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Did Walmart make a nonsensical move when it recently allowed an employee to withhold baby photos from a mother in central Newfoundland, declaring the photos “inappropriate”?

When it comes to capturing those treasured moments, are there definite rules that all parents must follow?

Walmart’s decision has sparked some serious hullabaloo across the nation, and parents are arguing over their photo-taking rights.  

According to this article, “Robin Walsh, a mother of two ...

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best gift ideas for boys

Surrounded by girl kids and not sure what to get your friend's soon-to-be 12-year-old for his birthday? Or maybe you're a baby-less lady who has a new nephew turning one, or eight, or holy-how-old-is-that-kid-and-why-is-he-so-hard-to-shop-for?!

Don't worry, Girl. I got you.

1. Cool Shirts. Face it. Baby kids don't especially care what they wear, but if you have a hip parent you want to give a kid gift to, there are a couple of kid shops I recommend. They're hardcore enough for ...

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If you guys could have seen my first hospital bag, you would have laughed. Hard. I packed an adorable nightgown to wear while I was lounging in bed after giving birth, as well as a fuzzy robe and soft slippers. I had my trusty nursing bra, no makeup (because I was a natural, beautiful mama who didn't need to cover up with makeup for those first pictures in the hospital!), and a cute outfit to wear home. For my unborn son, I brought about five different outfits, including one official "going ...

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Breastfeeding, while natural, is not as easy as one may think. Sure, breasts are made to feed babies, and our babies are made to feed, but when it comes to getting the hang of it all and getting through the tough beginnings, it's far from easy.

I was able to breastfeed my third child until just before her third birthday and currently going strong breastfeeding my now 8-month-old. I have loved the bond breastfeeding forms with my children, and it's a comforting thought to me that my ...

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Sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy the little girls in your life. As a mom of two girls – and one boy – I love finding creative gifts that will empower my girls. Instead of getting them a doll dressed up like a doctor, I’m more likely to reach for the doctor kit. Professional feminist, mom, and writer, Veronica Arreola, explains why this is the way to go. She says, “It’s one thing to give her a doll that embodies an amazing career, it's another thing to help her understand ...

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Shared Kids Bedrooms

Each one of my kids share a bedroom with a sibling, because with six kids, that's just what you do! Of course, there are pros to this arrangement--each of the "roommates" feels especially close to the other (talking late into the night in the dark will do that for a relationship!), and there are some cons--lack of privacy, sibling constantly touching "your stuff"-- but because we've put some effort into creating personalized spaces for each them in their shared bedrooms, sharing really ...

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If I could describe my feelings about the upcoming birth of my fourth baby in, oh, four days (I'm being induced due to some medical complications) in one word, it would be this:


It may sound crazy because I've had three other children already, and one would think I would be totally prepared for another little baby, but in a way, having done this three other times, I'm even more scared of what it is to come. The sleepless nights! The weight that won't come off magically ...

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celebrity breastfeeding

I have breastfed my babies many places: Disney World, the splash park, Chili's, and the beach, to name a few, but one thing is certain about all of them--I never looked nearly as glamorous as some of the celebrities who breastfeed their kiddos. The latest trend is for celebrities to share their most glammed-up breastfeeding photos, to show the world that breastfeeding isn't just normal-- it can be downright fabulous.

Check out some of these adorable pictures of some of Hollywood's most ...

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Sproutling baby monitor

Getting newborns and little people to go to sleep is a nightmare. And for some new parents, there's an added anxiety of not knowing what's going on inside your baby's crib. 

Enter the baby monitor. 

Baby monitors aren't anything, new. They've actually been around since 1937, the first one being called a "Radio Nurse." So yes, parental anxiety in reference to the goings on in cribs is older than a lot of our parents. 

That anxiety has carried itself into the lives of ...

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I have been breastfeeding my fourth child now for 8 months and it has been amazing. There was a time in my parenting where I wondered if I was going to be able to breastfeed more than a few weeks, as I had with my first. It was important to me to be able to do it because I felt in so many ways my body had failed to provide during pregnancy - I needed a "win" in this category.

When my third child was born, we struggled but I was determined. The first few weeks of her life, I had to rent ...

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