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Have you ever found yourself doing something (or afraid to do something) more because you’re worried about what other people will think than because of what your intuition is telling you to do? 

How much time do you spend to make sure “everybody” isn’t judging you versus the time you spend doing the things that make you truly happy? This isn’t just about the big stuff—this is the stuff we do every day.

I talked to Theresa Sullivan, a professional coach and the ...

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There are picture books scattered across my living room floor, left over from my daughter’s read-a-thon this morning. There is a basket of clean clothes on the love seat, asking to be folded, and receiving the silent treatment from me. The dishwasher's “clean” light is on, as it has been for the last two days.

Yet, here I am, lounging in my chair, barely able to keep my eyes open. No one would believe I was 37 weeks pregnant with my son, based on my actions, and the look of ...

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transition from breast to cow milk

As Ryker approaches a year, I have started to think about all the milestones that occur around then. Ready or not (I'm so not!), his first birthday will be here soon. One of the milestones is the transition from breast milk to cow's milk for daycare. Much like with my first two sons, I plan to stop pumping around his first birthday and exclusively breastfeed on the weekends and evenings. Neither one of my first two boys had a difficult time with the switch, but every baby is ...

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When I was pregnant with my son, I finally experienced that fun little thing that I had often heard about but never felt: sciatic nerve pain.

And my solution?

Paying my first-ever visit to the chiropractor's office.

Frankly, I was scared of going to the chiropractor. I had associated the idea of a chiropractor as some sort of witch doctor, that once I had fallen under the spell, I wouldn't be able to get away from. Because isn't there some sort of rule ...

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You’re having a baby. You are absolutely certain/pretty sure/kind of thinking you want to breastfeed. That’s great! One of the great benefits of breastfeeding is that you can do it without making a single purchase. Plenty of women across the world and far back through history have successfully nursed their babies without any extra gadgets or goodies.

With that being said – breastfeeding saves tons of money that would be spent on formula, right? So ...

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5 Things I Hope to Teach My Child Before Kindergarten.jpg

My oldest son, Xander, turned five last month in February. I swear my husband and I were just picking out baby names and planning the nursery. Before I know it, he will be off to kindergarten. Other than the typical kindergarten readiness skills, there are a few things I hope to teach him this summer.

Xander has always been on the late end of the developmental chart in terms of his milestones. He didn't walk until he was around 17 months old. He took a while to grasp the concept of ...

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I love baby names. It's one of my favorite first-things to do during pregnancy, and often I have a name chosen for my next baby before I am even pregnant. I have a love for the unusual names and especially the names that have some sort of meaning to the parents. I take into consideration a lot of different variables when deciding on the name I will give my baby, and looking for inspiration in everyday things can give great ideas.

Nature and seasons bring a lot of that inspiration I ...

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Nothing shakes up a family like the arrival of a new baby! Sleep becomes elusive, tired parents lose their patience, and jealous older siblings like to make their feelings known. Bringing home a new baby can cause some upheaval, that’s for sure. 

While babies are cute, cuddly, and sweet, they are also loud, unpredictable, and time consuming. It’s a lot of change all at once.

Older siblings are likely to display regressed behavior during this transition, which can be ...

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post pregnancy body.jpg

Did you guys know that after you have a baby, you will probably leave the hospital looking pregnant?

This seems like such a simple question with a simple answer for moms who have given birth, but for me, this fact was a shock to me the first time around.

When Princess Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George last summer, she made news when she wore a tight-fitting dress as she left the hospital, showcasing a small "mama belly" for the first pictures of the new royal ...

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car rider line text

Kindergarten registration for the next school year is already underway in many communities.

Schools have to prepare well in advance to welcome the new little bodies into the building, almost as much as the parents who are going to be saying their teary-eyed goodbyes come next fall.

Moms have a lot of prep work to do.

You have to buy school supplies and school clothing. You have to fill out a ton of paperwork and make sure your child has all of their shots. But you ...

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