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I was lying in bed about to fall asleep when I heard one of my kids' door open. Thinking they were just heading for the washroom, I didn't think much of it until I heard little feet walk down the stairs.

It was odd behavior because, as a little 2-year-old, my child has always been afraid of the dark, and walking downstairs where there were no lights on was not typical behavior.

I got out of bed, tiptoed downstairs to see if I could figure out what my child was doing just in time ...

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items that grow with baby and last

The number of decisions that need to be made when purchasing baby gear is overwhelming. It may be hard to look ahead to the tiny bundle in your arms (or belly) and imagine the big kid he will be in just a short year with different concerns, different needs, and different gear to make things work well. But, with a little foresight you can find many pieces of baby gear that will grow with your child. Although some of these items are more of an investment up-front, I've found that they save ...

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Expanding your family and welcoming a child into your relationship is a super exciting time. There are so many new things you'll get to experience together and a world of wonder ahead of you. There will also be a lot of new responsibilities, stresses, and hard times that can rock even the most solid of partnerships.

Early on, you'll be faced with sleep deprivation, healing from pregnancy and birth, and a surge of hormones going from one end of the spectrum to the next. The first few ...

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My two youngest Dudes share a room out of necessity. We have three bedrooms upstairs, and three kids, so we jam two of them in a room together, and no one has to sleep in the depths of the basement.

I thought it would be a thing but, as it turns out, it's also a really joyful choice.

According to them anyway.

10 Best Things About Sharing a Room with My Brother

"I have someone to talk about my day with." -- Dude 2

"I never have to be scared of monsters or the ...

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I recently read the book A Better Woman: A Memoir of Motherhood which, for the record, was an amazing read. But for the purposes of this article, I will stick to the part of the book that struck me the most: how the author detailed her journey into hell and back after experiencing a severe fistula following the birth of her first and then her second child. 

Fistulas are something I've always considered being more of a third-world problem -- a rare complication from giving birth that ...

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When my kids were young, I looked forward to two o'clock in the afternoon. That afternoon naptime was when the house would be quiet and still for on average two hours, and it was glorious. I found myself looking at the clock around 1:30, counting down the last half hour until it was time for them to sleep and time for me to get a little break.

I didn't do anything special during nap time, but it was my time, and I loved it. Sometimes I would sleep, sometimes I would catch up on ...

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Three of our children were born in China, so celebrating Chinese New Year is something that we like to do as a family. But since it was not a holiday that my husband or I grew up with, it was one we needed to study first and then figure out a way to make this holiday feel like a family event. Over the years, we've learned many of the cultural traditions surrounding the Lunar New Year and have taught ourselves to prepare many of the special dishes -- like homemade dumplings!

In 2015, ...

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Almost every other day, I exchange frantic text messages with a few of my fellow mothering friends that go something along the lines of:

"OMG, I'm craving chips and chocolate so bad! Think I could be pregnant again?!? LOL."

I have been pregnant for almost four straight years out of the almost seven years I have been a parent, so it should come as no big surprise to anyone that pregnancy is never far from my mind. 

In fact, in some strange way, being pregnant -- or worried ...

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kids shopping superstore

One of the little-mentioned benefits of becoming a parent is the fact that you’re now permitted to do absolutely ridiculous things in the name of caring for your children. Stuff that once would have been frowned upon as being immature or disruptive or a waste of time suddenly becomes evidence that you’re willing to take any steps necessary to care for your child. Who knew that completely embarrassing yourself with a public performance could win you parenting ...

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Occupational therapy helps kids with a range of developmental difficulties and can help improve self-esteem and self-confidence along the way.

It seems as if the minute kids enter preschool, things like pencil grip and the use of scissors seem super important. When kids lag in some areas of development, parents naturally begin to wonder if a child needs extra help to catch up. I remember having those thoughts. Fortunately, the teacher gave me a few exercises to practice at home, and my ...

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