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packing tips for the hospital bag

For my first pregnancy, my bags were packed and ready to go at a moment's notice -- from the beginning of the third trimester. A bit extreme, I know, but I didn't want to be scurrying around my two-story house, throwing things in a bag at the last minute.

The result of being a little too prepared was that my "bag" was really a carry-on suitcase -- expanded to the max -- and several extra bags (one for snacks, one for electronics, one for my husband, etc.), and they were all packed full ...

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pregnant woman showing belly

I was expecting for the first time and didn't know anything about birth. But I wanted to know everything.

I don't like to give up control, so I wasn't going to just walk into the hospital when contractions started and hope for the best. I wanted to know what I could do to make my labor easier and more comfortable, and I decided to attend a 12-week Bradley birthing class.

My husband and I grabbed a notebook and headed to our first class having no idea what to expect. ...

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What would you say if I told you that there was one incredibly easy, super simple, totally free trick to achieving the all-natural labor and delivery of your dreams?

Ok, ok, so I probably sound more like an infomercial than the helpful medical nurse I'm trying to be, but I'm also not exaggerating. There really is a super simple method that I practiced during my second pregnancy that completely got me through my labor and delivery without an epidural. 

Honestly, I'm still kind of ...

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Halfway through your pregnancy you will experience one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, the anatomy scan. The anatomy scan is a level 2 ultrasound which is typically performed between 18 and 22 weeks. Other than finding out the sex of your baby (if you want to know), the ultrasound technician will be taking many measurements of your baby. Since the technician will be concentrating on the screen they may or may not talk you through the examination. ...

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Being a parent is a never-ending, tough role. You're constantly being pulled in a million directions -- house cleaning, soccer practices, science fairs, meal prep. You're the provider for your precious little ones, and it's an overwhelming job. We're here to help!

Here are seven tips you can apply to your everyday life to help you unwind, if only for a moment!

Fold your hands, as if in prayer, behind your back. When we get stressed, we tend to tense up and cave our chest in. This ...

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It's a day for the ugly cry. The "I have no idea why I'm crying, but I am, so just deal with it" cry. The "My kids are growing up too fast, and I'm not enjoying their childhood enough" cry. The "We are out of Diet Coke, and the kids are napping, so I can't run to the store" cry. The "OH EM GEE, Mother Nature, leave me alone! I have so much to do. I don't have time to hole up in my closet and cry" cry. 

Those are lovely days, aren't they? The days when you find yourself with tears ...

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spring cleaning tips

Spring is here!

Well, nearly. Positive thinking should push it into existence -- that's what I'm hoping, anyway.

Because spring means less freezy mornings (hooray!), and new flowery wardrobes (cute!), and longer days (finally!), and allergies (sniffle), and muddy paws (gross), and cleaning (booooo, boo for cleaning).

And, if you're anything like me, there are few things you dread more than spring cleaning.

I consider it a must-do because it may be the only time I ...

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Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.20.53 PM

Did you know that in some births, a woman's water never breaks?

And that when that happens, the baby can actually be born still inside the amniotic sac? 

I've often wondered if I would have had an "en-caul" birth (the term for a baby being born inside the sac) with my kids, because I never actually had my water break on its own. Even when I was fully dilated and ready to push, my midwife actually had to break my water for me. But, alas, I'll never get to find out if I would have ...

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When the time comes to give birth, there are inevitably worries. For most of us, the arrival of a healthy baby means the end of most of those worries. When the time arrives to bathe the baby and clean off the remnants of the birth, it’s just another step in the celebration of a new arrival.

But that isn’t always the case.

In many places in the world, there aren’t facilities for those caring for the mother and baby to wash their hands to remove germs.

In many places ...

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Easter Idea Collage

While it is only just starting to feel like Spring in some parts of the country, the reality is that Easter is only just a few short weeks away! So how do we take this holiday and do something fun, creative, or tasty without spending too much time or money?

Well, here are 10 fantastic posts from some fellow bloggers on easy Easter ideas that can help you cook, create, and decorate!

Idea #1: Easter Oreo Bark

This four-ingredient Easter Oreo Bark recipe from Kristyn over at ...

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