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  1. Profile photo of TiffanyC TiffanyC says:

    She is two weeks old, and doing good for her age. She goes to bed around midnight, wakes up around 3:30 or 4am to eat, then goes back to bed until between 8am-10am.

  2. Profile photo of Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    yes my daughter is a very good sleeper she is usally asleep by 10 or 11 if i get off of work at 10 and then sleeps all the way to 9 or 10:30

  3. Profile photo of Ale Ale says:


  4. Profile photo of GinaLirette GinaLirette says:

    I have twins boy and girl and then another baby girl. My twins are a handful my daughter will sleep all night but then wake up at like 4 or 5 and come to bed with us every night and sleep until about 6:30 but my son hes a tottaly different story he wakes up at night screaming his head off every night. Its like he had the worst dream ever but it happens every night!! I dont know what to do he has always been this way…his father and older half brother used to sleep walk as well as his grandpa on his dads side so it seems that runs in the family but not the waking up and crieing his eyes out for no reason. My baby pretty much sleeps all night but no matter how late we put them to bed mid u they are 2 they still wake up at about 630 every morning!!

  5. Profile photo of Frances Frances says:

    The first year was horrible the second year was heaven.

  6. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    Both my boys slept through the night from the day they were born… I about killed the nurses when they would try to wake them up so i could feed them… They would stay awake longer during the day and didn’t fall asleep during feedings. I felt it was better to let them have their own sechedule than make them conform to what everyone else told me was right!

  7. Profile photo of Katye Katye says:

    Hi all moms…I have a great 10 week old girl. Her bedtime is 9pm and she slepts until 6:00 am. That is the time I usually wake up to get the other kids off to school and get myself ready..She works great with my schedule

  8. Profile photo of brandy brandy says:

    Annabell is a month old and she likes to sleep during the day and stay up at night

  9. Profile photo of Vanessa Vanessa says:

    oohh yes!!! He is a year and a half and can sleep past noon if i let him lol !

  10. Profile photo of Garced Garced says:

    My 5 month old sleeps 8 hrs stright

  11. Profile photo of Brenda Brenda says:

    He wakes up alot fussy.. I wish I could help him out

  12. Profile photo of Nella3137 Nella3137 says:

    Yes, he practically sleeps throughout the night with the exception of waking for feedings

  13. Profile photo of Brenna Brenna says:

    yup!! Shes a wonderful sleeper :)

  14. Its rare for our 2 1/2 year old sleep through the night. She still wakes up in the middle of the night once or twice.
    Our son which is still in my tummy, never seems to stop moving. Hopefully that means he will be a good sleeper.

  15. Profile photo of OddRose OddRose says:

    They all were. It seemed like even with three under three I never had a lot of problems

  16. Profile photo of anne anne says:

    im lucky to be able to say yes my son sleeps well.

  17. Profile photo of Leslie Leslie says:

    She is an awesome sleeper. She’ll go to bed usually before 9.30 and sleeps all night until 7ish in the morning.

  18. Profile photo of maretondo maretondo says:

    i hope when my boy is born this september he won’t be a fussy sleeper

  19. Profile photo of heps7 heps7 says:

    He is an awesome sleeper. Too bad mommy can’t sleep as good.

  20. Profile photo of jennifier33 jennifier33 says:

    most of the time…he still gets up at 2am somedays