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Move over, boring sandwiches! We've got 11 sandwiches that'll blow a plain ham and cheese out of the water. Using some of these suggestions might make the usual, trusty meat-and-cheese sandwiches unbearable after a couple of these changeups. But you probably won't be sorry. ...

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household items toddler play toys

Children develop many physical, emotional, social, and language skills through play. As a parent, I think it's important to maximize your child's play by getting on the floor and talking with them. Starting at age 2, a child will develop more advanced play skills, engaging in make-believe games and fantasy roles. Favorite activities include dressing up as their favorite superhero and pretending to boss around their siblings as the "mommy" or "daddy."

Children will also start to use ...

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formula need to know

So - for whatever reason you've determined you are going to be using formula to meet your baby's nutritional needs. Let me say this to you - good job, mama. Don't let anyone else (or that little voice in your head) beat you up for doing the best you can to take care of your baby. The most important rule: feed the baby.

So, since you're using formula, let's talk about some things that you might not know or think about that can make formula feeding both simpler and safer.

Talk to ...

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Shortly after I joined the blogging world, it seemed like everyone I knew was pregnant. And not only were they pregnant, but they were showing off their baby bumps in gorgeous, glowing maternity photos that almost made me wish I was pregnant again.

As they say - be careful what you wish for. Before I knew it, I was pregnant with my third child and debating if I too should venture down the pregnancy photography path. I had my concerns though. ...

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breastfeeding a newborn

The only thing you really need to breastfeed your baby is, well, your breasts. When you breastfeed exclusively (not counting pumping the occasional bottle), you don't need anything extra. That doesn't mean there aren't a few things that are great to have on hand while you're nursing your baby, especially during the first few weeks when your baby will be nursing constantly (or at least it feels like it!). Here are a few of my favorite must-have accessories to have on hand while you're giving ...

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How to Clean Out and Organize Your Junk Drawer

Ah ... the good 'ole junk drawer. Admit it. You have at least one--we all do. But should we? A junk drawer by its very name implies that it is a place where we stuff everything that we don't know quite what to do with. But maybe it's time to figure out if we really need it or not. And if we do need it, let's give this stuff a permanent assigned home so that we can eventually find it again when we want to use it!

Every drawer should have a purpose and every item a destination

So ...

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These eight photos prove exactly who a girl’s best friend really is. See for yourself! ...

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Skin is the largest organ in the human body and accounts for about 15% of your body weight. Your skin holds more than 11 miles of blood vessels and has more than 30 million skin cells. Your skin is an amazing organ.

Except during pregnancy.

There are many beautiful things about pregnancy. Unfortunately, your skin usually isn't one of them.

From stretch marks to excess sweat, your skin goes through the ringer during pregnancy. Here are some of the common (and some not so ...

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Forget the required hand-washing of old when you come to visit a new baby. 

Well, actually, don't forget the hand-washing, that's still super-duper important, but instead of simply sticking to the soap-and-sink or sanitizer routine, add this to your arsenal of staying healthy tricks:

Infant cocooning. 

You may, as I first did when I heard the term, mistake infant cocooning for something that resembles the popular method of swaddling an infant for comfort and soothing, but ...

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using adhd medication for toddlers

I once worked with a preschool boy who was positively full of energy. He had a lot to say, loved to move, and rarely sat perfectly still. He also had trouble making friends, but that didn't have much to do with his energy level. He ended up in my office to work on social skills, but it was clear from the start that his mom had big concerns about his non-stop energy.

There were three other kids in the family, and this little boy was the youngest. Week after week, the mom described the ...

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