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Maybe you looked no further than your family tree for baby’s name, or perhaps it came to you in a dream. Like it or not, if selecting baby’s name was an easy feat, you are a special, unique individual. Because most of us parents spend months debating the perfect name for our little ones.

Abigail, Cadence, Felix, or Jarom … which baby name makes the perfect dot-com?

And it seems a new method for our crazy is trending: an “awesome” selection of baby names based on … ...

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I have good news. 

Actually it's better than good -- it's great news.

Cookies help boost your milk production!  

Not just any cookie though (but you probably figured that) -- cookies like these chocolate almond no bake lactation cookies or these chocolate chip oatmeal lactation cookies. Unlike standard cookies, these gems are packed with oats, flax seed, nut butter, oats, and brewer's yeast.  But what makes these ingredients so special? They are all ...

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Few things are more embarrassing for first-time parents than a public temper tantrum. They seem to come from out of nowhere and, once they start, it's hard to know the right way to proceed. Some argue that children should be removed from the situation immediately while others believe in a direct, emotionless approach. There is no end, it seems, to advice when it comes to handling a temper tantrum.

But what about the kids? What does a temper tantrum really mean for a toddler? What’s ...

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Most of us go into labor feeling pretty prepared these days.

From countless articles, childbirth classes, and the ever-popular mother-to-mother advice, it can feel like you've covered everything that could possibly happen during labor on your carefully thought-out birth plan (whether on paper or just in your head).

But just to be safe, allow me to look back over my years as a labor and delivery nurse and give you a sneak peak into some of the potentially surprising circumstances ...

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I believe it was around the one month mark of Jackson's stay in the NICU when I finally broke down.

Up until that point, I had been bottling up all of my emotions. Because of his aspiration issues, all of his feeds had to be given via his feeding tube, which meant no breastfeeding, so I was pumping like a mad woman, and getting practically nothing. That was incredibly frustrating, since it was the one thing I should have been able to do, as a mother, to help him deal with his medical ...

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adjusting the freemie

Happy Worldwide Breastfeeding week! It seems a bit ironic that I'm writing about weaning from pumping on this week, but it's part of the breastfeeding journey for many nursing moms.

Around Ryker's first birthday, I began slowly weaning from pumping while at work. This is the one and only milestone I look forward to during the first year of life. Let’s face it, pumping at work is not fun! It’s uncomfortable, takes a lot of time out of your work day, and is often the cause of plugged ...

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You may be expecting an article all about how to successfully navigate going back to school with a baby in tow, but what this post is all about is actually getting your children ready to go back to school ... When you've just had a baby. For those of you mothers out there, who, like me, have a baby due and older children starting school at the same time, September is looking like a pretty rough month indeed. And while I've had my share of panic attacks, stress burnouts, and, yes, ...

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baby onesies to give you a laugh

Looking for a laugh? Check out these 15 great finds from Etsy for baby wear sure to bring a smile to your face!

Too much information?

Who doesn't love a chubby baby?

Typical ... Anyone else get the Potter reference?

I sure hope not. Love the movie though!

Just in case you need a reminder!

Geez, mom!

Addicted to the good stuff.

You're so punny, honey!

Sums up sweet baby girls quite nicely.

Of course we couldn't leave out the ...

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potty training

My second son, Noah, has flaming red hair, a devious smile that will melt your heart, and the sweetest little giggle. He also is strong headed, throws massive tantrums, and is a fierce negotiator. I knew he would be a hard one to potty train, but really, I wasn't prepared for all that he had to throw at me.  

When Noah was close to two and a half years old, he started to demonstrate potty training readiness signs, including following his big brother to the bathroom and pulling down ...

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Deciding the perfect baby name can be more difficult than you'd expect, especially knowing it can hold a lot of weight in the future. There are so many things to consider before you make the big decision, like how the name will sound with your last name, or whether there are any obvious, terrible nicknames that could haunt your child growing up. Will the name you're considering be too popular? Too out there? How will it jive with their siblings names?

These are all questions I looped ...

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