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My baby has hit the 6-month mark and dinners now involve a young baby reaching out to grab our forks, and mimicking chewing with his mouth. It's adorable; and while I knew this time was going to come, as with any parenting phase, this one came so fast.

We are following the baby-led weaning techniques which means we've said "no" to baby purees and the only food, other than breast milk, my baby will have are foods he can feed himself. He still has no teeth -- yes this teething phase is ...

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Free or Frugal Ideas for Summer Fun

With summer well underway, you might be looking for a few new ways to have fun as a family without breaking the bank. So today I am sharing 5 free or frugal ideas for summer fun!

Idea #1. Free Days at Science Centers and Museums

Science centers are fun as well as educational. They showcase all kinds of cool hands-on activities for the kids to try, which teach them about nature, physics, geology, states of matter, energy, and so much more. Many science centers even have great ...

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Do you remember Ally McBeal's theme song? Ally McBeal was a TV icon for me. I loved the wit and the quirkiness of the show, and I loved the way music was used to convey--and sometimes instantly shift--emotion.

In the episode where the theme song is born, Ally's therapist tells her to find a song to make her feel better about, well, everything in her life.

The next day, Ally is walking to court on a busy Boston street when she starts hearing her theme song in her head. At the ...

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All we did was go to the park. 

I mean, it's the park. 

And yet it involved at least an hour of preparation, one massive diaper change right when I tried to walk out the door, two kids falling down and breaking into tears, many attempts at packing a lunch everyone would eat, sunscreen application, keys located, mediation over the "good" seat in the car, and, oh my goodness, by the time we got there, I was already exhausted. 

I want summer to be fun for my kids, I really ...

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So, there was this one time when my mom was trying to potty train my younger brother, and crap hit the fan. Not literally, thank goodness, but things were not looking up. My mom and two of my brothers, including the one who was potty training, went to a sporting goods store (a typical stop for a family full of boys), and my youngest brother needed to go to the bathroom. The fact that he recognized that he actually had to use the bathroom instead of letting the trapdoor open and let ...

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Saying goodbye is never easy, and it's a heartbreaking reality for families who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss. When we plan for our baby, we never plan for what we will do if the unthinkable happens--we want the bad outcomes to be unthinkable. We shouldn't have to think about it, but for many of us, it's a reality.

If you've experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss, grieving is complicated, because for many, perinatal grief is not understood. When ...

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woman in labor

A woman goes through pregnancy with a confident vision of where and how she will deliver her child. By confident vision, I mean the unwavering assumption that once she arrives at her pre-selected birthing location, her body will naturally do what it was intended to do: serenely push her new child into this world as she faintly sweats glistens.

“As the couple arrives at the hospital it becomes very clear that Kristin isn't going to make it inside for her delivery.”

And if a ...

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Do you remember what girls’ night out used to look like before kids?

These days, the formula for a great evening out has changed.

The plan. First, a "night out" generally means dinner instead of a multi-stop evening with drinks, dancing, or bar hopping. If we are feeling really crazy, we head to a café after our meal for coffee and dessert. The coffee, of course, is decaf, because I can no longer drink caffeine after 2 p.m. without being up half of the night. Regardless of ...

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At five years old, my son already stands out. That’s not to say that he’s better or worse, above or below, he just stands out. He always has.

He keeps his hair long and curly, because that’s how he likes it. For two years, he has taken the pails and shovels in the preschool sandbox and created his own drum kit. He loves math, piano, and documentaries about animals. But he also loves to play. And he wants to connect with other kids. The only problem … is that most five-year-old ...

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dream vacays featured

As I sit here at eight-months pregnant, planning our low-key summer family vacation for the upcoming week, I am at once happy with our decision to keep things simple and also dreaming for a time when we can go all out for our family trip.

I know that this time in our life, with little people and the million bags and the stroller and,"oh, honey, don't forget the favorite blanket", is surely not forever. And while I treasure its beautiful chaos for what it is right now, it wouldn't hurt ...

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