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I just can't think of anything better than the joy and magic of Christmas morning -- the warm, cozy feeling of being together as a family, the soft crackle of a fire (or the fake gel candles that I use), the anticipation of delicious and comforting holiday food.

Except, of course, maybe the joy and magic of meeting a brand-new family member.

So what happens when you combine the two? Read on for some heart-warming Christmas birth stories!

A Christmas Miracle

"My birth ...

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Christmas, for those of us that celebrate, will be here in T-minus two days, which means, technically we only have one shopping day left!


What to get? What to get?

Don't panic. I checked in with some of my closest friends and asked them to share what the best gift they've ever given or received was.

Everything from a sway-back horse to a mounted dinosaur head was mentioned!

Moral of this story: Think outside the big box store to please someone you love this ...

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What is something that you do to show your kids that you love them dearly?

Something that my mom would do was leaving a treat on my pillow if I was having a bad day. I would open the door to my room, and I would be greeted by one of my favorite candies as it sat on my pillow, accompanied with a note that told me how much she loved me.

My dad was never really into the premeditated pillow snacks, but if I was a little hurt or stressed, he'd take me out to the gas station and ...

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I love this time of year as we begin to ring in the New Year. New possibilities and dreams start to swim around, and so much is ahead of us. If you've had a hard 2014, you can look forward to all the amazing things that will come in 2015. And if you're about to welcome new life into the world, it's going to be one of your best years yet.

Choosing a name for your baby is not easy, but inspiration is everywhere -- even in the seasons. If you love the New Year as much as I do, why not ...

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I remember when I was pregnant for the first time, I played everything by the book. I took my prenatal vitamins, drank the recommended amount of water, moderately exercised, and I was terrified of doing anything wrong that would jeopardize my pregnancy and my baby's health.

That's what was funny about a first-time pregnant woman who had a history of miscarriage. As I grew more comfortable with my instincts, in later pregnancies, I wasn't as anxious about doing everything exactly right. ...

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Featuring our special guest, the author Kristen's Golden Labrador Retriever, Jerry.

Jerry: Hi Everybody! It's your lovable furry old pal Jerry, reporting live from EverydayFamily! Can you believe my mom is letting me help with this article? Woohoo! I am a one-year-old golden labrador retriever boy who hails from Miami, Florida. My family is very grateful to the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LRROF) for picking me up from Miami-Dade County Animal Services Department and changing ...

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It seems like the very minute the holiday season comes to a close, the world focuses on resolutions. Perhaps the need to set lofty expectations for self-improvement is directly proportional to cookies eaten during the holiday season, or maybe the long days of winter leave us wanting something better. Whatever the reason, resolutions to begin the New Year on the right foot are common practice.

Do we really need to start the year with a resolution to do better?  What does that actually ...

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When I ran into a friend of mine at a holiday party the other day, I oohed and ahhhed over her brand-new baby, but when I asked how everything was going, she grimaced. 

"I have my six-week check-up coming up," she said with a sigh. "You know what that means ..."

Oh, boy. After four kids, I sure do know what that means. But I've never been quite sure -- is that six-week mark a hard-and-fast rule (ahem) or simply a recommendation?

The whole "wait six weeks" thing happened ...

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Last month, I wrote an article about motherhood. After it went live, I greedily checked Facebook for Likes and comments. When I saw a friend-of-a-friend had shared my article I, of course, clicked over to see what he had to say. His intro to my article? Not so flattering. “As usual, no one cares about the dads.” Ouch. That gave me pause for so many reasons. But most importantly, because fatherhood does matter. Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach, Toni Coleman, LCSW, explains, ...

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soldiers missing home

On December 25, 2009, while I was gathered with my extended family in the living room to open presents, my phone rang. A ridiculously long and odd number appeared on my screen, and my heart jumped into my throat.

I immediately sprang out of my chair and rushed to the back bedroom for some privacy.

"Hello?" I said, breathlessly.

"Merry Christmas, honey," a beautiful voice told me from halfway around the world. It was him!

Him. My him. My amazing, wonderful, ...

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