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Getting out the door in the morning is a delicate juggling act, one that can be a struggle for even the most seasoned daycare veterans. Trying to find ways to streamline your departure? Here are some tips to help make drop-offs happier for both you and the kids.

Have a toy or special item they can only use at daycare and make that part of the drop-off routine. This can be something they pick out with you at a store, from home, or that is already at daycare.

Example: My daughter ...

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Despite her quiet nature, my daughter wears her feelings on her sleeve. So when a big transition has her anxious (say, for example, every new classroom she enters), I know the signs of worry. She holds me close, she clams up, and silent tears stream down her face. But my son? Totally different story.

My son is an internalizer by nature, and he's really good at playing ball. He follows directions without question (sometimes even to a fault, but that's another story), he doesn't cry at ...

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It's easy to assume that birth is birth, right?

A twinge of a contraction here, maybe some water breaking there, and off to the hospital you go with a rattled partner and an over-packed overnight bag. You'll be huffing and puffing in a wheelchair up to the OB unit, where, upon your arrival, you will be screaming at strangers and demanding an epidural.

The birth scene of every movie is pretty much the same, but IRL? Birth never quite follows the same script. And what's more, ...

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So, being a male and being part of a relatively Scouting-heavy family, I have been on many a camping trip—camping trips that had tents, food, fires, sleeping bags, and water. Oh yeah, and they usually only lasted about  18 hours total.

Little Larina Chikitova, who is just 3 years old, found herself out in what was described as "bear- and wolf-infested woods of the frigid Sakha region," which region just so happens to be the coldest region in Siberia, which just so happens to be ...

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10 ways to write name

My firstborn son begins kindergarten in just two weeks. This summer has gone by much too quickly! I have been working with him on writing his name and identifying his letters throughout the summer. In the beginning of July, he started complaining about writing his name, so I decided to mix things up. We abandoned the paper and pencil and went the fun route. Since he is much more of a hands-on learner, this worked so much better!  Here are 10 fun ways to help your child learn how to spell ...

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Human breastmilk is liquid gold, but there are so many moms who have a hard time producing enough milk to support their babies. In a time of need, many moms turn to milk banks. Heather, mom of two and blogger at Cookies for Breakfast, has been donating breastmilk since her daughter, Julia, was born six months ago. I had a chance to ask her a few questions about her experience.    

Why did you start donating to the milk bank?

"I decided to donate breastmilk because I'm a ...

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Due to some complications during this pregnancy with my baby's size and a large amount of amniotic fluid (a condition called polyhydramnios), my daughter was staying stubbornly in her favorite position:


While I tried desperately to turn my baby into the head-down position, my doctor did her best to prepare me for what may be the inevitable birthing option for me:

My first-ever c-section. 

I have to be honest with you: I've worked almost four years in labor ...

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infant nutrition

Aren’t babies wonderful? We are awed over their perfect newness – their perfect little fingers, perfect little toes, perfect little face, and we melt over perfect little baby yawns; but their little digestive system is one new thing that seems quite imperfect, leaving us to constantly wonder over questions about newborn nutrition, feeding, and digestion.

The Kid’s Doctor, Dr. Susan J. Hubbard, is an award winning pediatrician who contributes her infant nutrition expertise to ...

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I loved being pregnant -- aches, pains, scares, and all! I had never felt more beautiful than when my body was growing a little version of my husband and me. It wasn't easy at first, to embrace my changing body, but the more I stared at that beautiful bump - the more confident I felt.

Unfortunately, well-meaning, but misguided strangers sometimes undermined that confidence. Walking around while gestating seems to act like a billboard asking every random person to comment on your shape, ...

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Why I Breastfed Two Children for Over 3 Years

"You're still breastfeeding?"

"I don't know how you do it!"

"Don't you think he's a little too old to be nursing?"

"Don't you want some freedom?"

These are some of the things that have been said to me by well-meaning friends and family when they found out I was breastfeeding my oldest until he was 18 months and my second for 22 months. I ...

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