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child in swing

One of the greatest challenges of parenting is standing back and watching as your child makes a mistake. It doesn’t even matter how big the mistake is. It might be jumping from the couch to the hardwood floor while wearing the most slippery socks ever sewn or blowing off an important study session for a final exam worth 60% of the final grade. Either way, it’s hard to watch.

From the moment we bring children into this world, we feel the urge to protect them. They start out ...

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When I was a little girl, I envisioned my adult life with a partner and five children. I don't know why I settled on that number, but it was always five. As I got older, it didn't change, and when I met my now-husband and I got to the point of discussing how many children we could see in our future, it was still five.

When all was said and done, we settled on three kids -- had three children and realized there was still someone missing. When I was finally pregnant (and the pregnancy ...

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Is My Child Preschool Ready?

Friday, March 6th, 2015 by from Baby Steps

Many parents struggle with the first big decision in a child's education: When to begin preschool. With the pushing down of education, parents often feel pressured to enroll in a preschool program the moment a child reaches 2 1/2 years of age. The truth is that there is no magic number for preschool readiness, and your child's personality plays a huge role in the decision.

My two kids were complete opposites when it came to preschool readiness, and they needed two very different ...

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newborn baby sleeps

I got pregnant for the first time unintentionally.

I was theoretically on birth control for crying out loud. 

Zero planning, little bit of trying, and wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am I’m just pregnant.

Twenty-two years old, not married, living in a studio apartment I paid for with my paltry first year teacher’s salary.

Not awesome.

Fast forward three years.

The man formerly known as Baby’s Daddy and I have tied the knot and purchased our first home on ...

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Parents of pacifier-loving babies may enjoy a love-hate relationship with that hunk of plastic. 

On one hand, hooray for soothing babies, reducing the risk of SIDs, and, in general, creating a happy baby. But on the other hand, pacifiers aren't exactly the easiest thing in the world to deal with, you know? There are germs and concerns with teeth coming in and all that fun stuff. 

So what are some of the "rules" when it comes to pacifier care?

I talked to pediatric dentist ...

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ridiculous things said to pregnant women

It appears that when you're pregnant you are fair game for all kinds of comments from family, friends, and, yes, even strangers. I have had my fair share with three pregnancies, and with my current twin one, I have had complete strangers ask me if my twins were "naturally conceived." Yes, I would really like to go into intimate details of how I conceived my children (although I understand that many women undergoing IVF treatment have no issues ...

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In a lot of ways, I lean towards the "natural" spectrum of parenting without getting too crunchy. Is that a thing?

I dabble in essential oils (swear that they are the only thing that ever cured my recurrent mastitis), co-sleep when I feel like it, breastfeed exclusively, and avoid taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

But in the same breath, I don't make my own baby food, I do happily tuck my kids into their own beds when they are kicking me in the face, and I make ...

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10 Free Printables to Decorate Your Home for St Patrick's Day

Making your home feel festive for the season or a specific holiday doesn't have to involve a run out to the local party goods or craft store for decorations. (They can be a budget breaker, and most of them look too silly for home decor anyway!)

Instead, why not use your home printer to print some of the free art that bloggers love to create for holidays? Slip them into a frame, change them out every month, and presto! -- your home looks ready for the season!

Here are 10 Great ...

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We hear a ton about postpartum depression. It's such a huge deal, and it's something that should not be taken lightly. Having a new baby is a huge responsibility -- there are so many new things and so many new worries that a woman has to encounter: "Will I be a good mom to this little person?" "How am I going to be able to support this baby financially, emotionally, physically?" "Will my partner be supportive?" "I can't find my baby's father. What do I do?" 

Now couple those fears ...

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I admit it -- I'm guilty. We're all guilty. We've read the articles about getting off our phones and immersing ourselves into our children's lives.

Too many times I have been social networking when I hear, "Look, Mommy, look!" And, to my shame, I try to finish typing my sentence before I actually look up.

She probably has arms of steel from hanging onto the monkey bars long enough for me to glance up at her. 

Technology makes things easier. It makes everything easier! My ...

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