and hear about another's day; and hold a baby on your hip, have a toddler attached to your leg, and still manage a buffet line -- perhaps with a drink in hand! Motherhood does indeed teach us about multi-tasking and ...

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As a psychotherapist, I've had many parents sit on my couch with tears trickling down their cheeks as they uttered the same phrases, “We didn't know. We were told he would grow out of it.” Waiting and watching took time from them and their children. Although they voiced their concerns in whispers at annual appointments, they were never referred for further evaluation. Years later, they felt angry, sad, and guilty. They wanted to go back in time because early intervention isn't just a ...

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When it comes to pregnancy, let's face it--

Usually all of our talk centers around the woman. What she's eating, what she's drinking, what she's not eating, how she's exercising, what medications she's taking, heck, even if she should or should not be touching receipts. (Yes, for real.)

But, of course, pregnancy is a two-way street and there are a lot of factors that can affect a man's fertility. If you're trying to conceive, you may want to check if your man has any of the ...

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woman thinking; stressed

A few weeks back, after having a particularly funky week during which I was completely exhausted emotionally and physically, I fell into a mothering slump.

I didn’t find anything that my kids did cute, or entertaining. In fact, nearly everything they did felt annoying. I couldn't pretend to be interested in any more 6 year old stories, or 11 year old school drama tales, or even begin to think about sitting through yet another episode of Max and Ruby. I didn’t feel like ...

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pregnant protein

A non-pregnant woman should get around 45g of protein per day but in pregnancy that number literally doubles to support you and your growing baby. Protein is one of the major building blocks of your body and, of course, your baby’s body too! It will help you have more energy too, which is nice on those days when you just feel drained.

It has also been shown to help keep your bag of waters stronger, and it is said to make it less likely that your water will break at the start of ...

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I remember when babywearing started becoming really mainstream a few years before I had kids -- around 2009 or so. At least that's when I started seeing more and more tiny toddlers looking down on me from their mother's back. It freaked me out a little, I'll be honest. It seemed like the baby equivalent of the toddler backpack leash.

Lazy parenting.

But, I found that after I actually had kids, I knew a lot more about what it takes to raise them. Shocking, huh? And what I found ...

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When you think c-section, do you think "lazy"? Now, before you come to my front door with pitchforks and torches, I  do not think that women who get c-sections are lazy. I would never say or think such a thing. In fact, there are very few people that actually think that. And when I say few, I mean apparently 333 people think that.

A group of people called "Disciples of the New Dawn" have posted all over their Facebook page their view on women who get c-sections, and their view ...

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I can't believe my pregnancy is almost over -- already! I am entering the final stretch of my last pregnancy, and it has been quite an interesting ride. This pregnancy has not only been different in how I feel, but the way my bump is growing, and how I am showing has been quite different this time around, as well. It wasn't something I had expected since I had grown and dressed 3 full-term bellies before, and this change in shape has meant I have had to look at my maternity closet a little ...

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spring activities for kids

Spring break starts Thursday.


So far, I've got an appointment with my chiropractor and a conference call scheduled for that day.

Thank goodness I have a post to write to inspire me to do better! For those of you who need some mostly unplugged, way fun spring break (or any break) ideas, here are a few I plan to use.

Go to the movies.

I know that's not really unplugged, but it is special! At least for us. When you are a family of ...

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