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Sometime between your child's second and third birthday you will most likely ponder the question, "When should I move my child out of his/her crib?" Of course, like anything in parenting there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Many of the moms I have talked to about this wait until their child climbs out of his crib. Other moms made the switch ...

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Looking to sources from astrology and the farmer's almanac to scientific research, here are some of the characteristics and symbols attributed to June babies.

In the Northern hemisphere, June is host to the longest daylight hours of the year. One theory is that the name derives from the Roman goddess, Juno, the goddess of marriage. ...

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While I consider myself a mostly “from scratch” baker, there are times where I like to take a few shortcuts. And whether it’s doctoring up a box of cake mix or pulling a pre-made ingredient from the freezer, I always have a few items on-hand to make whipping up an impressive dessert just a little bit easier – and quicker ...

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It doesn't matter how prepared you think you are, how many classes you attended, blogs you read, or books you took out from the library -- labor and birth may still shock you.

Read on to hear from five parents revealing what surprised them most about labor and birth, and maybe it won't catch you off guard when it's your turn. Of course, ...

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I have so many summer memories from my youth.

Going to my grandma's house and taking "baths" with the water hose in the front yard.

Making up skits for my parents with my little brother while my parents were at work.

Hanging out with friends at the pool.

Learning to use the card catalog at the library and then falling in ...

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About three to five days after your baby is born, you'll probably wake up after a not-long-enough nap, look down, and see that your breasts have grown two cup sizes overnight. Yes, your milk is finally in, but ouch! Engorged breasts hurt!

If you have breast engorgement or want to know what to do in case it develops, here are 5 tricks to ...

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I wasn't really a woman who got a ton of pregnancy cravings. I mean, I'm always a fan of food, and pregnancy didn't really change that. I definitely wanted more food when I was pregnant, carbs were my friend but also my enemy, and every night was a good night for ice cream.

But as far as crazy pregnancy cravings go, I didn't really have ...

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When it comes time to name your baby, choosing a name that will fit their personality and who you hope they become can seem daunting. If you want your child to climb the corporate ladder when they're older and take the business game by storm, their name will play a significant factor in their success.

Sure, their business know-how and ...

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I see you staring.

My kids are super gorgeous, I know. They have those cheesy baby smiles and are a perfect blend of me and my husband -- my daughter inheriting my blue eyes and my husband's sandy blonde hair, and my son sporting my dark hair and my husband's deep brown irises.

Their manners are above reproach, as well. That's not ...

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Although I have had four babies, I have to admit that I've never taken the plunge into buying a video monitor. I know, I know, I'm so old school.

We have a regular monitor that's sound only, and I occasionally use it. But after having a baby close to us pass away from SIDS, this time around, I have been extra cautious to keep an even ...

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