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The holidays are here with Thanksgiving just around the corner and the December celebrations quickly thereafter. It's a fun time of year when we're all making plans, checking our lists twice, getting together with family, and making traveling arrangements.

If you're going to be traveling any distance -- short or long -- with your toddler, it may be a challenge. Remember that time you thought you'd take your toddler with you for a quick trip to Target because you needed something right ...

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You're walking through the department store and you spot them: the most adorable, tiny shoes you've ever seen and you can't help but walk over to them, touch them, and place them in your cart.

Baby shoes are one of those items I just can't seem to pass up and they're like kryptonite for new parents. For the most part, your baby isn't walking on his feet during babyhood and is, at most, standing in one spot or slowly cruising, but shoes can be handy when it's cold out. Or for fashion, ...

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10 Great DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

How many of you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year? (Raises hand). I actually love this holiday -- it's all about cooking and baking and eating and relaxing in front of the TV, watching football with a fire roaring in the fireplace. There's no pressure to buy and wrap presents, and since we host the dinner at our house, there's nowhere else we need to be! It is the most relaxing and enjoyable holiday of the year (to me anyway)!

Aside from all of the deliciousness ...

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The best book recommendations come from the mom (blogger!) next door. See what some of the smartest, savviest women we know are reading! ...

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Sometimes, when I buy one of those giant jumbo boxes of diapers, I am just hoping that I nabbed the "bonus" box that has the coupon hidden away inside. $1.50 off 500 diapers? Day = made. But one mom found a little something more exciting in her weekly staple diaper shop than a mere coupon. ...

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Almost one year ago, my fourth child entered the world after a difficult conception and challenging pregnancy. He was - thankfully - healthy, and while it was my first c-section after three previous vaginal deliveries, it was my easiest recovery by far.

I knew this birth was going to be a C-section, so I read and researched and asked many questions about what it was going to be like and what the recovery was going to entail. I tend to overthink things, but I am also someone who ...

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ScaryMommy Thanksgiving Project

Here’s a simple math question. How many families should have to choose between celebrating Thanksgiving by sharing a meal with their loved ones and paying the rest of their bills? Answer: zero.

Sometimes asking for help is the hardest part. Admitting that you can’t do it all on your own, as much as you wish that you could. Three years ago, in the Confessional on her site, Scary Mommy, Jill Smokler noticed that many women were anonymously admitting that simply feeding their ...

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A project team from the Netherlands has created a device that will forever litter your Facebook News Feed with photos of babies in their natural habitats -- their cribs.

The New Born Fame project, a social-media-minded contraption, was built by Laura Cornet, a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and reflects and questions a vision for the future of the selfie! I'm still not exactly sure what the rationale behind putting this sort of thing together was, but ...

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creative pregnancy announcement ideas

Whether it is your first or your fourth, a baby on the way is a big, exciting deal!

Everyone loves babies (okay, most everyone) so it's pretty much a guarantee people will be super happy for you and anxious to snuggle the new bundle. There are also grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins who will have an outpouring of love at the thought of a new addition. Making the announcement in a fun way can help make your big news feel even more special.

Check out these 12 creative ...

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November is officially upon us, and you know what the means -- the season of gratitude begins now! It is the time of year when we attempt to slow down and express our gratitude as much as possible.

Classrooms focus on American history, and kindergartens and preschools craft turkeys and thankful leaves to decorate their classrooms before sitting down together for a big classroom feast. Yes, November brings acts of kindness and thoughts of gratitude as we roll into the holiday ...

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