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what you should know about dental care during pregnancy

During pregnancy, we have a lot on our plates as we get used to the idea of new responsibilities, worries about our health, labor, and making it to all our prenatal appointments. We want to be the healthiest we can be, and one part of overall health is good oral health.

Yeah, visiting the dentist is important when you're pregnant as well. Bummer. Especially if you are one of the estimated 5-7% of Americans who have a real fear of the dentist. Even if you don't have any issues visiting ...

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There was a running "name" among the nurses I worked with on the labor and delivery floor of our local hospital for patients who came in with pages-long birth plans--

And they were called c-section patients.

It's a crude attempt at humor for a situation that OB nurses see a lot of: women who are so prepared and so knowledgeable about what they want for their baby's birth that, in the great irony of situations, it also seems to be that those who want the perfect birth the most are ...

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5 Apps to Help You Plan and Stick to Your Budget

If this is the year you resolved to do a better job planning the family's budget so that you can manage your money strategically while also building your savings, then good for you!

Now, how do you plan to tackle it?

In order to develop a budget, you first need to understand how you are spending your money, then you can develop your plan for the coming year. Of course, you can do all of this manually using a spreadsheet on your computer, or you can set up your banking and credit ...

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The terrible twos and other ages that fall within the "toddler" category have a bad rap. Sure, we're dealing with a small kid who is just realizing that they can get what they want with a little pushing, and they don't back down easily -- but, there's a sweeter side to this age as well.

Toddlers have this ability to just say the most amazingly sweetest things. One moment you could be fuming mad that they're not listening and talking back and in the next minute, they've stolen your ...

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When I brought my second son home from the hospital, he was just a day old. His older brother, 2 1/2, was safely ensconced in his grandparents' loving arms, who were considerately taking him in while I got back on my feet. Our first week home was languid and blissful. I enjoyed all the joys of a newborn, rested easy, and even managed to get some sleep. My mother-in-law (bless her) sent food over, and my husband (bless him) made sure the household ran as usual.

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When I had my first daughter, I was confident that I wouldn't be faced with an episiotomy. In the hands of a nurse/midwife who boasted a less than 1% rate of making the cut, I felt good that I would be spared the fate of a sliced perineum. 

But, as is the experience with many first-time mothers, what I thought about how my baby's birth would go and what actually happened were two very different things, and I did end up getting an episiotomy with not only my first, but also my second ...

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My daughter was only twenty-one months old when her brother arrived on the scene and, in all honesty, she doesn't really remember life without him. When we look back at baby pictures pre-brother, she's always genuinely shocked to see a family of three. Sure, there were some trying moments for me during those first six months with two under two. When all voices cry out at once, you have to make choices. Sleep was but a dream. I didn't have much help and was often torn in two directions. The ...

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Kids from military families are mostly no different from other kids; they have their good days, their bad days, and the days that make their parents wonder what they were thinking when they thought having kids would be "fun."

There are a few things that make them a little more unique than their non military-brat friends, though.

"To my children living in Korea, FaceTime and Skype [are] their [lifelines] to a close relationship with their grandparents. This is the first Christmas ...

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shoe box charging station

If your house is like ours, you have many phone, iPad, and camera chargers all over the house. When I saw this idea for a charging station made out of a simple shoe box, I got excited. Corralling all of those unsightly cables in one neat tech organizer, plus it looks stylish? Yes, please! ...

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When you bring your baby home from the hospital and you've settled in at home, you may quickly realize that, well, your baby doesn't do much.

That's totally normal, and it will change faster than you realize. But in the meantime, what are you supposed to do with your baby?

Your baby isn't ready to play soccer or have hobbies and activities of their own, but there are some ways you can play with your baby who is really too young do to anything else right now.

Sing and ...

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