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conquering SIDS fears

When I was pregnant with my first child almost seven years ago, I was working in an acute care pediatric hospital as a speech-language pathologist. My patients ranged from premature babies with eating problems to school-aged children recovering from traumatic accidents. I treated babies and toddlers with a wide range of genetic and developmental disorders. The job was not easy, and many times, I went home in tears. I cared for my patients as if they were my own. I celebrated the tiny ...

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The other day, while washing the breakfast dishes, I start humming to myself. Before I knew it, I had gotten a bit carried away and was doing a full-on, soap-filled rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

Suddenly, a loud shout stopped me in my tracks. My 2-year-old son was pointing a forkful of scrambled eggs at me and shouting something. 

"What?" I cried. "What's wrong?"

He looked seriously at me, fork still in hand. "Mama. Stop," he demanded clearly. 

Well, ...

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In the past, women who have had issues with infertility had a select few options for becoming mothers. Some of those options have been fertility medication, surrogacy, adoption, IVF. Now there's one more option that can be added to that list: womb transplantation. 

A woman from Sweden just gave birth this past month to a baby with the help of a transplanted womb that she received from a 61-year-old family friend. The donor had already had two children and had gone through ...

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Can I tell you a little secret? When I am pregnant, I tend to lose the amazing amount of patience I have with the world and all the people in it, and ,well, I can be a little difficult to get along with.

I am not pregnant now and don't anticipate that I will be again any time in the near or distant future, but oh how those days are still fresh in my mind. My husband was always great with me. He understood that if I was crankier than normal, it was probably pregnancy related--hormones ...

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fall crafts preschoolers kids easy

Fall crafting rivals Christmas crafting in this house. My kids love ghosts, pumpkins, and anything that has to do with leaves. From corn stalk painting to apple stamps, there is a craft for every big and little kid. Here are some fun, simple, yet creative crafts you can do with your child this fall season.

It doesn't get any simpler than this craft. Use The Nerd's Wife's adorable pumpkin pattern to cut out felt pieces then watch your child create his or her own Jack-O-Lantern. What a ...

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I love baby names, and while I likely won't be having the big decision to name a new human anytime soon, I still love to hear new and unique baby names.

When choosing my children's names, I took many things into consideration, from how they'd play out with my kids' last name, any potential nicknames that could come out of it, to whether or not the names themselves may have bad feelings behind them.

It would be nice to be able to have a clean slate every time we hear a new name, ...

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I am great at "picking up." After the kids are in bed, I pick up all the toys in the living room and make sure all the dishes are in the dishwasher. I will, perhaps, fold a load of laundry.

But, that is where my cleaning mode ends.

Before I had two kids, I would do my deep cleaning at night. I'd tuck the little munchkin in bed, pop in my headphones, and dance the night away, sweeping and mopping and dusting and organizing. That way I had a guilt-free, clean house to wake up to, ...

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pregnancy selfie bumpie pictures

When I was pregnant with my third child, my husband and I decided we were going to take daily photos of my growing shape to document the pregnancy. It was important for the two of us, and now, years after that decision, we can look back and say it was a more important decision than we realized.

Each evening, I would stand in the same spot in the house, wearing the same clothing, while my husband took a photo. I was smiling, happy, and excited with the thought of looking back at these ...

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how to use pumpkin

When you think of fall, you probably think cooler temps, earlier sunsets, changing leaves, Halloween, and pumpkins.

I love the cooling off of fall, I'm good with getting The Dudes in bed earlier, I have offspring to rake my leaves, and Halloween is my favorite holiday.

But, pumpkins?


They're a mess to carve and I hate pumpkin pies, passionately. I swore off of pumpkin flavored things in the 8th grade and haven't looked back.

Until I got this pumpkin ...

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A few months ago an article featuring the word SEXY crossed my feed. It gave me enough pause to take a look, but the content made me keep scrolling: photos of women mid-orgasm. I’ll admit that my mind started wandering with important questions, mostly about the logistics – where was the photographer? What did the pre-photo session sound like? Just… how? And… why? I did, indeed, keep scrolling, but one of the first comments in the thread caught my eye: Why is sex the only thing ...

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