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top 50 baby names last 100 years

There are many classic baby names that have seen a revival in recent years, and there are some that should just stay in the past. Join me on a walk through memory lane as I review the top 25 baby names for each gender over the past 100 years. ...

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elf mission Christmas giving EverydayFamily

It is the happiest time of the year.

Or is it?

For some kids, the holidays mark a time of breathless anticipation, hope, wonder, and joy. For other children, winter break is a letdown -- a time to wonder where their next meal is coming from with no school lunches and no presents under the Christmas tree. The holidays are a time of stark contrasts. While some children live with abundance, 22% of U.S. children, or one in every five, live in households with incomes below the federal ...

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When I read an article that one of my editors wrote about how her child's photo was stolen and used as a meme online (someone even swiped the picture and turned it into a product that is sold on Etsy!), I was shocked.

As a writer and a blogger, I am constantly worried about putting images of my children out there in the online world for people to see/steal/stalk. It's kind of like a workplace hazard -- part of the job sometimes. You know it's a reality, but hope it never really happens ...

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This time last year, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy -- huge, excited, nervous, and almost over being pregnant. The third trimester is something I remember looking forward to when I was in the very early first trimester, filled with worries and wonders. But once I was in it, I wondered why I wanted it to come so quickly.

The third trimester is an exciting time for a few reasons. If you don't like being pregnant, there's light at the end of the tunnel. If you do like being ...

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angry santa claus christmas

Let's do a quick review.

Santa lurks all year long (Creep!), most likely with the help of the NSA, to find out whether you've been naughty or nice, right? You're either one or the other -- no gray areas here.

If you're lucky enough to find yourself on the nice list, you are automatically qualified to receive gifts from Mr. Claus himself. If you had a rough year behaviorally, and you find yourself on the naughty list, you render yourself exempt from any gift that Santa may have ...

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easy rotisserie chicken recipes

My two least favorite household chores are laundry and grocery shopping. Since I despise grocery shopping, I typically put off going until Sunday afternoon. By this time, I'm tired, my kids are cranky, and I have no desire to cook dinner. More often than not, I pick up a rotisserie chicken from the store and serve it for dinner.

When we get tired of chicken dinner, I love using the rotisserie chicken to prepare a chicken dish. Skipping the step of cooking the chicken really makes ...

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As a child, I had a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I loved all the family gatherings, the gifts, and the excitement of it all, but I was an impatient child who didn't like surprises, so waiting for gift opening was hard for me.

I was the kid who would snoop -- the one who would constantly ask if it was time to open yet -- and when the time came to open gifts, it seemed to take forever. With six of us in my immediately family, we had to wait while each person opened a ...

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This week, I was planning to share this epic DIY ornament post with you. You were gonna pin it and share it with all of your friends, and then you were going to go to the craft store and head back home and make it yourself.

I'm not sure who I thought I was when I was planning to make these blog-worthy DIY ornaments. DIY-ing things is so not my forte -- everyone knows that.

I guess I lost myself in Pinterest and the long-lost idea of creating the Christmas I've always dreamed ...

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10 Stocking Stuffers for Kids Under $10

I love buying items for my kids' Christmas stockings! They diligently make out their gift list every year, so most of what is festively wrapped under the tree are items they were hoping to open.

But the gifts in the stockings? Those are usually a surprise -- something small and fun that my husband and I have thought up -- something that they didn't even think to ask for! I like to keep stocking stuffers inexpensive, so here are 10 Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids Under $10!

#1 ...

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My oldest child is turning 9 years old in a few days -- I can't even believe it! With a 1-year-old at home as well, I look at my oldest and can see so much of him in my youngest child. It's hard to remember life with only one child, but I can say the ride has been fun so far.

If you're a new parent, it can be a really strange time in life when you're learning about a new person you're completely responsible for. There are people you can lean on and websites you can go to for advice, ...

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